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Yamaha SLB300

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  3. The new updated SLB300, of the finest electric upright basses available today.

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Designed for a pure acoustic tone and feel

Made of spruce and mahogany, the body has an antique like finish with a tactile grain that feels vintage. The instrument feels premium in the hands and will make anyone used to the look and feel of an acoustic upright bass very comfortable. Like all other Yamaha Silent Basses, the SLB300 has a hollow body with side slits that mimics the acoustic resonance of an acoustic double bass while maintaining a quiet volume. A natural sound is produced as a result even when not plugged in - making the SLB300 ideal for quiet practice without disturbing anyone.

What's special about Yamaha Silent Basses in general is the design that allows you to play the instrument without needing to adjust your technique to it. The instrument feels just like an acoustic double bass thanks to the natural woods used and the traditional style bridge. Often on electric uprights a plastic bridge is used however this won't sound or feel the same as a traditional bridge as they are designed to flex and move with the strings. The bridge is cut the same way as a traditional double bass bridge making it comfortable for both plucking and bowing.

Digital technology that replicates natural acoustics

The SLB300 range uses modern advancements in digital technology to enhance the sound of your instrument. Yamaha's Studio Response Technology (SRT) is used to analyse and capture the acoustic properties of acoustic instruments. This is then added live to the sound of the Silent Bass to enhance the quality and increase the acoustic sounding nature of the instrument. This is a genuine simulation and no samples are involved so the individual nuances of your playing is enhanced with this technology.

Yamaha also have included microphone simulations into the SRT Powered System. There are three types of microphones you can choose from and then blend the wet and dry signals together. These types are:

  1. 1.Rich - A vintage tube microphone

  2. 2.Simple - A dynamic microphone

  3. 3.Warm - A tube microphone that emphasizes low range and increases warmth

Like all Silent Basses before it the SLB300 has bass and treble EQ knobs which allows you to adjust your tone to any context you need.


Yamaha are well known for their superb electronic instruments. The Silent Strings series also includes violins, violas and cellos. They also produce the Silent Brass series of practice mutes which allow you to plug in headphones for practicing brass instruments like the trumpet and tuba. If you're a classical guitar player, then they also produce a Silent Series guitar for you too.


  1. Size: String Length 1,040mm (41")

  2. Neck: Maple

  3. Body: Spruce/Mahogany

  4. Frame: Beech (Detachable)

  5. Finger Board: Rosewood

  6. Peg: Worm gear type

  7. Tailpiece: Ebony (Reverse Type)

  8. Bridge: Maple (Height Adjustable)

  9. Pickup: Piezo Pickup

  10. Strings: D'Addario Helicore Hybrid Light

  11. Electric Controls: Volume control knob, Treble control knob, Bass control knob / Bypass button, Blend control knob / Microphone type switch button

  12. In/Out Jacks: Line Out

  13. Power Supply: AA battery (alkali or nickel hydrogen) x 2

  14. Battery Life: Alkaline - Approx. 32 hours, Nickel hydrogen - Approx. 26 hours

  15. Weight: Approx. 6.8 kg (15 lbs. 7 oz.)

  16. Accessories: Soft case, Mute, Allen wrench