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Hand built bass guitars from Germany

Built with passion and pride.

Right from the beginning there has always been the search for the perfect instrument and the true tone. Many things are tried, many are rejected, often you simply have to go back to square one to make a couple of small but significant improvements to get the exact sound you’ve been searching for.


Johannes Pöhlmann has been making bass guitars for nearly two decades and his focus has always been the search for this “TRUE TONE”. Along his journey many ideas have been put to the test and a lot of experience has been acquired. The time has arrived for this wealth of experience to be incorporated into the new VINCENT True Tone bass guitars.


Inspired by the great American bass icons, handcrafted, and equipped with all the features and innovations which make a bass into a genuine Vincent, these bass guitars offer everything that helps you, the musician, to shine. Unleash your full potential – with a VINCENT True Tone bass.