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Vanderkley Aurora Amplifier, 750w


  1. Please contact the shop to pay by Bank Transfer or finance

  2. Pre-owned amplifier in immaculate condition

  3. Actual cab shown, please click on images to enlarge.

After two years of development, Marc Vanderkley is releasing his lightweight power amp which produces 750W at 4Ω and 1200W at 2Ω. The Aurora features intuitive, switchable active eq plus effects loop level and is made with the finest components giving superior audio performance in a compact design.

  1. Input for passive/active instruments, 0/-12dB. 

  2. 5-band active tone control;

  3. Low           -18dB/+18dB @ 40Hz

  4. Low Mid   -15dB/+15dB @ 90Hz

  5. Mid            -14dB/+14dB @ 600Hz

  6. Mid High  -15dB/+15dB @ 4kHz

  7. High          -18dB/+18dB @ 11kHz

  8. Loop with dry/wet blend. 

  9. Continuously Variable Damping factor to control speaker damping

  10. Master volume

  11. The pre-amp is built up from high-end, audio op-amps. 

  12. Aux in, Send/Return, 

  13. Transformer Balanced DI out, Pre/post eq, Ground lift, 

  14. Tuner out.

  15. 700 Watt @ 4 Ohm, 1200 Watt @ 2 Ohm. 

  16. Weight less than 5 Kg - tbc

  17. h x w x d = 9 x 35 x 23 cm

  18. The power-amp is high-end class D with a switch-mode power supply. 

  19. It is two rack units high and comes with rack-ears for 19" mounting.

  20. Supplied in a sturdy road case.

Rear panel of Aurora; 2 x Speakon out, tuner out, DI output with ground-lift and pre/post switches, aux inout, effect send and return.(please note: headphone output no longer included since 08/2015)

The Aurora ships with the following, Rack ears, Speakon power lead, Travel case, (Headphone adaptor no longer included since 08/2015)

Aurora shown below in Gator 3U soft rack case with Korg Pitchblack tuner on a pair of MNT112 cabinets

Customer feedback

Submitted on the 28th May 2015 by Peter who purchased a Vanderkley Auroras amplifier

Hi Mark, hope your in good health and business booming. I can't really explain in geek speak about the the Vanderkley amp other than its performance is faultless making all four of my basses sound remarkable. Its now fully protected in its SKB case..

Kind regards Pete Haywood  (Cornwall)

Submitted on the 3rd June 2015 by Pete who purchased a Vanderkley Auroras amplifier

Hi Mark

Just to say a huge “thanks” for the Powercon cable that arrived yesterday. Very much appreciated, particularly as I always prefer to have spares of every cable just in case!

Further, having now had time to put the Vanderkley rig through ‘its paces’, I have to say how impressed I am with the overall sound. The build quality is first-rate and the sound is the same! I have worked my way through Mesa, Markbass, TC Electronic, Glockenklang etc and the Vanderkley is the first amp I have used where I really could be happy with just two controls on the front - the ‘CVD’ and the ‘Volume’!! The quality of the tone - without engaging the EQ is superb, allowing the sound from your bass to be heard without blemish! It truly is one of the only amp heads I’ve used where I don’t feel I’m wrestling with the amp’s EQ to achieve a more natural, balanced sound. Sonic nirvana in a neat black and red package…superb!

Best regards

Pete Townsend


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