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TC Electronic Classic 450 Amplifier


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  2. Secondhand 450w amplifier in great condition with gig bag, new price £679

The four straightforward Vintage Tone controls are inspired by a range of classic bass amp designs, and are designed to grab your bass sound where it makes a difference. The controls may be simple but they'll help you find your perfect sound in no time.

TubeTone™ emulates not just the pre-amp section of a tube amp but the power amp section as well, reproducing every characteristic for an excellent full-tube sound. This puts it miles ahead of amps that try to replicate the tube sound using one small pre-amp tube.

The Classic450 also uses SpectraComp™ technology to compress the sound. Although regular compressors tend to be dominated by the lower string and don't sound all that good, SpectraComp allows virtual 'per string' compression that evens out the compression across all the strings.

Combining Class D amplifier technology with TC Electronic's Active Power Management™ means the Classic450 achieve a high power output level and behaves very much like a tube amp when close to maximum performance, avoiding the hard clipping tendencies of transistor amps.

The Classic450 is not just versatile, it's also extremely portable thanks to its stylish design and smooth grab'n'go handle. Take it to the studio, to rehearsals, to shows and even onto the tour bus.


  1. Power: 450 Watt (800+W peak)

  2. Weight: 4 kg / 8.8 pounds

  3. Dimensions: 275 x 290 x 66mm

  4. Balanced DI output: Galvanic isolated transformer-balanced (pre/post pre-amp)

  5. Tone controls: Four vintage tone controls

  6. Compression: SpectraComp multi-band compression

  7. Drive: TubeTone full amp simulation


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