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Strandberg Prog 5


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The Boden Bass Prog model was developed for bass players who seek a more modern and aggressive sound that can be fine-tuned with the utmost precision. Featuring a lightweight chambered Swamp Ash body with solid Flame Maple top and Roasted Maple neck with Ebony fretboard, Nordstrand pickups and Darkglass preamp the natural acoustic sound is balanced with plenty of girth but with a bright cutting edge when needed with the bass’s onboard preamp equalisation well as the controls on the amplifier. The Ebony fretboard is slick and fast to play, while also providing a lot of highs that help you cut through the mix.

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  1. Bolt-On Construction

  2. Chambered Body with Arm, Torso and Heel Carves

  3. Book-matched Solid Premium Flame Maple Top

  4. Swamp Ash Body

  5. Available Finishes: Brown stain Semi-gloss Polyurethane

  6. Approximate Weight 2.7 kg / 6 lbs (4-string) – 3 kg / 6.6 lbs (5-string)

  7. Manufactured in Indonesia

  8. Roasted Maple Neck, 12-ply Carbon Fibre reinforced

  9. EndurNeck™ Profile

  10. Ebony Fretboard

  11. 20″ Fretboard Radius

  12. 24 Frets

  13. Jescar 57110 Stainless Steel Fretwire

  14. D’Addario NYXL 45-100 (4-string) / 45-130 (5-string) strings

  15. Standard tuning EADG (4-string) / BEADG (5-string)

  16. Custom Nordstrand Big Rig humbucker pickups

  17. Darkglass Electronics ToneCapsule preamp/EQ

  18. Controls:

    1. Master Volume w/ push-pull for passive/active

    2. Bass ± 12 dB @ 70 Hz

    3. Lo Mid ± 12 dB @ 500 Hz

    4. Hi Mid ± 12 dB @ 2.8 kHz

    5. Blend Neck-Bridge

  19. .strandberg* EGS Rev 2 bass tuners & string locks

  20. Black Hardware

  21. Original Luminlay™ Green Side Dots

  22. Original Luminlay™ Green Inlays

  23. Standard Lightweight Gig Bag Included

  24. Designed in Sweden and made in Indonesia


The Boden Bass Original was designed to provide exceptional comfort, ergonomics and playability with its lightweight headless construction, multi-scale neck, and the patented EndurNeck neck profile. For the bass player, this is especially important knowing how much a solid body bass can weigh. The proprietary hardware is constructed of aircraft grade aluminium that plays a major part in the instrument’s unique woody and organic acoustic character besides reducing the overall weight. Premium materials such as Swamp Ash for the body with solid ¼” Flame Maple top and roasted Maple for the neck and Birdseye Maple for the fretboard and proprietary components along with world class manufacturing processes and techniques are used to produce these instruments of exceptional build quality, workmanship, and reliability.

Besides the striking visual design aesthetics and unmatched ergonomic features, the very best materials, components and craftsmanship combine to provide a bass that is easy to play, reduces fatigue for your hands as well as your back, and which produces stunningly clear yet warm organic sounds that will suit virtually any musical genre and style. Acoustically, the Boden Bass Original is loud, articulate, rich and balanced with strong fundamentals and these characteristics are further enhanced and complemented by the highly acclaimed Nordstrand Zen Blade noiseless single-coil pickups and ultra-flexible 3-band EQ preamp.

The Boden Bass Original models are for advanced professional bassists who seek the utmost in playing comfort as well as a plethora of great classic and modern bass sounds that can be used in a variety of professional musical environments, whether that’s a critical time-sensitive recording session or the largest of concert stages in which there is no room for errors. All of the features on the Boden Bass Original were thoughtfully designed, engineered and implemented with such players in mind –from the premium materials to the scale length of each string and from each component of the hardware to the layout of the controls. The Boden Bass Original is for the serious bassist who requires an instrument that delivers all of the great classic bass sounds as well as the modern and which will help take his or her playing to a new level of musical creativity as well as the most enjoyable playing experience.

Unique qualities


By removing weight from the headstock, your guitar can be made very light and yet balanced. You can play with greater comfort for longer.


The body shape provides multiple seated playing positions for maximum comfort and versatility.


A multi-scale design allows your wrist to remain relaxed throughout the range of play. A longer scale length for the heavier strings provide better tone, and shorter in the thinner strings better playability.


Our patented EndurNeck™ profile promotes a more correct playing position. The result: you can play longer, faster, better and avoid injury.


Our hunt for great tone and low weight led us to using aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fiber for maximum performance.


The custom .strandberg* hardware is a vital contributor to the tone of the instrument. Lightweight aircraft grade aluminium and tight coupling of components ensure that nothing prevents the strings' vibrations from entering the body.