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Sterling by Musicman Stingray Classic Tolouca


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Roaring with power

One is all you need. The single H-1 Ceramic Humbucker in the bridge position gives this bass all the booming firepower it needs to shake the walls. Being active, it offers a high output tone which you can easily shape to suit your playing and tastes. With such diversity at your fingertips, you'll be able to make your basslines shine with pristine clarity and powerful punch.

You can use the 2-band preamp to control your tone, helping to make your notes low and luscious or fat and punchy. Once you've dialled in your perfect sound, the humbucker will help to express it with perfect definition and clarity, so you can put on your top performance every time you play.

Ultimate precision

Play to perfection. If you want total control over the fretboard, this bass will happily oblige. It's got a smooth, hard maple neck which allows you to play with complete accuracy. Your hand will have no trouble gliding over its smooth surface as you fly between notes in unparalleled style. As such, you'll feel completely natural expressing yourself on this instrument, with each note all the way up the cutaway body feeling well in reach.

There's also a pristine rosewood fretboard for a slick fretting experience. Its smooth surface makes for effortless finger movements, so you'll find your basslines flow smoothly into one another. It also adds a touch of warmth to your tone, bringing out some more fatness in each note. With these sonic tools in your arsenal, you'll find writing bold basslines to be both natural and rewarding.

Like a tank

Quality craftsmanship. Each part of this perfectly built machine helps to make it shine with greatness. The nut has been made narrower, which allows for super comfortable fretting whilst offering exceptional string stability. The Sterling Designed Bridge will also keep your strings firmly in place, meaning you won't suffer from issues with tuning. The stunning tortoise pickguard combined with the pristine finish make this StingRay Classic one of a kind, and top off its outstanding overall design.



  1. Model:Ray24CA

  2. Body Wood: Mahogany

  3. Pickguard: Tortoise

Neck and Fingerboard

  1. Neck Width: 1.5"(38mm) at Nut

  2. Neck Wood: Hard Maple

  3. Fretboard Rosewood

  4. Fret Markers: White Dot Markers

  5. Frets: 21 Frets, Medium

  6. Scale Length: 34" (86.4cm)

  7. Neck Radius: 9.5" (24cm)

Hardware and Electronics

  1. Tuning Machines: Open Gear

  2. Bridge: Sterling by Music Man Designed Bridge

  3. Truss Rod: Single Action

  4. Neck Attachment: 6 Bolts

  5. Controls: 2-band Active Preamp

  6. Pickups: H - 1 Ceramic Humbucker

  7. Strings: Ernie Ball 2834 Regular Slinky


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