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Spector Euro 5 LX Alex Webster, Blood Drip

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Alex Webster ‘s pioneering work with Cannibal Corpse has come to define the sound of modern metal bass. A Spector player for many years, Alex relies on his signature bass at every show and recording session to provide the razor sharp tone he needs to cut through the mix. His instrument features solid North American Maple body wings for a bright, responsive tone. The 3-piece North American Maple neck runs the entire length of the instrument, providing sustain and stability. The Ebony fingerboard, complete with Blood Red Crown inlays, provides a little extra sizzle & precision to the notes. When it comes to electronics, Alex has spared no expense. This Euro model is outfitted with Alex’s signature Seymour Duncan Hammer Smashed Bass pickups and a Darkglass Tone Capsule running at 18 volts. Alex’s pickups were carefully voiced with the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop to harness aggressive, yet expressive, tones in any playing situation. The Tone Capsule compliments these pickups perfectly, allowing for precise control over a wide-range of frequencies. Other features include Spector’s locking bridge, a brass nut, and Schaller strap locks. When your ideal bass tone can only be described as pulverizing, then the Euro5 LX Alex Webster model is the instrument you’re after.


NECK WOOD : 3pc Maple

With Graphite Rods inside for additional strength


Ebony, with our mother of Red Crown Inlays®



RADIUS : 16"

WIDTH AT NUT : 1.81"


PICKUPS :  Seymour Duncan Hammer Smashed Bass

ACTIVE TONE CONTROLS : Darkglass Tone capsule

CONTROLS : Volume, Volume, Bass Cut/Boost, Mids Cut/Boost, Hi-Mids Cut/Boost


Our original NS curved and carved body shape

WOOD : USA Solid Maple


BRIDGE : Spector zinc brass alloy locking, 

with intonation screws


STRAP BUTTONS : Schaller locking

Brass Nut


D'Addario XL-170 nickel

  1. *The Spector TonePump® Active Bass and Treble control is provided by means of 2 continuously variable controls. There are no center detents on these controls. In that way, you are in control rather than having “normal tone” dictated to you. Slightly rolling in a touch on both the Treble and the Bass control will provide a flat frequency response. Continuing clockwise, the Spector TonePump® will provide 18 dB boost in both the Bass and Treble range. We have “A/B’d” the TonePump® against all of the major bass “pre’s” in the market and have found that it offers greater headroom, gain, and control that anything out there. The Spector TonePump® is a 9 vDC circuit and is our most aggressive preamp to date.


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