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The Reflex Universal Expression Controller is the stand-alone command center for all of your expression pedal needs. It is a programmable expression pedal that connects to any effects pedal, synthesizer, or rack system with an expression or MIDI jack, and can also control DAW software via USB. Its outputs include three ¼” analog expression outs, MIDI 5-pin DIN in and out connectors, a USB port, and Source Audio’s proprietary 1/8” Sensor Out. Use the onboard control panel to program which outputs are active, the depth and direction of the expression or MIDI continuous controller signals, and the curve of the tapers. The Reflex can also send five different LFO wave shapes with expression control of the depth, modulation speed, or beat division. Save up to 128 expression configurations, recallable via the onboard controls or external MIDI program change messages.

  1. 1Three 1/4” Expression Outs (10k/10k/50k): Each expression out is paired with its own set of DIP switches, which are used to select the expression type — choose control voltage (CV) or the passive expression configuration that is compatible with your effects pedal, synthesizer or rack unit.

  2. 2Expression Control: For each preset, set which outputs are active, the depth and direction of the expression signals, and the curve of the tapers.

  3. 35 LFO Wave Shapes: Send an automated modulation signal to each expression output with any of the Reflex’s five LFO wave shapes. Set the expression pedal to control the LFO’s depth, modulation speed, or the beat divisions over a fixed BPM

  4. 4MIDI Continuous Controller Messages: Send up to three independently configurable MIDI CC messages via the MIDI out or the USB Port.

  5. 5128 User Presets: Save up to 128 expression configurations, recallable via the onboard controls or MIDI program change messages.

  6. 6USB port: Send MIDI continuous controller messages directly to your DAW software or virtual instrument software.


The 128 preset user modes offer users a wide range of modulating platforms. The bright LED lit display means the Reflex can be comfortably used in live venues. The depth, speed and BPM offer quick ways to improve and develop the effect’s sound and are all easily adjustable with the large control knob. The user LFO signal is reserved for you own personal signal type. Using the LFO can achieve a stunning vibrato, tremolo, to a fully expressive synth sound.


The Reflex Pedal allows you to be as adventurous as you require to get the most expressive sound. The pedal can attach on up to three effects pedals, making it ideal to use for building and relaxing a song’s intensity. The MIDI input and output can send up to 3 controller messages to MIDI effects pedals, racks and hardware synths. The device is compatible with all software that has a MIDI based format such as Ableton, Reason, Logic, Traktor and more. This allows you to change parameters on anything from pitch, attack, oscillation and delay from a simple hand motion. The sensor input can control all One Series, Soundblox, Soundblox 2, and Soundblox Pro pedals.


  1. Length: 270mm

  2. Width: 110mm

  3. Height: 76mm

  4. Parameters: 5

  5. LFO Waves: 5

  6. User Presets: 128

  7. Inputs: 1 x MIDI, 9V DC, 1 x Multi-Function,

  8. Outputs: 3 x ¼’’ TRS Expression, 2 x 1 x 1/8’’ Sensor, 1 x MIDI, 1 x USB

  9. Expression Output Dipswitches: 3

  10. Casing: Aluminium

  11. Feet Material: Rubber

  12. Colour: Blue


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