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NEW Soundblox Hub V1  £94.99 + £3 UK shipping

Add £8 EU shipping

Soundblox Neuro Hub v1

The Soundblox Hub v1 unites all your Soundblox 2 pedals into a thoroughly integrated multi-pedal system. This breakthrough in effect utility introduces Source Audio’s new scene saving functionality, enabling the creation of up to 128 single or multi-pedal presets (i.e. “scenes”), each recallable via MIDI Program Change messages. Simply dial in your Soundblox effects as you would any fully loaded pedalboard, hit SAVE on the Hub and your pedal settings are captured! Enjoy the power of one-step scene recall without the headache of navigating a complicated multi-effects processor.

The Hub’s connections include standard 5-pin MIDI IN, MIDI OUT/THRU, passive “TRS” expression pedal input, a Hot Hand Sensor Input, mini USB port, and 5 Multi-Function outputs. Connect the Dual Expression Pedal and the Hot Hand Wireless Effect Controller to the Hub and assign external control to any pedal on your board. Each scene can contain any number of external control configurations, including simultaneous Hot Hand and Expression Pedal control of multiple parameters on multiple pedals.

The Hub is also compatible with all Soundblox 1 and Soundblox Pro series pedals. Use the Hub to engage/disengage your Soundblox 1 pedals or engage/disengage any of your Soundblox Pro presets. Connect the Hub to a PC, Mac, or iPad (with a camera kit) via the USB port, for updates, saving and editing presets, and much more. The Hub also includes a 9V DC power adapter, three 1/8” sensor cables and one mini-USB cable.


Roll your mouse over hot spots (+) on the panel controls and ports to learn about each one.


Roll your mouse over hot spots (+) on the ports to learn about each one.


  1. 1Standard 5-pin MIDI IN and OUT/THRU

  2. 2Passive Expression Pedal input, and Hot Hand® Sensor Input

  3. 3Connect up to 5 Soundblox pedals via Multi-Function ports

  4. 4Save and Recall up to 128 multi-pedal “Scenes” via MIDI Program Changes.

  5. 5Access, Edit, and Save pedal presets and scenes via USB port to Mac or PC.

  6. 6Compatible (no Scene Saving) with Soundblox 1 and Soundblox Pro.

  7. 7Weight: 6 oz.

  8. 8Dimensions: 3.8 in. (W) x 2.1 in. (L) x 1.4 in. (H)

  9. 9Power requirements: 9 Volts DC @ 40mA (up to 80mA with Hot Hand accessories).

  10. 10Power plug size: 2.1mm (inner dia.), 5.5mm (outer dia.) center negative, barrel positive.

  11. 11Expression Pedal input: Stereo 1Ž4 in. plug, tip hot, 10k-50k Ohm resistance. Linear type.

  12. 12Multi-Function connector: 4 conductor, 3.5mm plug.

Tech 21 Midi Mouse

The MIDI Mouse is designed to take the frustration and confusion out of MIDI and offer an exceptionally user-friendly footcontroller.

Easily access 128 patches on any of the 16 selectable MIDI channels by using the Up and Down footswitches to locate your program, with no banks to select.

A third footswitch toggles between Search mode to locate programs and Active mode to send the program number to the MIDI output.

here are a few more details in what is probably the world's smallest owner's manual for a MIDI product, but the main points to consider are:

In a recording studio, the MIDI Mouse can easily sit on a console.

The smooth-action custom actuators give you fingertip control for instant remote program changes.

On stage and in the studio, the large, non-glare LED display can be read from any angle, in daylight or darkness.

Phantom power operable via MIDI cable, or utilizes optional DC power supply,  or 9V alkaline battery (not included)

Actual size: 4.75" x 3.75" x 2.0"

Weight: 11 oz.

  1. SMALL- Fits into any gig bag. Needs no special carrying case. Takes up very little space on stage. Easily sits on a console in a studio, so you can make remote program changes from the board with your finger.

  2. BATTERY OPERABLE - It's the only MIDI foot controller available that's battery operable. Needs no extra wires. Takes no time to set up; just plug in and go.

  3. SIMPLE - It's player-friendly in a familiar stomp box format. Most foot controllers are harder to program than the processors they're designed to control.

  4. HEAVY DUTY - Sturdy, cast aluminum box; high quality switches.

  5. NO DANCING - There are no banks to change. You scroll to program locations, either one at a time, or you can "speed-scroll". To go from Program 19 to Program 20, step on the UP footswitch. Once. From Program 20 to Program 19, step on the DOWN footswitch. Once.

  6. IMPROVISATION - Its size and affordability makes it uniquely practical to have two, so you can control two processors independently on the fly.


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