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Sire P7 4 Vintage White - 2018 bass

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  3. A pre-loved 2018 bass in 9.95/10 condition, cleaned and set up and comes with an active eq, passive tone control, gloss White, maple neck and pearl blocks. Light home use only.

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The Sire Marcus Miller P7 is the ultimate versatile, vintage-style bass and this Version 2 model improves on that winning formula. The P7 is essentially a P-Bass with an added Jazz bridge pickup giving you the best of both worlds in one bass!

This is a 4-string version of the P7 and is a great way to get into 5-string bass playing with its great quality and affordability.

Version 2 retains the exceptional preamp and reliable quality but adds a few improvements such as re-designed pickups, matte-finish necks, flatter fingerboard radii and more!

Body and Neck

This P7 has a swamp ash body which results in a lightweight, comfortable bass with a balanced tone. The maple fingerboard makes for a very smooth playing experience and some say it has a snappy, bright tone.

Sire have made a number of changes to the neck of the version 2 P7s to make it more comfortable and playable. The fingerboard radius has been changed to 9.5-inch which makes fretting notes more comfortable and the neck now has a matte finish which feels great in the hand and helps you to move up and down the neck with ease.

Re-designed Pickups

The P7 Version 2 features new and improved Marcus Miller Super Precision/Jazz Advanced Pickups. These pickups have been completely re-designed for a clearer, higher resolution sound. These pickups, in combination with Sire's much-praised active preamp, result in an articulate, open-sounding bass

History of Sire Marcus Miller Basses

Sire guitars are the company that build the now famous Marcus Miller basses. Marcus Miller himself is a world-renowned jazz and funk bassist with some of the best bass chops on the planet. And he's worked with Sire instruments to make basses that are affordable but far exceed their price point in terms of feel, style and above all, sound.

How do they do this? Unlike a lot of other guitar companies that outsource their work, Sire own the factory where their basses are built. This means firstly that they can cut costs but secondly, have full control of the quality of instrument that comes out of the workshop. This allows them to oversee the entire process.

And, Sire instruments are doing good in the world by taking a share of the corporations profits and giving back to society. They have founded schools in Cambodia and Laos and teaching music to children.



  1. 1Material: Swamp Ash

  2. 2Shape: Sire Precision Bass Type


  1. 1Material: 1 Piece Hardmaple

  2. 2Shape: C-Shape

  3. 3Scale: 34”

  4. 4Neck Joint: 4 Bolt Steel Square Plate


  1. 1Material: Hardmaple

  2. 2Radius: 9.5”

  3. 3Frets: Medium, 20 Frets

  4. 4String Nut: Natural Bone

  5. 5Binding: 1 ply Ivory

  6. 6Inlay: White Pearloid Block


  1. 1Pickups: Marcus Super Precision Advanced (Neck) + Jazz Advanced (Bridge)

  2. 2Preamp: Marcus Heritage- 3 with Middle Frequency Control

  3. 3Controls: Volume / Tone (Dual Pot) | Pickup Blender | Treble | Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot) | Bass, Mini Toggle (Active / Passive)

  4. 4Knob: Modern Black Plastic


  1. 1Bridge: Heavy Mass Standard

  2. 2Tuning Gear: Sire Premium Open-Gear

  3. 3Hardware Finish: Chrome


Tel: 01926 886433

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