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Sire 4 M3, Gloss Trans Black  pre-owned

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  3. A pre-owned bass in 10/10 condition, cleaned and set up. The bass is like new and comes with original box.

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The M3 is an original body shape from the Marcus Miller bass range. It's got a Mahogany body for a warm, smooth bass tone that sounds great for style of music as diverse as jazz and grunge rock. The neck is made of Canadian Maple with a modern shape that'll suit beginners and pros alike.

The active pickups sound fat with 2 humbuckers and a full EQ control on-board the bass. This means that you can easily adjust the tone for any style of music or sound that you may want.

Sire preamp

The Sire preamp uses 2x 9v batteries to give you an 18v preamp with loads of headroom and control. This means that the bass has a very open sound and with a bass, mid and treble control on-board you've got the most versatile bass possible.

The knobs from front to back do the following:

  1. Main Volume

  2. Pickup Blend (To combine your bridge and neck pickup according to taste)

  3. Treble EQ

  4. Mid frequency on bottom pot, Mid boost/cut on the top pot

  5. Active or passive toggle switch

  6. Bass Eq

History of Sire Marcus Miller Basses

Sire guitars are the company that build the now famous Marcus Miller basses. Marcus Miller himself is a world-renowned jazz and funk bassist with some of the best bass chops on the planet. And he's worked with Sire instruments to make basses that are affordable but far exceed their price point in terms of feel, style and above all, sound.

How do they do this? Unlike a lot of other guitar companies that outsource their work, Sire own the factory where their basses are built. This means firstly that they can cut costs but secondly, have full control of the quality of instrument that comes out of the workshop. This allows them to oversee the entire process.

And, Sire instruments are doing good in the world by taking a share of the corporations profits and giving back to society. They have founded schools in Cambodia and Laos and teaching music to children.

Here's what Sire say about the Marcus Miller M3

With modern feel and design, this new bass can produce the
desired sound for any genres of music from soft to strong metal
grunge music.

The body wood is made with mahogany wood with beautiful flamed
maple veneer on top. Mahogany is known for its warmth and full
bodied tone which produces deep and rich mid and low round ton.

Marcus Big Mass Bridge(String-Thru Body Bridge)
The bridge is where the strings are connected from the head machine to the body and therefore greatly affects the tone of the instrument. Marcus Miller SIRE M3 bass is equipped with SIRE’s technology enhanced basic bidge. The string-thru body bridge mechanism allows for more tighter, accurate and stable tone

Tuning Gear: Sire Basic Diecasting gear
Equipped with SIRE’s own basic diecasting gear head machines developed with accurate gear ratio, the head machines are very reliable in turning.

PPS TUSK(Synthetic Ivory)
The nut is made with PPS(Poly Phenylene Sulfide)Tusk. This material is known for strong durability and heat resistance. It has the characteristic of a real ivory. PPS Tusk is much stronger and is more responsive than plastic nut that is commonly found in less expensive instruments. PPS tusk nut produces more stable, balanced, and tighter tone. It enhances string vibration for maximum output.

The neck is made with Canadian hard maple. With its hardness and strenght it minimizes the movement and stabilizes the neck to maintain the original shape and condition. For modern feel, the neck is build with 12 radius rosewood fingerboard with medium size frets that will offer ease and comfort in playability. The fret board is made with rosewood to warm and round sound.


  1. Body Material  : Mahogany with Flame maple veneer

  2. Body Shape : New Modern Bass Type

  3. Body Color : TBK[Transparent Black], STR[See Through Red], TBL[Transparent Blue]

  4. Neck Material : Canadian Hard Maple (scarf joint)

  5. Neck Shape : C-Shape

  6. Scale : 34”

  7. Fingerboard : Rosewood

  8. Fingerboard Radius : 12”

  9. Frets : Medium , 24 Frets

  10. String Nut : PPS Tusk Black, 1.5”

  11. Binding : None

  12. Inlay : White Pearl Dot

  13. Neck Joint : 4 Bolt Indivisual Dot

  14. Pickups : Marcus Blue Hum

  15. Electronics : Marcus Heritage- 3 with Middle Frequency Control

  16. Controls : Volume / Tone (Dual Pot) | Pickup Blender | Treble | Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot) | Bass, Mini Toggle (Active / Passive )

  17. knob : Modem Black Plastic

  18. Bridge : Heavy Mass Standard

  19. Tuning Gear : Basic Diecasting Gear

  20. Hardware Finish : Chrome

  21. Pickgaurd : None


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