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Sadowsky Blue Label Nickel SBN40 40 - 100 £22

Sadowsky Blue Label Nickel SBN45 45 - 105 £22

Sadowsky Blue Label Nickel SBN45B 45- 130T* £27

Sadowsky Blue Label Stainless SBS40 40 - 100 £22

Sadowsky Blue Label Stainless SBS45 45 - 105 £22

Sadowsky Blue Label Stainless SBS45B 45- 130T* £27

Sadowsky Black Label Bright Stainless SBS40 40- 100 £24

Sadowsky Black Label Bright Stainless SBS45 45- 105 £24

Sadowsky Black Label Bright Stainless SBS45B 45- 130T* £28 Out stock

Sadowsky Black Label Bright Nickel SBN40 40- 100 £24

Sadowsky Black Label Bright Nickel SBN45 45- 105 £24

Sadowsky Black Label Bright Nickel SBN45B 45- 130T* £28

+*Tapered core

Sadowsky Neo Strap Large £40 44" - 56" (111-142cm)

Sadowsky SBP-1 Bass Preamp £125

Sadowsky SBP-2 Bass Preamp £85

Sadowsky Onboard Bass Preamp BP4K OUT OF STOCK

Sadowsky Retrofit Jazz Vintage tone control kit £85

Overall difference of Blue Label vs. Black Label strings: Our Black Label strings have slightly higher tension and a tighter top and bottom. Our Blue Label strings have slightly lower tension and fuller mids. The Blue Label is our most comprehensive line of strings: offerings include stainlessnickel, and flatwound, including XL length for 35” scale 5 string basses.

Overall difference of Stainless vs Nickel strings:  Stainless steel is the brightest alloy. They are best for slap bass and have a more cutting and aggressive tone. The initial brightness wears off as the strings age. Nickel strings are warmer, with a smoother feel to the finger tips. They are bright enough to cut through the mix and the tone stays consistent for a longer period of time. The best way to appreciate the differences is to try both on the same bass.

Constructed of neoprene and elastic and covered in stitched nylon, the NeoStrap offers a new level of player comfort. The NeoStrap does not grab or pull your clothes and allows you to reposition your instrument with ease.

The tapered design is 3-7/8″ at the widest point. The strap features strong leather ends with holes large enough to accommodate all size strap buttons and to accept all brands of strap locks.

Our NeoStrap comes in three adjustable lengths.

Choose your size:

short (34-40″)

medium (40-48″)

long (48-63″).