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Roger Sadowsky's goal was always to further improve an already very successful bass design by making a number of detailed improvements. Along with the electronics, which he developed by himself, he succeeded to raise the well-known P/J bass sound to a new level, so today you can speak of a typical Sadowsky tone: Never harsh or shrill sounding, with strong, powerful but never muddy bass, with present, but not too aggressive mids, and a sweet and airy treble range. All features of this modern bass sound can also be found in the 21-Fret Hybrid P/J basses of the MetroExpress series. All basses are lightweight with max. 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg). A good choice for bass players who are looking for a lightweight solution for the stage in addition to a modern bass sound. This five-string version of the Sadowsky Hybrid P/J Bass features a Solid Ocean Blue Metallic High Polish finish, a parchment pickguard and a maple fingerboard.

  1. Sadowsky MetroExpress 21-Fret Hybrid P/J Bass

  2. right hand version

  3. 5-string electric bass

  4. 34" (864 mm) long scale

  5. bolt-on construction

  6. Okume body

  7. Maple neck

  8. Maple fingerboard

  9. 12" fingerboard radius

  10. Sadowsky Just-A-Nut III nut

  11. 1.87" (47.5 mm) nut width

  12. 21 nickel silver frets (width: 0.094" (2.4 mm) / height: 0.051" (1.3 mm))

  13. passive Sadowsky P-Style pickup (neck)

  14. passive Sadowsky J-Style pickup (bridge)

  15. active Sadowsky 2-way electronics

  16. controls for Volume / Balance / Treble / Bass

  17. Sadowsky Light machine heads with open gear

  18. string spacing 2.99" (76 mm)

  19. Sadowsky S-style security locks

  20. Sadowsky bridge with quick string release

  21. chrome hardware

  22. stainless steel 045 - 130 strings

  23. Solid Ocean Blue Metallic High Polish finish

  24. weight max. 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg)

  25. incl. hex key tools

  26. incl. Sadowsky Portabag (SAC BAG BASS PORTA) Gig Bag


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Sadowsky MetroExpress Hybrid PJ 5-21 Ice Blue Metallic

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The new import range of Sadowsky basses from the far east, great quality and value.

Weight: 8lb 6oz/3.9kg

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