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Musicman, Sabre 4® 1979, Natural

£2450 + £12 UK mainland shipping

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  3. Pre owned 1979 bass in fabulous condition for it’s age! All original apart from the preamp that was refurbished by John East using era correct voicing with better reliability and less noise. The bass comes with a Musicman case and tools and original preamp.

  4. Please note - the neck has never been taken off this bass, there are too many where the finish has been damaged as the neck fit is so tight.

  5. Weight: 4.4kg/9lb 12oz

Actual bass shown, please click on images to enlarge:

Some info about the Sabre:

#1. Every bass has its own character and personality when it comes to tune-ups.

#2. Truss rod adjustment: As a rule with 70s basses I loosen the strings to make adjustments, takes the pressure off the truss rod.

#3. If the action becomes a little low, mainly weather changes, I loosen off the strings for a couple of hours or so. Then you get a little extra relief as the neck re-settles. Without the need to adjust the truss-rod.

#4. Truss-rod adjustment; looking down from the headstock end; it’s right to tighten and left to loosen. The truss-rod hasn’t been used much, the neck is settled. So it can be a little stiff. Once the strings are loosened, a couple of thumps (not too hard) on  

   the back of the neck will help.

#5. This I have never done: A luthier tip for sticky 40-year old truss rods is to drizzle a little light lube down the truss-rod  bullet. Then leave standing for a couple of hours or possibly overnight to lube any wood sticking around the metal truss-rod.


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