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Ken Smith BT-V BT5VE “Elite” Vintage Re-issue

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Ken Smith has been making some of the World’s fines basses for over forty years, his team of skilled luthiers produce some of the most respected basses in the industry. An innovator, Smith basses use only timber that has been seasoned for over 30 years and custom pickups and preamp that give one of the most signature and useable bass tones in the music world.

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  1. Ken Smith BT-V BT5VE “Elite” Vintage Reissue

  2. Neck: Neck-Thru 5-piece Laminated Aged Hardrock Maple & Shedua with Graphite Inlaid Bars & Matching Wood Headstock Overlay

  3. Fingerboard: Quartersawn Macassar Ebony with Mother of Pearl Top & Side Dots

  4. Angled Back Headstock reinforced with Smith Coat of Arms carving on back

  5. Wood Headstock Overlay

  6. Smith Custom Tuning Gears

  7. Scalloped Brass Nut, Individually Hand-Fit

  8. Smith QSR (Quick String Release) Bridge machined from Solid Brass

  9. All Smith Basses are Set-Up with Smith Custom Balanced Taper Core Medium

  10. Fully Shielded Pickup & Control Cavities

  11. String Spacing: Nut: 9mm (23/64"), Bridge: 18mm (23/32")

  12. Fingerboard Width: Nut: 1  3/4", 24th Fret: 3"

  13. Body Wings: 3 piece wings of Figured Sycamore/Walnut/Figured Sycamore

  14. Core Walnut

  15. Finish: Semi-Gloss Poly-mix Elite Finish.

  16. Hardware: Gold Smith Hardware & Dunlop "Flush Mount" Straploks

  17. Electronics: Smith B.M.T. Concentric 3-Band 18-Volt EQ Circuit with adjustable DIP Frequency Switches for Bass, Mid. & Treble with Pickup Blend and Master Volume and Smith Custom Bass Humbucking Pickups,

  18. Weight: 10.9oz/4.8kg

  19. Comes with fitted Smith hard case case, Smith strap, Cleaning cloth, Smith finishing liquid

Building the World’s Greatest 100% Handmade Basses since 1978

Multi-String Electric Bass Pioneer Ken Smith has developed or introduced many of the innovations used on today’s basses which are now industry standards. Some of these include Printed Circuit Board Electronics, Graphite Inlaid Neck, Detent Balance and EQ controls, Low ‘B’ Design .128 and .130, and Taper Core Bass Strings. Ken Smith hand picks the wood for every bass from our in-house lumberyard, which features over 20 species of aged tone woods. Visitors to the factory are awe struck by what is probably the largest collection and variety of acclimated musical-grade woods in the world. Inspired by the techniques of 16th - 19th Century European stringed instrument makers, Smith Basses are a marriage of Old World Tradition and Modern Innovation. Ken Smith supervises the production of each bass and still does the final set-up.

Ken Smith has been building investment grade basses since 1978. Ken uses the finest woods available and frequently has limited addition models available. We can custom-order a Smith in your choice of woods. We carry not only his extremely well-made basses, but strings and polish.


Tel: 01926 886433

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