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Since the 1980s, Roscoe have established themselves as one of the USAs most popular and sought after custom bass manufacturers with thousands of proud "Roscoe-heads" around the world. Here is your chance to own a beautiful new bass guitar with that famous Roscoe tone. Roscoe make one of the best five string basses available today and the six string is legendary - we recommend you try the killer "B" string for yourself!

Roscoe instruments are one of the best selling bass at Bass Direct and this is in part due to the phenomenal range of great tones on tap combined with superior build quality and playability. We feel they represent amazing value for money as each bass is totally hand crafted in Greensboro' USA for Bass Direct and built using only the finest selected and seasoned tone woods and high grade components with feature precision fit necks and hand sculptured bodies. There are few basses that feel and play as well as a Roscoe. There is currently a seven month waiting list for a Roscoe, please contact us if you wish to make a custom order.


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Keith Roscoe receiving "Best bass at show" at Summer NAMM 2013 for the Century Standard + 5 PJ


Den in the UK - Roscoe bass - 21/11/21

Hi Mark, 

It's about time I said some stuff about my 3 sublime Roscoes, all of which are Centuries:-

1) Century Custom 5 consisting of a 5 part laminated body across its thickness. The main body is mahogany with maple, wenge, maple, and a 2 cm thick top of burl amboyna with a maple, purpleheart neck, and wenge fingerboard. This bass is renowned by my friends and musical colleagues as being the finest looking and sounding bass they've ever known, and I totally agree. It has top-of-the-range Bartolini soap bar pickups plus a range-topping Bartolini preamp. It is certainly the bass that I'll never ever sell!!! When contacting Keith B Roscoe himself for advice as to its replacement value for insurance purposes, he quoted, $7,000 USD plus! It is an absolute work of art and sounds sublime in every ensemble situation, live and studio.....

2) Century Standard Plus 5. This has a totally mahogany body with a satin tobacco burst finish with two Bartolini MM pickups, fully switchable, and a top-of-the-range Bartolini preamp. It has a 3 part maple neck plus maple fingerboard. Obviously, this bass isn't the absolute standard of the one above, but nevertheless, it's still absolutely brilliant in all situations and sounds and plays incredibly well. I couldn't envisage parting with this either.

3) Century Standard 4. This is still utterly wonderful despite it being the cheapest at around £2,000. It's made from Spanish cedar in total with a red translucent finish, a 3 part maple neck, and a pau ferro fingerboard. As with the other two, the pickups are top specification Bartolinis, and the preamp is the top of the range, Bartolini. This 4 string is an utter joy to play, so easy, and it really has a warm natural tone, the Spanish cedar being responsible.

I adore all three of my Roscoes and will never part with any of them. The B strings on the fives sound incredible as do every other note across all the fingerboards.

I have to thank Mark Stickley so much for recommending me to Roscoe in the first place way back in 2011/2012, when I bought my top-of-the-range Century Custom 5 through the post. When opening the case, my jaw dropped because of its sheer beauty.

This is a bit long, but I had to put it out there in the public domain!

Kind regards to Bass Direct, the store where more of my cash is spent than anywhere else!!! 

Den Finch.

Submitted on the 19th June 2015 by Steve who purchased a Roscoe LG4  bass


Just wanted to sat how pleased I am with my new Roscoe Bass Guitar which arrived safely in Yorkshire the day after purchase.The build, acoustic tone and intonation of the instrument is superb. Looking forward to visiting your shop in the near future to try out some amplification :) Finally I would like to thank you for stocking a quality lefty guitar.


Steve K

Submitted on the 2nd February 2015 by Mark who purchased a Roscoe SKB 3006

Mark / Markus


Gents just a note of thanks relating to my purchase on Saturday.


Here's my story..

I went unannounced to Bass direct to view and hopefully try a six string bass.


Markus couldn’t have been more helpful – getting different basses out and offering a little background on each one, plus and importantly creating an atmosphere where I could concentrate on each instrument.

Being to this point, a four string player, I was surprised at how easy a 6 is to play, given a slightly narrower string spacing and 35” scale, once acclimatised I was soon noodling my heart out on a range of basses and after a surprisingly uninterrupted hour of play and chat I pulled the trigger on a Roscoe.

Given the range of guitars in the shop I wouldn’t have been surprised to have left feeling that perhaps I should have bought one of the others, but no, after a short period of ownership of this bass, I’m astonished by the playability, build and the range of tones available from it, the strangest thing is it feels like I’ve owned it for years.

Ok I’m gushing now… LOL (that’s how a guitar should make you feel)



Submitted on the 24th August 2014 by Peter who purchased an Roscoe LG3006 bass

Hi Mark!

Here's a testimony (should you need another one)!

I hope this finds you well. I'm just writing to tell you that I gigged the Roscoe for the first time last night! I must say that it not only delivered every single sound the songs required, but it's amazing playability allowed me to execute fills and solos in ways that I've never been able to achieve before. I always liked musical instruments to cars- there's always a compromise in that they can't do everything. However, this bass has driven my theory into the dust; this bass is THE bass! The band played everything from 'Treasure' by Bruno Mars to 'Let's Stay Together' by Al Green (neck pick up of this bass has a gorgeous, warm thump to it that practically marries the kick drum!), we even stretched out on 'Detroit' by Marcus Miller (the slap tone of this bass is so good that during the interval even the audience were complimenting the bass sound!), and we even got on the trendy side by grooving on 'Happy' by Pharell Williams! The passive mode is especially impressive; it retains the broad tonal character of the instrument whilst projecting a truly authentic jazz bass tone without compromising anything. I'm seriously looking forward to recording with this beast! Thank you so much once again for the amazing deal and your hospitality when I travelled down from Durham to collect my (now number one) bass.

Kind regards,


Submitted on the 27th May by Tim who purchased an Roscoe CS5 std+ bass

Hi Mark


Thanks so much for introducing me to Roscoe basses, as you know it wasn’t the guitar I thought I’d be coming home with but after gigging it at the weekend I couldn’t be happier. I have owned and still own some very nice guitars but this beats the lot for playability and variation of tone, it’s both punchy and aggressive but can be as smooth as silk when required…………….Awesome in every sense!   

Submitted on the 15th February 2014 by Ian who purchased a Roscoe CS6 fretless bass

Hi Mark,

Having had the Roscoe for a couple of months now, I'd just like to say how wonderful it is. Sounds fantastic in a live setting and beautiful in the studio and plays so well. Find myself never wanting to put it down. And thank you so much for selling my other basses for me. Help way above and beyond the call of duty. Wouldn't have been able to get this beautiful bass without your help. 6 string fretted


All the very best to you.

Submitted on the 2nd February 2014 by Ivor who purchased a Roscoe CS4 + bass

Hi Mark

Did the gig at the Genny B in Melton Mowbray on Saturday and the new Roscoe was unbelievable, I've never played a better bass in 50 years. It is so well balanced and the neck is a dream.....and the sound........well what can I say......just the best ever.....why did I wait so long to buy a Roscoe....the rest of the band also said it was the best sound they'd heard coming out of the Bergantinos.  Thank you Mark, I'm a happy man.

Ivor Jones

Submitted on the 17th May 2013 who Simon purchased  Roscoe SKB  5 string bass

Having tried numerous 5 stings I turned to Mark at Bass Direct for some guidance after a detailed chat and an hour or so of completely hassle free playing. I left with my stunning Roscoe. There is build quality and there is Roscoe i just cant put it down. It plays like a dream and feels special. The proof however for me was rehearsal last night. The bunch of "seen it all" old rockers I play with all commented about the stunning blackburst over quilt top. In a "wow" whats that way. Then I plugged into my trusty TC rig set everything flat and centre and hit the low B. Their faces were a picture ! From there on it was just the best tone i have ever had full, defined but not clinical just KILLER. Thanks Mark for the advice and buying experience.

Submitted on the 28th January 2013 who Jonathan purchased  Roscoe SKB  5 string bass

Hi Mark, must let u know just how much i'm loving the new roscoe!!! clearly the best bass i've had the pleasure of playing. The bartolini single coils really brighten up the tone for my style and adds some nice aggression that i love. The playability is what has drew me in the most as with its beauty in looks. The playability is so smooth and easy to play and requires little effort and takes pressure off my fretting hand for sure. i play with such a more light attack yet the roscoe sounds so punchy and " in your face"! loving the wider string spacing too as it definitely helps clean up my playing.

This bass is my dream funk machine/slap monster and I have you to thank for that and i can't thank you enough. Thanks for selling my other basses so i could get the roscoe and a massive thanks for all your help and extremely helpful advice! your service has bin amazing and I couldn't ask for anything more. I most definitely recommend your shop straight to the top of anyones list in the bass world. Thanks again mark,

kind regards
Lance :-)

Submitted on the 6th December 2012 by Lars in Sweden, who purchased a Roscoe CS5JM bass

Hey, Mark!

I just wanted to mention that I got bass today. I am overwhelmed by how good it sounds and how easy to play it, I'm more than satisfied! :-)

Kind regards

Lars Sjöberg


Submitted on the 30th November 2012 by Alan, who purchased a Lefthanded Roscoe CS5+ bass

Hi Mark,

       The Roscoe arrived today, cheers. Just got back from first rehearsal with it and I'm absolutely delighted. I know I tried it at the shop but to actually strap it on and get stuck in is entirely different. It's effortless to play, well set up, and a dream to slap on. Sounds like thunder through my Mesa 750 BB and 4x10 and 2x10 Powerhouse cabs. That B string certainly rattles your fillings, and the tone options are endless. The chaps in the band were suitably impressed, especially the drummer.

                            Reagards Alan.

Submitted on the 25th October 2012 by Mark, who purchased a Roscoe SKB3005 bass

Just gigged the Roscoe SKB3005 you sold, perfect! Thanks Mark, all that naval gazing was worth it in the end!

Submitted on the 7th October 2012 by Connor, who purchased a Roscoe CS6+ bass

Originally I was a bit weary of buying a bass internationally but Bass Direct were my first choice when I decided to buy the Roscoe 6 string. The customer service is outstanding, each email reply was within 18 hours and any questions I had were answered in detail. Shipping time was minimal and took only 3 working days to get from the UK to Australia. After playing the bass over the past week, I've realised that Roscoe basses are the best I've played. A massive thanks to Mark and the team at Bass Direct!

Thanks again Mark, this thing is absolutely incredible. I had 8 hours of rehearsals today, usually my hands would get tired pretty quickly, but the action on this bass is ridiculously low with minimal fret buzz. The tones you can get from it and the versatility are absolutely amazing! I'll be looking at buying another one next year I think!

Submitted on the 30th October 2011by Jon who purchased a Roscoe SKB 3005 bass guitar



The Roscoe is awesome – I couldn’t really have designed it better. It’s done 9 gigs in the 7 days I’ve now had it and I’m loving every minute of it.

What a superb neck. The only thing I may change, doing a lot of reading in the dark, is to add larger 3mm MOP side dot markers – I deliberately spec’d this on my other bass and it makes a lot of difference for pit work. Otherwise – an amazing bass. Thanks for your help hooking me up.

I gather since, that a friend of mine had looked at that one and is quite disappointed I’ve found it!


Always a pleasure – thanks again.


Submitted on the 26th June 2011 by Guido who purchased a Roscoe SKB 3005 bass

Hello Mark,

Today the bass arrived in Düsseldorf. Thanks very much for the smooth transaction. It was a great pleasure to deal with you. Fantastic bass. Great sounding and gorgeous looking.

Best regards,


Submitted in September 2010 by Ian who purchased a Roscoe SKB3005 bass

Hi Mark


Just a little note to say how much I'm enjoying the Roscoe SKB3005 I bought from you about 3 weeks ago.  A tremendous bass - feels wonderful, looks wonderful and sounds absolutely fantastic.  So versatile as well.  Since buying it I've played gigs with my regular indie-rock covers band, a couple of jazz sets and a show with a folky singer-songwriter and in all contexts the bass has come up trumps with only the tiniest tweak of the onboard EQ and judicious use of the pick pan.  I feel a bit sorry for my old bass - can't see me picking it up again in the near future!  The best praise I can give is that even our guitar player, who being a guitarist, needless to say usually listens to his guitar and closes his ears to pretty much everything else, came up after our first set playing the Roscoe and was full of the highest praise for the sound.


Many thanks for your patience when I was trying the basses out, and for holding on to it whilst I ummed and ahhed about buying it!


See you soon


Ian Tipping