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Roscoe Century 4 2017

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  3. Here is a stunning example of Keith Roscoe’s work, this bass is in superb 9/10 condition. Originally bought from new Bass Direct, these amazingly popular hand made instruments represent great value for money high end basses that deliver on both tone and playability. The bass has been fully cleaned and set up. (price new £2050)

  4. Weight: 3.9kg/8lb 13oz 

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  1. Century 4

  2. Swamp ash body

  3. Finish - natural satin finish

  4. Three piece Maple neck with contrasting stringers

  5. Fingerboard - Pau Ferro

  6. Graphtech nut

  7. 34" Scale - 2 octave

  8. Bartolini 3-band pre amp with volume, pan, treble/bass stack, mid/mid freq select push/pull (250/800hz)

  9. Bartolini CB Soapbars Pickup

  10. Black ultralight Gotoh tuners

  11. Black Hipshot Black bridge

Roscoe have built a reputation over 30 years of making some of the finest custom basses in the USA. Here is a Century shape bass with an beautiful quilted maple top over a resonant Spanish Cedar body, a Diamondwood fingerboard and three piece maple neck. The bass is finished off with a Bartolini 3 band preamp with switchable low/high mid for great control over fretless tones adding either more or less honk or more or less warmth and the superb Bartolini JJ pickups in the JB position for a really inspirational bass full of punchy tones with real depth, control and plenty of mwaaah!

Bass Guitar 2011 Review - Roscoe Century Standard 4.

As a bass with a purpose in terms of its pricing versus its features, the Century Standard has well and truly hit the bullseye. It may not have quite the same boutique appeal as the more upmarket models from

the Roscoe stable, but in sharing similar hardware and electronics packages, along with the same high quality craftsmanship, the sum of its parts result in a superb instrument. Some basses make your playing sound good whereas others make you want to play them more due to their playability, comfort and breadth of tone. The Roscoe Century Standard borrows from both camps in offering high quality design and build along with a flexible tonal palette. The four figure price tag may keep it out of reach for those on a budget, but this reviewer has already added it to my ‘Basses To Buy’ list!

Submitted on the 20th March 2010 by Marc who purchased a Roscoe CS5+ fretless bass.

Hi Mark - well, I've had the fretless for 2 weeks now, and it really is the best bass I've ever played. The neck is perfect, and the sound from the bridge p/up is amazing. I haven't gigged it yet, but when i do i'll probably end up playing 90% of the set with it, as it's that good.

Thanks for all of your help in selling my basses ,and I'm sure i'll be back sometime soon. I wish you continued success with the business.

Kind Regards, Marc Reynolds.

Submitted in September 2010 by Ian who purchased a Roscoe SKB3005 bass

Hi Mark


Just a little note to say how much I'm enjoying the Roscoe SKB3005 I bought from you about 3 weeks ago.  A tremendous bass - feels wonderful, looks wonderful and sounds absolutely fantastic.  So versatile as well.  Since buying it I've played gigs with my regular indie-rock covers band, a couple of jazz sets and a show with a folky singer-songwriter and in all contexts the bass has come up trumps with only the tiniest tweak of the onboard EQ and judicious use of the pick pan.  I feel a bit sorry for my old bass - can't see me picking it up again in the near future!  The best praise I can give is that even our guitar player, who being a guitarist, needless to say usually listens to his guitar and closes his ears to pretty much everything else, came up after our first set playing the Roscoe and was full of the highest praise for the sound.


Many thanks for your patience when I was trying the basses out, and for holding on to it whilst I ummed and ahhed about buying it!


See you soon


Ian Tipping

*Classic Bass Series, Dual Coil Humbucker.
"Classic Bass" CB series bass pickups are passive designs featuring an extended and more resonant frequency range. They have far more "air" and definition at the top without sacrificing lows and low mids. They are cast in epoxy to remove unwanted feedback and microphonics.