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Roland G33 - Lefty, pre-owned

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  3. A pre-owned 1980 bass in great condition.

  4. Weight: 10lb 2oz/4.6kg

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Features and Specifications:

  1. Body: Ash

  2. Finish: Acrylic, "Robert" brown

  3. Neck: Maple set-in

  4. Fingerboard: Rosewood

  5. Frets: 21

  6. Bridge: Adjustable

  7. Nut: Polycarbonate

  8. Tuning machines: Gotoh

  9. Pickups: One Roland PU-144S single-coil

  10. Scale: 34"

  11. Truss Rod: Single, Adjustable

  12. Neck Width: 1 11/16"

  13. Body Width: 13"

  14. Body Depth: 1 3/4"

  15. Overall Length: 45 1/2"

Introduction to the Roland G-33:

The Roland G-33 Bass Guitar, and its sibling, the G-88 Bass Guitar were produced by Roland from the early to mid 1980s.

The G-33 was packaged with the Roland GR-33B Bass Guitar Synthesizer


The G-33 has an ash body, rosewood fingerboard and a set-in maple neck. And, like its sibling the G-303 guitar, the G-33 has nickel/aluminum alloy nichrome plated hardware. The 1982 Roland guitar synthesizer brochure notes that the G-33 has a Roland PU-144S single-coil pickup, and the 1984 Roland brochure shows the option of a left handed model.

All the Roland guitars and basses from this era were higher end instruments, with great build quality and excellent hardware. The quality of their construction merited the price tag, and the excellent build helped to guarantee that the Roland Bass and Guitar synthesizers, the GR-300 and GR-33B, would deliver as promised, and to this day these synths remain the fastest and most accurate guitar and bass synths ever built.

The G-33, like all the vintage Roland basses and guitars, was built by the Fuji Roland corporation, a joint venture by Roland and Fujigen Gakki. Fujigen Gakki (now known as FGN guitars) also made the Ibanez and Fender guitars of this era, but these are not Ibanez guitars as if often erroneously reported.


The G-33 electronics package has master volume and two bands (high and low) of active equalization. When connected to a Roland guitar synthesizer, the active electronics are powered by the synth. When used alone, two nine-volt batteries supply power when a 1/4" cable is plugged in.

The synth electronics are pretty the same across all Roland guitars and basses. There is a control for filter cutoff, resonance, a three-position mode switch, balance knob, LFO depth, plus touch pads to turn the LFO effect on and off.

The G-33 works great with the GR-33B Bass Guitar Synthesizer, though the tracking can be a little erratic on the open 'E' and 'A' strings. I have never used the G-33 with the Roland G-77B Bass Guitar Synthesizer, but the G-33 works just fine with the Roland GM-70, making it easy to play modern synths with this vintage bass.

Gauge of original Roland G-33/G-88 strings:

1st string (G) - 44
2nd string (D) - 62
3rd string (A) - 85
4th string (E) - 106


Tel: 01926 886433

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