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RADIAL PZ-Pre - MRRP £359.00

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  1. Combination PZ booster and preamp

  2. Two inputs: two instruments or blend/mix

  3. Parametric EQ and notch filter

  4. Four outputs: amp, tuner and two DI outs

  5. Works with any instrument!

The Radial Tonebone PZ-Pre™ is the most powerful acoustic preamplifier ever to be put inside a pedal. And when we say acoustic, we do not just mean acoustic guitar; we mean ANY acoustic instrument including banjo, violin, cello, mandolin, contrabass, bouzouki or lute. The magic of the PZ-Pre lies in the combination of high performance 100% discrete class-A piezo boosters, an ultra-quiet preamp circuitry that will adapt to any pickup system and a host of connectivity options that put you in control of any situation.

The PZ-Pre features two inputs for quick instrument changes on stage, a powerful yet warm sounding semi-parametric EQ to tailor your sound, plus a host of feedback eliminating controls including: a dual-Q notch filter to surgically remove feedback points, a high-pass filter to cut low frequency resonance and a phase reverse switch to optimise the acoustic environment on stage. The PZ-Pre is equipped with three separate outputs: a ¼" on-stage instrument amp out, a balanced XLR pre-EQ direct out for the house mix and a balanced XLR post EQ out for stage monitors or in-ears. A dedicated tuner out with mute switch is provided for quiet on-stage tuning as well as an effects loop and power booster to add sizzle and dynamics to the performance!

Compact and easy to use, the Radial PZ-Pre packs in all of the features you need to take your acoustic instrument from home to studio and club to concert.

PZ-Pre Setup:

The PZ-Pre is more than just a sonically pure acoustic instrument preamp... much more. It's an amazingly versatile on-stage control centre for your acoustic rig! As illustrated here, the green arrows show the two independent instrument input channels and the effects receive jack. The red arrows show the outputs, including the stage amplifier output, dedicated tuner out, pre-EQ balanced out, post-EQ balanced out and FX loop send. The three foot switches let you effortlessly toggle between instruments, bring in boost and/or effects and mute the output for quiet tuning. Set the recessed Peizo buffer switches to suit your instrument's requirements, then adjust separate levels to balance them. Lo-cut, Notch filters, parametric EQ and boost level controls allow the perfect fine-tuning of all parameters of your sound.

Using the mix (blend) function
Sometimes, you may want to have both channels on the PZ-Pre active at one time. This could be for a jam session with two guitars or more likely, it could be for an instrument with two transducers such as one inside the acoustic cavity and the other outside on or near the bridge.

By depressing the recessed MIX switch, the toggle footswitch will be defeated and both channels will be on at the same time. You can then feed the inputs with any form of source and then blend the two signals using the two level controls. The PZ-Pre is not equipped with any form of phantom or power to supply a remote microphone, so this must be powered independently.

Once you have found the balance, try adjusting the EQ and filters as described here to find the tonal balance that works best. When using multiple sources, you are creating a complex tone that may take some practice to get just right. Take your time, experiment and have fun!

Download the PDF PZ-Smart manual - smartsheet-pzpre.pdf

Download the PDF PZ-Pre user manual -manual-pzpre.pdf

Download the Performing musician review - Radial PZ Pre.pdf

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It all starts with great tone!

As with all Radial products, all efforts have been made to ensure the very best and natural transfer of the instrument’s tone is maintained. The PZ-Pre features 100% discreet class-A piezo boost circuitry (PZB) to provide the most musical transfer plus a high efficiency preamp designed reduce distortion and noise while maximising headroom.

There are two inputs on the PZ-Pre. Each of these may be used independently for two instruments or combined using the blend (mix) function. These can be used with instruments equipped with a built-in preamp such as an acoustic-electric guitar or using an external buffer from a piezo type source.

Input select:
The instrument select footswitch lets you chose which instrument is active by selecting the input channel. Adjusting the level controls lets you control the level for each instrument or pickup and balance the tone as needed.

PZB boosters:
Each input is also equipped with a piezo booster (PZB) that allows a low output pickup such as a piezo electric element to be connected without the use of an external preamp. The ultra-high fidelity of the class-A piezo booster coupled with the high 10 meg ohm input impedance assures you get the best signal transfer without distortion or degradation.

The blend allows you to accept two sources and mix the two channels together. This is a welcome addition for instruments that may have two pickups built-in or when combining two sound sources. You can even have two guitarists connected at the same time for a jam!

High-pass filter:
Acoustic instruments are notorious for on-stage feedback and runaway resonance. A three position high-pass filter (which means that it reduces the low frequencies) is extremely effective at getting rid of runaway resonance which often causes harmonics to feedback. This also serves to get rid of low end rumble that can cause a mix to sound muddy.

Notch filter:
The size of the instrument determines its tone and resonance, which in turn can cause feedback. This is addressed by providing a variable notch filter with two different Q's or notch depths that lets you dial in the offending frequency and eliminate run-away feedback.

Semi-parametric EQ:
Once again, since all instruments are different, the PZ-Pre’s tone shaping has been designed to address the various characters with a 3-band EQ and semi-parametric mid range control. This simple yet highly effective EQ is lets you dial in the sweet-spot for the most natural and dynamic tone.

180º Phase reverse:
Technically speaking, this is actually a polarity reverse switch that lets you control the internal polarity of the signal path before it reaches your on-stage amp. It is used to help reduce feedback on stage when the physical location of the performer, the monitors and the stage amp coincide to cause a feedback hot-spot.

Power Booster:
This foot switch lets you activate the power booster for soloing or add-in effects using the inserts send & receive jacks. For instance, you could add a chorus and slight boost for a passage. The power booster assign switch lets you assign the boost footswitch to activate the power booster, the effects loop or both. Adjust the power boost level to suit!

Mute and tuner out:
A mute switch lets you easily silence all of the outputs except the tuner out for quiet tuning on stage. The tuner output is separately buffered so that it does not load the pickup or allow tuner clocking circuit to cause noise.

Instrument out:
This is a buffered output that is designed to drive an on-stage amplifier.

Balanced DI outputs:
The PZ-Pre is equipped with two direct boxes: one is pre-effect, pre-EQ that sends the unprocessed instrument signal to the PA system to allow the house engineer to set the tone for the room. The second is post-effect, post-EQ for on-stage wedge monitors or in-ears. This is used when you want to send ‘your’ sound to the PA system.

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Circuit type:

Proprietary active circuit

Standard input impedance:

16.8k Ohm at input jack ('PZB' switch out)

Piezo input impedance:

10meg Ohm at input jack ('PZB' switch in)

Output impedance:

1k Ohm

PZB Booster level:


Low cut roll-off:

Position 1: 75Hz

Position 2:220Hz

Notch Freq. range:

56Hz to 330Hz

Notch Q:

Setting 1: -8dB

Setting 2: -15dB


LOW - Shelving +/- 12dB @ 75Hz

MID - Parametric +/- 12dB @ 82Hz to 5.6kHz

HIGH - Shelving +/- 12dB @ 7.5kHz

Boost level: 12dB

Effects send & receive: -10dB

FX loop impedance:

Send: 1k Ohm

Receive: 15k Ohm


180° switch (absolute phase reversal)


Input-1: ¼" unbalanced

Input-2: ¼" unbalanced

Insert Send/Receive: ¼" unbalanced

Amp output: ¼" unbalanced, Hi-Z, 1k Ohm

Tuner output: ¼" unbalanced, Hi-Z, 6.8k Ohm

Pre-EQ output: XLR balanced mic level 600 Ohms

Post-EQ output: XLR balanced mic level 600 Ohms


Three: Mute, Boost, Toggle 1-2

Heavy-duty high-cycle switches

LED indicators:

Large 3mm OD ultra-bright LED indicators for:

mute, boost, Ch-1 & Ch-2 toggle status


14 gauge steel, baked enamel finish


8"w x 4 ¼"d x 2"h (205 x 110 x 51mm)


2.7lbs (1.2kg)


Radial 3-year limited warranty


Tel: 01926 886433

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