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  1. Prima Artist specifications

  2. Neck 5 piece Flamed Maple/Wenge/Maple, thin flattened C shape

  3. Fingerboard  Premium maple, 24 frets

  4. Custom fingerboard inlay

  5. Matching headstock veneer and finish

  6. Matching pickup covers

  7. Matching knobs

  8. Custom bridge with 18mm string spacing

  9. Pearl "D " logo on 12th fret and headstock

  10. 3 mm pearl face and side dots

  11. Body - Walnut/Flame maple

  12. Macassar top and back top and back with wenge contrast veneers

  13. Dingwall USA strings - buy HERE

  14. Electronics

  15. PA5 triple coil pickups

  16. Rotary pickups selector

  17. 2 x series/parallel switches, 1 x mid range switch

  18. Active Glockenklang bass/mid/treble with active/passive switching (the treble works as a passive tone in passive mode) and switchable mid range

  19. Magnetic battery compartment cover

  20. Black finish lightweight tuners, extender on the B string

  21. Includes Dingwall Racing Strap in Black plus pro Dingwall gig bag and accessory case.

  22. Weight - TBC

  23. Manufactured in Canada

Pickups on the Prima Artist series

The Prima Artist pickups feature an PF-A5 treble coil with a custom wound bass coil. The coils are noise-symetric/tone-asymetric, which means they maintain near-perfect noise rejection with increased low-end clarity. The pickups are installed into wooden shells cut from the actual top and contrast layer of the body that they will be installed in. They are truly one of a kind pickups made in our shop in Canada.

Their tone can best be described as the best of a vintage J and P, but with the most clear and punchy lows possible. It’s impossible to imagine the power and clarity of the lows of these pickups. They have to be heard to be believed.

The Prima Artist pickups feature 4-lead wiring which enables the internal coils to be wired in either series for strong mids and high output or parallel for scooped mids and normal output. The Prima Artist bass features individual series/parallel switches so that the player can access these tones at the flick of a switch.


Rotary switch
All Dingwall basses (except Combustion) feature a 4-position rotary pickup selector. The pickup combinations are bridge pickup soloed, both in parallel, both in series, neck pickup soloed.


In the past we’ve used Bartolini, Aguilar and now Glockenklang pre-amps.  These are all top-notch, high-quality pre-amps. What we like about the Glockenklang pre-amps is the smooth and subtle tone shaping and the Active/Passive treble control. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the natural tone of our basses so that they don’t need a lot of tone adjustment. The Glockenklang really fits well with this philosophy. The Active treble boosts and cuts as expected in active mode but when the pre-amp is switched to passive mode, the control is switched to a passive cut control. This is essentially like having two basses with two distinct characters. One active and one passive.

More info

The traditional way of combining body woods to control tone is to laminate horizontally. For example laminate a thick maple top on a mahogany core to increase the brightness of the mahogany. This system works well to alter the tone response of all the strings as a group. However, our experience with the Novax Fanned-Fret ® system has opened up a whole new way of thinking about an instrument. What if we could take this concept one step further by focusing on the needs of the bass and treble strings separately? In effect creating a body that naturally balances tone between the bass and treble strings. At the time this had never been done before.

To achieve this naturally equalising body we turned traditional thinking on its side by laminating across the width of the body. This allows us to use a higher density wood such as Walnut for the bass side to accentuate the highs and give power to the lows without affecting the treble strings. We then use a lower density wood (Alder) for the treble side to bring out the resonance and warm up the treble strings without making the bass strings sound muddy. For such a simple idea the results are pretty dramatic – warm, punchy treble strings with solid snappy bass strings.


We take neck construction very seriously due to our extensive experience in guitar repairs coupled with our geographic location and corresponding extreme climate.  In my years in the guitar repair business I constantly had to deal with humidity related problems made worse by the huge temperature and humidity swings of our local climate. Many of these problems could have been minimised through simple design changes and materials choices.

Touring musicians are constantly amazed at how stable Dingwall instruments are.  Many state that their Dingwall necks are as stable as their graphite necked instruments. We’ve experimented with many different laminations and have found a 5-piece maple construction to be among the best. Years of experience have proven this design to be extremely stable and reliable while minimising dead spots.


Prima Artist Custom-made, perfectly matched knobs
Prima Artist control knobs are made from cutoffs from the actual body blank and so are unique to the instrument.  They feature a brass insert with a set-screw and are finished for a perfect match to the top. We include one extra knob with each Prima Artist as a spare.


At Dingwall, we take our hardware pretty seriously. Nowhere is this more evident than our bridges. The Prima Artist and Z-series basses feature Dingwall designed individual saddles with a countersunk sub plate system.

The saddles feature a unique pin system that anchors the string by utilizing the hole in the ball. This eliminates any stress points on the string where it wraps around the ball.

Designed to be “set & forget” simple. Once the string height and intonation are set, the saddle is locked down to the sub plate for perfect coupling. This also guarantees that the saddle never goes out of adjustment accidentally.

Aircraft aluminum is used for the saddles and sub plate as it is lightweight and has a wonderful ring (Aluminum is the material of choice for vibraphone bars).
The riser screws are made from 18-8 stainless steel. These screws will virtually last forever.


Tel: 01926 886433

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Dingwall Prima Artist 5 string - SOLD

The Prima Artist is designed without compromise. Created with the desire to build the best bass guitar in the world, it takes bass building art and engineering to a whole new level. The Prima Artist exudes quality craftsmanship, tone and aesthetic appeal for the ultimate ownership experience. This bass is the ultimate expression of the Dingwall philosophy and offers exquisite build quality with class leading playability and tone. Here is a very rare chance to pick up one these fine instruments - the current waiting list for a Prima Artist is 18 months.