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Submitted on the 28th December 2019 by Juha in Finland who purchased Elrick Evo Gold 5 bass

The Elrick arrived safe and sound on Monday 23rd. It really is an amazing bass, and with my MarkBass amp I am able to get the exact sound I have been looking for. The neck is super fast and smooth and the wenge fretboard plays really well and looks truly good. It really is a light weight bass with a huge sound and superb sound shaping possibilities.

I am very satisfied with both the bass and your service! So, a huge thank you!

Juha Kuvajainen

Mäntsälä, Finland

Submitted on the 27th November 2019 by Steve in the UK who purchased a pre-owned Maruszczyk custom bass

Hi Mark

   I gigged my Jake 5 news years eve.. Must say its a great bass.. Great sound and a build quality second to none.. Thanks also for the great trade in deal you gave me on the ibanez and orange cabs.. 

  Kind regards 


Submitted on the 30th November 2019 by Paul in the UK who purchased a Genzler Magellan 800 amplifier

Hi Mark & the rest. Thanks for looking after me yesterday, the uninterrupted go on the Ida Nielsen funk machine was a total indulgence and I really appreciate it.

I've only just plugged the Magellan 800 up but that's the main reason for this email - it's absolutely exactly what I have been chasing. Your advice, Mark, is on the money. I wanted crisp clean detail, thickness and power - and this thing easily knocks all the others I've tried in that range and I even went to the length of taking my Vanderkley cab with me to the other retailer for accuracy. Wouldn't have given Genzler a shot if it hadn't been for that phonecall, so that's a hearty thanks, Mark et al.

Now... about that Sandberg and 2nd 112MNT .... (to be continued....)


Submitted on the 28th November 2019 by Colin in the UK who purchased a pre-owned Fender bass

Hi mark hope your are well.

Bass was delivered in good time, well packaged and in perfect working order.

Lovely bass and a great buy.

Again...Thanks for your brilliant service.

Hope you all have a lovely  Christmas 🎄

Kind regards


Submitted on the 26th November 2019 by Steve in the UK who purchased a Maruszczyk Frog Headless custom bass

Hi Mark et al


Good to meet you at your amazing shop – it’s so chock full of beautiful treasures!


Thanks again with all the help getting the bass, gigged it twice so far and it’s brilliant! I’m so impressed by the playability and range of control – perfect for me!


Getting some excellent comments from people as to the sound and tone etc – and the bass’s striking looks are also going down very well.   




Submitted on the 25th November 2019 by Thomas in Norway who purchased a Maruszczyk Elwood L5a bass

Hi! Thank you so much for a great day at your shop; the service you provided was just fantastic:) The Maru bass is a beast; reckon the tone is better than on my Sadowsky. 

Kind regards Thomas Halvorsen

Submitted on the 11th November 2019 by Mark Grahame in the UK who purchased an MTD Super 5 USA bass

I bought a USA MTD Super 5 from Bassdirect, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I had travelled down to try everything I could get my hands on. I tried 10-20 basses before the MTDs and, to me, they stood head and shoulders above everything else I had tried. All the USA MTDs were gorgeous in feel and sound, but the Super in particular grabbed me. The biggest standout of the MTD sound for me is the incredible finger style AND slap tones, without tweaking anything - quite remarkable.

The team at Bassdirect took excellent care of me, and set me up with my own gear in a comfortable and unrushed environment to work out what I wanted. When it came time to close the deal, they did a great job making it easy to say yes and take the bass home with me.

Thanks again Mark, hope all is well your end.


Submitted on the 9th November 2019 by Wil in the UK who left some items on commission sale with Bass Direct

Hi Mark,

Thank you for selling the PJB Piranha cabs - much appreciated.

Very quick and efficient service.

Wishing you and the team all the best for the festive season.


Wil van der Sterren

Submitted on the 25th September 2019 by Grahame in the UK who purchased a set of Thomastik TI flatwound strings and Fender Precision bass

Hi Mark & Ashley,

Got the Precision home & put my favourite TI flatwounds on it. Really pleased with it.. it’s in excellent condition for a bass of its age, it was really clean & plays beautifully .. I normally have to remove all sorts of grime from the fretboard but this one was spotless... exactly as you described on the site. Thanks for your assistance with this, great service as always.

Kind Rgds 

Grahame Clayton 

Submitted on the 21st October 2019 by Bob in the UK who purchased a pre-owned Roscoe bass

Dear Mark,

Came to your shop to check out a SEIbass and as a second choice the Roscoe , first gig last night , no praise is high enough , what an instrument ! Thanks for the help in shop , oh and btw Aguilar customer service sent me a new pickup cover from the US in a week (£20 including postage) - I certainly won't be shopping anywhere else now !


Submitted on the 17th October 2019 by Tina in the UK who purchased a Spector Euro Bantam bass

Love this bass ❤️

Amazing short scale bass - comfortable to play smooth easy neck.

Definitely a keeper 😊

Submitted on the 15th October 2019 by Glynn in the UK who purchased a Bergantino HDN112 cabinet

Hi Mark,

First report back on the HDN112 back home is excellent.  I set it up alone without the HD112 to compare and it sounded just the same but 7 and a half kilos lighter!!.  Yet to gig it but looking forward to it.  Testimonial release if you want:-


“Tried a Bergantino HDN112 (neo) today at the shop with my GenzBenz Streamliner 900.  Took my excellent HD112 (ceramic) to compare.  Mark tweaked the amp to quarter cut the mids at 2.5 and the difference between the two cabinets was so slight except the neo was not 20kg! As such, I bought it but still kept the ceramic!!! Both such lovely cabinets so I can cover any weight issue now.  Thanks, as ever, to Mark and the team.”

Submitted on the 9th October 2019 by Roger in the UK who purchased a  pre-owned Tecamp Puma 500 amplifier

Hi Mark

Many thanks for sending out the Puma. As you said, it’s in great condition. I gigged it last night and it worked faultlessly.

Many thanks


Submitted on the 8th October 2019 by Damian in Northern Ireland who purchased a set of Nordstrand pickups and Nordstrand pre-amp

Order arrived on Monday morning, and both are being fitted today (hopefully). I'm really happy with the service and the speed at which my order was dispatched. Now to have a look on the site to see if anything else catches my eye. Thank you very much. 


Submitted on the 8th October 2019 by Ulriich in Germany who purchased a Gruv Gear Extension Strap

Hello Mark,

good evening dear colleague,


the GruvGear tension strap has come by post this morning - all intact! Thank you very much for bassdirect's great service.


Bye for now!



Submitted on the 3rd October 2019 by Grahame in the Austria who purchased a  pre-owned Genz Benz Streamliner 900 and Bergantino cabinets


Cabs arrived ! I am really impressed paired with a Streamliner 900 . Thx to Mark and the Team for the deal , I have attached a couple of pics



Submitted on the 1st October 2019 by Edwin in the Netherlands who purchased a used Alembic Rogue bass

Hi Ashley/Mark/Will,

Alembic bass arrived today, looks & sounds wonderful!! 

Thanks again and as I say always -> until the next time!

Kind regards,

Edwin Stadegaard

Submitted on the 25th September 2019 by Alan in the UK who purchased a set of Labella Low Tension Flats strings

Just strung my 2012 5 string US Jazz... WHooaooaoao You get the Flats sound but my oh my the flexibility/tension and overall feel is totally beyond what I'd hoped... been using

other brands of flats which sound great but it's the gauge/playability of these that's just the biz.

TOTALLY the dogs... IMHO

Submitted on the 19th September 2019 by Heike in Germany who purchased a  pre-owned Maruszczy bass

Hi Mark,


the Elwood L 4a BlueBurst (delano Xtender PU) arrived on 17/09/19. I love to play this bass.

Dpd did a good job.

Lots thanks.


Kind regards,


Sommer @ Berlin

Submitted on the 19th September 2019 by Heike in the Germany who purchased a  pre-owned Genz Benz Neox 212T cabinet

Hi Mark - just wanted to say that the cab arrived safe and sound on friday. I took it out for a gig on Saturday, and it sounded GLORIOUS. The best cab I’ve used, that’s for sure. Thanks for the deal, and good day to you. :) 

Best regards, Rasmus. 

Submitted on the 4th September 2019 by Den in the UK who purchased an EBS Reidmar 115 combo

I was after a quite powerful and compact combo that l could use at rehearsals and in small gig environments. I've had a few combos in the past and they've always been too quiet for what l needed. 

I use a Bergantino B/AMP plus two of their excellent cabinets so I'm used to very high-quality gear with the most amazing of sounds.

I decided after much deliberation that I'd buy an EBS Magni 500 combo with a 15 inch driver plus tweeter, rated at 250 watts RMS. When using it, l found that it is so powerful and versatile in it's EQ, far better than l ever would have imagined. I know that EBS has a very good reputation with many top bassists using it.

I'm really over the moon with the EBS purchase and l know that it'll alleviate me taking my full Bergantino system out to the smaller environments. It replaced what l was using, a Genz Benz 350 watt head with a Genz Benz 2x12 neo cab. The EBS is far superior across the board and so much smaller.

I have to say that the EBS, in my opinion, can compete admirably with similar Markbas, TC Electronics and in fact any other combos and even top these makes.....

I'm so pleased that l made the hike from the Southcoast to Bass Direct in order to make the purchase!

Cheers, Mark.

Den Finch.

Submitted on the 1st September 2019 by Bruno in Germany who purchased a  pre-owned Warwick  bass

Hello Mark

I received the bass.

Everything is ok.

The bass feels good, is very easy to play, has a good setup and a really great sound!

I really like it.

Many thanks for your service and the prompt delivery.

Kind regards

Bruno Niederhauser

Submitted on the 1st September 2019 by Sjoerd in the Netherlands who purchased a  Dingwall NG3 5 bass

Dear Mark,

I'm very happy with my purchase!!! The Dingwall rocks! Thanks again for the service provided!

All the best,


Submitted on the 1st September 2019 by Bruno in Lithuania who purchased a  MTD KZ AG6  bass

Hi, i’m sorry, I forget to say big Thanks for MTD Ag6 bass, bass really new, everything is ok, bass arrived safely, so, thanks. Best regards, Tomas.

Submitted on the 1st September 2019 by Bruno in Germany who purchased a  Mayones Jabba  bass

Hi Mark, just a quick note to say thank you for the Mayones Jabba a few weeks ago. I took a bit of a punt to be honest, I’d come down to look at a Musicman or a Warwick but you know what it’s like when you walk past a bass and it says pick me.. Definitely superior to the Fender equivalent I had a few years ago, I’m sure that’s due to the Aguilars and the preamp, the neck is very forgiving as well . Think this ones’s a keeper. As I always say, I drive down from Yorkshire because I wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

Kind Regards


Submitted on the 21st August 2019 by Gregor in Germany who purchased a  pre-owned Bargantino CN210 cabinet

Hello Mark,

I got the cabinet. It looks and sounds great.

Thanks for the deal and the quick delivery.

All the best

Gregor Lukasik

Submitted on the 20th August 2019 by Miguel in the UK who purchased a PJB HA2 preamp/headphone amp

Hi Mark,


I ordered the PJB HA-2 BigHead Pro at the beginning of last month, and have now had some time to work with it so I can give a proper review.

It's a super-useful little tool for practising, the aux input and headphone out are both mini-jacks which is thoughtful, and it gives you a really clear, crisp and uncoloured sound of the bass, the 2-band EQ is handy to fine-tune the bass sound - my bass' onboard preamp is versatile enough but I can see it being very useful indeed for passive instruments. I use it for practising all the time now and it's really handy for learning songs! It's also small and light enough to use as a headphone amp to give more headroom and depth to your music in general. Battery life is fantastic - I've only charged it once so far and only now is it starting to run low!

Really great build quality out of solid aluminium, PJB claim all their products are high-end and this seems consistent with that statement (the PJB H850 headphones I use are very comfortable and sonically excellent as well, if a bit on the delicate side - get yourself a half-decent case to protect them and you're fine). Ample headroom too (you really have to push it to get it to clip). The line-out for connecting to other outputs, or for recording will for sure come in handy at some point.

It's small, light, easy to use and fits pretty much anywhere. I have yet to connect it up to the computer to see just how great it is as a DA interface, but according to the manufacturer the resolution is studio-grade and based on what I've heard from it so far, I believe them.

Overall a really great little bit of kit! Thanks for the great fast service as always.

Best wishes


Submitted on the 19th July 2019 by Edward in the UK who purchased a  pre-owned Gibson bass

First class service from start to response to phone call and email.bass arrived on time, very well packaged. Guitar is exactly what I wanted. Learning to play bass aged 66,who says your to old to try something new! Thanks from Wallsend Tyne&Wear.

Submitted on the 12th July 2019 by Julio in Gibraltar who ordered an Xotic XJ5 bass and a Mike Lull PJ5 bass

Hi Mark,

Basses and amplifier arrived OK. No significant wear and tear on the packaging due to the apparent excessive back and forth transport by the courier.

Just a few notes on the equipment:

The Mike Lull bass - What a beast of a bass! Tried it with my Vanderkley rig and the Genzler and I was blown away with, not only by the vintage flavour, but I was surprised at its very competent tonal palette to cover quite a broad range of styles and genres. Unbelievable that it's passive only!!!! Mind you, when paired with the Lehle Classic Boost it's mind-blowing! Perfect for my Floyd cover band!

The Xotic... Now THAT is a tonal monster! Paired with my Mike Lull PJ and my bass rigs (all my current gear bought from your store!) there is hardly any scenario I won't be able to cover. My other basses are taking a sabbatical  until I exhaust the current honeymoon period with these two latest additions.

Once again, awesome doing business with you and hope to keep doing so in the near future.

Kindest Regards,


Submitted on the 11th July 2019 by Maarten in the Netherlands who ordered an Xotic XJ-Pro bass

Very pleased with my purchase and with Bass Direct. It was very easy to communicate with Mark, every email was answered promptly and my order was shipped out on the requested date. The order was well packaged and I received it undamaged.

Was not entirely sure what to expect when I ordered the bass as sometimes the information supplied by the store and the positive sounds on YouTube do not always reflect the actual product. But with regards to the Xotic Pro Vintage bass that I ordered everything on the website and on YouTube is true, the bass is very well build and to be honest it exceeds my expectations which is always good. It is my first five string so it takes some getting used to but it plays and sounds fantastic, the bass offers lots of tonal variations and the B string is tight. There is always things that can be improved but to be honest at this price point this bass is an absolute steal and I can recommend it to everyone.

Submitted on the 26th June 2019 by Tom in the UK who ordered a pre-owned DIngwall Combustion 4 bass

Hello All,

The bass has arrived and it’s outstanding, cheers for the speedy service.



Submitted on the 29th May 2019 by John in the UK who sold a bass through Bass Direct


I meant to say a very big thank you for sorting out the sale of the bass for me. It has been genuinely a pleasure. The communication and quality of service have been excellent. 

Kind Regards

John Lester

Submitted on the 27th May 2019 by Lionel in the UK who bought at new Musicman Stingray Special bass

Folks, I just wanted to say how delighted I am with my new Stingray Special.

Beautiful finish, fast neck, amazing punch with looks to die for.

It sounds amazing with the Aquilar AG700 that I've also recently purchased from yourselves.

It's an absolute pleasure to visit yourselves and take in your Alladins cave of bass goodies, and your service could not be better!

Thanks again and see you again soon.

Best regards,


Submitted on the 15th May 2019 by Colin in the UK who ordered a Nordy Mute

Hi Mark

After some helpful sizing issues from Mark at BD I received my Nordy mute the next day.

After years of using socks,sponges and whatever else I could find, finally I have a mute worthy of the name.

It does not put the string out of tune at all as it squeezes the string instead of lifting it as most mutes including MM bridge mutes.

You can adjust the amount of mute by lifting it.

10/10 for this tool

Looks good too.

All the best

Happy muting.


Submitted on the 10th May 2019 by Martin in the UK who ordered a Delano Sonar 3 band preamp

Hi guys

Many thanks for your advice on picking the best preamp to go in my Yamaha BB1100s refurb project.

Great to get some insight into what would best suit the bass and my playing style. It Was great to hear your thoughts to make sure it would be right for the bass and my playing requirements.

After an easy install the bass now sounds fantastic - whisper quiet and with really useable palette of tones.

One happy Bassist - nice work!

Submitted on the 25th March 2019 by Lutz in Germany who ordered a Hofner 500/1 Limited edition

Hello Bass Direct-team,


today the Höfner bass was delivered (very fast !!!) and everything is perfect. Wonderful instrument - I couldn't be happier with it.


So thank you very much!


With kind regards

Lutz Brauchler


Submitted on the 24th April 2019 by Mark in the UK who ordered a Bartolini preamp


Received my pre-amp today! Thanks for your service and amazing customer support! Defo be buying from you again. All the best.

Kinds regards


Submitted on the 6th April 2019 by Les in the UK who ordered a One Spot mA meter

Hi folks,

My 1 Spot mA Meter DC cable arrived yesterday.

Thank you all very much for your perseverance (and patience)!

 By the way: the  Creation Audio Labs Holy Fire 9 Overdrive/Distortion/Clean Boost pedal is a stunning piece of tech!

I've only used it at neighbour-friendly levels so far, but when I stop playing I don't hear even a whisper of noise from it.

Based on the quality of the Holy Fire, I think I'll be back for some version of CAL's Redeemer buffer soon.

Thanks again to everyone for their help!

Warm regards,

Les Hewitt

Submitted on the 5th April 2019 by Eoin in the UK who ordered a Hipshot Gibson 3 point bridge

Just writing to confirm that the items were received today. 

From Warwick to Orkney in one day! Very impressive. 

Many thanks for your help. 

Now for the installation!

Have a great weekend, 


Submitted on the 31st March 2019 by David in the UK who ordered a Chowny SWB 1 Fretless bass

I ordered a Chowny SWB-1 fretless bass on line on Sunday night, the order was acknowledged on Monday morning and by Tuesday afternoon my bass had arrived! Well packed and perfectly set up too.

I'm really enjoying my new fretless experience. Well done, BassDirect, first class service!

Submitted on the 29th March 2019 by Alex in Germany who ordered a MTD Kingston Super 5 bass

Dear Mark,

The MTD Super 5 arrived on Tuesday.

Shipping by UPS was ok besides that the outer packaging showed some cuts and holes.

Fortunately the inside package was not affected and the Bass is in top condition.

Regarding the instrument I am totally impressed and my expectations were topped.

This is such a great Instrument!

Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to get MTD Basses via Bassdirect!

And thank you for the fast shipping.

Kind regards,

Alex Schaefer

Submitted on the 29th March 2019 by Simon in the UK who ordered a Trickfish Bullhead 1K amplifier

Hi Mark,

Has a few chances to run the Trickfish in anger since you recommended the 1k version for its headroom.

Its immense mate, totally superb. Fits into my 7 piece with so much less effort than the old head, which needed a tonne of eq and clever compression to give the impression of really getting under the band and driving from the bottom. In contrast I've been running just the Trickfish with a tiny boost at 80Hz to fatten up, well everything, a smidge. Amazing tone!

So, thanks for getting it in, letting me sit and ponder for so long and so loudly, and for the insight as to why it really was the right way to go with my cab. As ever, brilliant service from a great emporium of bassy goodness.

I have a feeling I will be evangelising about this one for a good long while!

Thanks again,


Submitted on the 21st March 2019 by Lutz in the Germany who ordered a Hofner 62 Bass

Dear Mark,


today UPS delivered the Höfner 500/2 DC to me - incredible fast.


What a beauitiful instrument... I am really impressed by the bass (the hard case is also fine) and the setup is perfect.


So everything is fine and I am really happy with this wonderful instrument - thank you very, very much!


with kind regards



Submitted on the 21st March 2019 by James in the UK who ordered a  Origin Effect Cali 76 Bass compressor

Firstly I’d like to thank Mark for his excellent service and advice, just what you need!

Secondly what a brilliant and musical product the Cali 76 is. It adds no noise to the signal chain but does exactly what I needed. All the notes are evened out, but not to much, and with the dry blend it still allows expression. Brilliant!

Playing with the controls though shows how versatile it is and can make your Bass, even with Tomastik Jazz flats, sound very dirty.

Thanks again.

Submitted on the 21st March 2019 by Ben in the UK who ordered a  custom Maruszczyk bass


Just a quick word to thank everyone at Maruszczyk and Bass Direct for such helpful and prompt replies to my questions. Even out of business hours. That reminds me of me, and why I retired !

Looking forward to receiving my Jake 4P/J in due course.

best regards


Submitted on the 8th March 2019 by Max in the UK who purchased an  Atelier Z Jerry Barnes bass

Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting the bass up to me so quickly...!

I absolutely love this bass...! I've been after the right 70's-style Jazz for ages now and I've been through quite a lot of hi-end basses... but this Jerry Barnes model absolutely nails that 70's vibe!

Looks-wise, it's 70's through and through, and tone-wise, it sounds exactly as a 70's J should when in passive mode, but then switch into active and you have the modern/70's/J-on-steroids thing on tap. It easily does the 'Miller' thing if that's what you want but it's capable of so much more. Initially I was a bit worried about the lack of a passive tone control, but it's not a problem here as the treble cut is actually very useful - it's implemented in a really nice way in that I don't feel that I'm missing a passive tone control. I'm really impressed with the rest of the preamp as well... whilst it's not as powerful as an East pre, I still think it's very versatile - the EQ points have been chosen well and it has a lovely character to it. The 70's pickups are also great, I don't think I'll be changing these out!

Build-wise, it's second-to-none, absolutely impeccable... I can't see how it can get any better. As I say, I've been through a lot of £2k+ basses and this Atelier is the best I've seen, everything about it is done amazingly well - the fretwork is perfection, the neck pocket and fitting of the scratchplate is extremely precise and the gloss finish is amazing... I'm very picky and I can't find a fault on it!

I've yet to gig with the bass but I've already done a fair bit of recording... I find that if it records well, then it'll be great live. This is the kind of bass that you can DI and you're good to go, it has an almost 'produced' kind of sound which engineers are going to really appreciate, I'm really impressed with it. Highly recommended!



Submitted on the 7th March 2019 by Mat in the UK who purchased a  Sandberg Ida Nielsen 5 bass

Hey Mark

Just to say the Ida arrived safe and sound and I am blown away by it, it plays and sounds so much better than my American Deluxe Jazz, I’m surprised how much to be honest! I’ve had a few pre-owned Sandbergs in the shop and none were close to as good as this but I guess they were cheaper models. 

I’m on the fence with the “soft aging” - I’d probably prefer either more or less, it just looks a bit “5 years old” to me. But I can live with it and at least won’t be upset when it gets the inevitable real dings and scratches haha!

Thanks for the strap and for the good service, much appreciated. I quite fancy one of the heavy reliced Sandbergs now so may well be back when funds allow! :)



Submitted on the 22nd February 2019 by Pierre in France who purchased a  pre-owned Fender bass

Hello Mark,

just a message to tell you I've received the package and to thank you.

 - the packaging was perfect, the bass was really well protected !

 - the bass is exactly as you tell on the site : in perfect conditions (was it a exhibition item ? Because the plastic was still on the pickguard)

 - the bass sounds wonderful for an instrument of this range. I'm very happy

Thank you again,

Best regards,


Submitted on the 30th January 2019 by Ron in the UK who purchased a set of GHS strings

Dear Mark

I received the new set of strings (GHS pressurewound 5 string bass) yesterday. This time was all OK! 

I want to thank you for your support and excellent customer service.

Best regards

Submitted on the 30th January 2019 by Ron in the UK who purchased a  pre-owned Cort bass

Hi team

My bass arrived safely yesterday, well packaged and exceeded all expectations.

It will take a while to experiment with all the tones available and will keep me busy for some time. Wait until my guys see and hear this!!!

Thank you all for a lovely instrument AND exactly the gig bag I would have chosen.

Marvellous value for money.

Kind regards


Submitted on the 5th January 2019 by Adam in the UK who purchased a  pre-owned Esh bass

Hi Marcus, the esh arrived safe and sound and was a very pleasant surprise to find it with a mono bag. I am over the moon with it and it looks new! Its so responsive and the variety of tone is exceptional. Thanks for a great deal and great service. All the best. Adam

Submitted on the 21st December 2018 by Henrique in Portugal who purchased a  musicman Ray 34 bass

Recently decided to purchase a Stingray bass and looked up the reviews on Ray34's and it was exactly what I was looking for. Fortunately BassDirect had a couple of them on sale and I decided to give myself a Christmas gift.

First experience with BassDirect and I can say I'm completely satisfied! Top notch customer service, very quick responses to all my inquiries and a pleasure to deal with.

Wanna thank you guys for the service and looking forward to deal with you again.

I'll definitely be using the Ray with my band which can be found at:


Submitted on the 17th December 2018 by August in Iceland who purchased a  custom Spector Euro bass

Bass arrived today, sounds, looks and plays great. I once had a Euro 5 with EMG DC40s and these Aguilar DCB pickups are much better imo, much better midrange. I also have a USA NS-4 with the DC pickups and although they nail the old school Pantera sound the Aguilars are just much more versatile + with the Darkglass tone capsule I can cut the low mids and have that 90’s sound. But I am really pleased with our business and correspondence and would like to wish you all Happy holidays and new year.

August Thor

Hi Marcus

I just wanted to thank you again for your extremely valuable help and advice. It's so good of you to have given your valuable time and focus. I am sincerely grateful for your sympathetic, high quality and professional advice/support/customer service.

Thank you

Tim McGrath

Submitted on the 11th December 2018 by Neil in the UK who purchased a  set of Lindy Fralin Jazz Pickups

Hi again Marcus, just thought I would let you know about the new pick ups in my Custom Jazz bass. I have never played Lindy Fralin pick ups before and I have to say I am totally blown away by them. Really powerful and punchy and clear definition across all the strings, all the way up the fretboard. 

Very happy indeed.

Best wishes,


Submitted on the 10th December 2018 by Hanns in Germany who purchased a  new DIngwall ABZ 6 bass

Hi Mark, hi Marcus,


the Dingwall ABZ is really great and in perfect condition.


I enjoy it and it changes my playing totally.


Thanks a lot for your excellent support.


Kind regards - Hanns Wißdorf

Submitted on the 6th December 2018 by Arnaud in France who purchased a  pre-owned Mike Lull bass

Hi Mark,

The Lull bass came in today without any issue.

That thing is incredible, wow! Just played without amp, amazing!

Many thanks, BD is Always at the top !!

Kind regards

Arnaud Le guellec

Submitted on the 5th December 2018 by mark who purchased a set GHS strings


Got the Pressurewounds this morning. Great strings, great service. Thanks very much.

Mark J Smith

Submitted on the 30th November 2018 by Des who purchased a MTD Super 5 bass

Hello there,

Just a quick email to say I that I'm absolutely sold in and grateful for your excellence and prompt communication and service.

Right from the time I asked to make some decisions on the Super 5, you were very helpful all the way. 

Thanks ever so much for your patience.

And of course the delivery came in the next day right from when you informed me that you has received it.


Submitted on the 24th November 2018 by David in the UK who purchased a Spector LX4 Doug Wimbish bass

I’m really delighted with the Spector 4LX DW (Doug Wimbush). It’s an absolute beauty of a bass, from the amazing deeply lacquered amber coloured maple finish, through to the classy gold hardware and outstanding build quality. The bass is slightly heavier than I’m used to, but nothing too noticeable, and you soon forget any weight when you start playing because it’s well balanced. 

The P/J pups are hot, so a small adjustment to the internal trimpot may be needed (it definitely needed this when I plugged it into my Bergantino B Amp) but there’s plenty of adjustment either way so everyone will find a setting that works well with their stack. And what a great tone once you’re set up - really deep lows and slightly sizzling treble. 

The controls are pretty straight-forward, with independent volume knobs for neck and bridge pickup, and separate bass and treble boost - that’s it, and simple controls are no bad thing in my book! Control knobs have a centre notch for quick adjustment when gigging and feel smooth and stable. The neck is really comfortable and playable and with a narrow nut that works well - 1.5 inch rather than the usual 1.65 inch for the standard 4LX  - thanks Mr Wimbush for this great little touch. The string action is really low but without any fret buzz, I’m not sure how Spector manage that but it results in a great feeling neck to play.

I’ve owned a wide range of basses in the past, including Warwick, Vigier, Ibanez, and others, but this is definitely my favourite … for now. 

Oh, and the guys at Bass Direct were great to deal with - they found me my bass with no fuss and quick communications. I’ve bought basses, cabs and amps from Bass Direct and they’re thoroughly recommended.

Submitted on the 21st November 2018 by Dan in the UK who purchased a set of Nordstrand P/J pickups

Hi Marcus,

Thanks so much for getting the Nordstrand pickups out to me so quickly, awesome service!

I installed them yesterday, and they sound really great, loads more clarity and detail, and it sounds like I’ll have to do loads less work to get the bass to work in mixes, they’ve transformed by bass. 

Thanks again


Submitted on the 14th November 2018 by Dave in the UK who purchased pre-owned G&L L2000 bass

Hi Mark,

The bass arrived yesterday in perfect condition, can't believe it's 2nd hand, not a mark on it and perfectly setup, would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends, no doubt I will be back in the future



Submitted on the 14th November 2018 by Dave in Australia who purchased Chowny SWB bass

Hi Marcus

Dave here from Australia, I received the Chowny SWB 1  Active on Tuesday have used it at a gig tonight, absolutely love it.

I play a Warwick corvette $$ and bought the Chowny for a backup, like it so much I am going to sell the Warwick and get a Chowny  SWB 1 Pro so will be in touch when I get rid of the Warwick, will be using the Chowny from now on

Thanks again for your help

Regards, Dave

Submitted on the 16th October 2018 by Quent in the UK who purchased used Ibanez Bass

Hi Mark,

Just to say how delighted I am with the Ibanez SR2605 bass which arrived about 11am today. It’s well worth the 9.5/10 you gave it (I can’t see any problem in the slightest), it is better than buying new in my opinion.

Neck relief minimal as I like it and just had to lower the strings a tad. It plays so easily and both passive and active sounds are rich and versatile. I’ve got a few but this is my first Ibanez and first Nordstrand pickups so it’s an awesome addition. What a chuffin bass!

Thanks again for the very prompt dispatch.



Submitted on the 14th October 2018 by Dave in the UK who purchased used Hofner Bass

Thanks very much for yesterday, I’m delighted with the Hofner bass. Great instrument, great sound and tone for a great price.

It was a very friendly service with no pressure to buy and nothing was too much trouble. I’ll definitely be popping back

Cheers Guys

Submitted on the 30th September 2018 by Adrian in the UK who purchased Mayones bass

Hi Mark, Thank you for your invaluable help in the selling of my basses. I can now concentrate on playing my wonderful yellow Jabba 5 Classic fretless. 

     Thank you, 


Submitted on the 29th September 2018 by Karl in the UK who purchased used Fender Bass

I visited you today and bought/px'd a bass. Would like to thank you for a pleasant experience. In these days of fast track sales it was refreshing to be able to try out some basses and make an informed choice without feeling hurried and with personal service.

Many thanks, am very pleased with the bass. Look forward to seeing you again

Best wishes, Karl Wagner

Submitted on the 22nd September 2018 by Tom in the UK who purchased used Tobias Bass

Hi guys

Just to let you know the Tobias arrived safely this morning...and I love it!

Many thanks


Submitted on the 20th September 2018 by Ed in Ireland who purchased Hofner ’61 bass

Hi Marcus 

The guitar arrived safely yesterday. l'm delighted with it great value thanks Ed

Submitted on the 19th September 2018 by Danny in the UK who purchased Hofner CVT bass

Hey Marcus. Bass just arrived- it's fantastic! very nicely set up as well.

A very nice surprise. I thought it would have taken longer to get here.

I'm very impressed with both the bass and the high quality service you've provided with all this.

You're a star!

Cheers mate


Submitted on the 4th September 2018 by Innes in the UK who purchased Spector Legend 5

Hi Mark,

I bought a Spector Legend 5 from you last week and just wanted to let you know what a great instrument it is. I bought it as a gateway to playing bass again after a break of a few years with a view to trading up to something a bit nicer in a few months if I chose to stick with it. Turns out the bass is so nice that I may well keep it regardless of what happens! Thanks also for accommodating my request regarding shipping - made my life a whole lot easier fitting it in around work etc.

Kind regards,


Submitted on the 4th September 2018 by Innes in the UK who purchased Pre owned Musicman Stingray bass


I received my musicman sledge yesterday!

Perfect condition & looks amazing..

Very happy, thanks 

I’ll be back!!


Submitted on the 8th August 2018 by Andy in the UK who purchased an NS Deign Electric Upright bass


My bass arrived as promised today, what an amazing piece of craftsmanship. The condition in almost mint and I can’t wait to get home later and start a new journey in my bass playing experience.

The status groove has been collected and is on its way back to you, great bass but with this and my Fender Tony Franklin it really wouldn’t get played.

Thanks for your assistance with this sale, it’s been a pleasure. 

Kind Regards


Submitted on the 23rd July 2018 by Adrian in the UK who purchased Spector Euro 4LX UK LTD edition bass

Hi Mark, 

Just wanted to say thank-you. The Spector Euro LE UK you had a hand in designing is a stunning, beautiful instrument. It is simply leagues ahead of anything I have ever played or owned before - at last I have found the tone I have been searching for - and it is also a joy to play.

Thanks again, 


Submitted on the 23rd July 2018 by Adrian in the UK who purchased Pre owned Dingwall ABZ4 bass

Hi Mark and Marcus,

Just wanted to write and say a huge thank you for the welcome today, thank you for the opportunity to try out a whole bunch of basses, and it was great to finally meet you both. Although the drive up (and back) was a bit of a killer it was worth the journey! The Dingwall ABZ4 is amazing - crystal clear and the output blows away my remaining active bass.

Thanks once again :)

Best regards


Submitted on the 9th July 2018 by Dave in the UK who purchased Pre owned Alembic bass

Hi guys,

I took the Alembic I bought from you last week to a weekend festival with the Grateful Dudes. We played 2-3 hours on Friday and Saturday evenings, and I never even opened the case on my back-up bass! The Epic was much admired by the rest of the band, initially simply because it looks great, and the fact that it’s the real deal, a genuine Alembic, but after the first set, it was admired because it sounded so good. The sound man said it was the clearest sounding bass he’d heard, and even members of the audience commented on the quality of the bass sound.

I have only one complaint about the bass - since I bought it, I have lost all motivation to play any of my other basses!

Thank you for selling me my dream bass at a price I could afford. Any further dreams are likely to be much more expensive!



Submitted on the 29th June 2018 by Luffy who purchased a MTD 535 24 bass

Hello Mark,

I just received the MTD 535 bass today. I really glad that I can purchase bass with you again, this one is just so good!! also great packing and documents, thank you so much!!!

Have a nice weekend!



Submitted on the 12th June 2018 by Jerry in the Austria who purchased Pre owned Godin Basss

Hi Marcus,

just want to thank you for the great and fast service. The Godin A5 Ultra Fl arrived. The bass is in the good condition as you wrote on your website.

Thx to you and your company.

Best wishes from Vienna/Austria,


Submitted on the 10th May 2018 by Jerry in the USA who purchased Sandberg TM2 HCA bass

5 star review here. I cannot express the level of professionalism I experienced every step of the way in such a short review going through BassDirectUK to purchase my Sandberg TM2 Hardcore Relic bass, but I can say that it was well worth every GBP I paid. First off, they held the bass for me while I finished up selling my previous bass and wrapping up a quick run of gigs. Next the bass was the EXACT picture that was on the website, not a stock image, but exactly what was advertised. And finally the instrument was so carefully and professionally packaged that it was received perfectly in tune in the shortest amount of time possible. We are talking international shipping from the UK to the USA! In a soft gig bag nonetheless! If you have any hesitation about doing business here please read this review over and over until any doubts are dismissed. These cats know what they are doing and I hope to do business again in the near future.

Submitted on the 24th April 2018 by Rene who purchased the Genzler M350 102 combo + Array 102 cabinet

Hi Mark, Marcus and Jeff

Thanks again for your support!

Last Saturday I had the first gig with the amp and the two cabs: Absolutely gorgeous, direct output used for monitoring only, nothing needed for FOH...

Best regards, René 

Submitted on the 24th March 2018 by Jehuan in USA who purchased A pre-owned Dingwall ABZ 6 bass

Hello Mark,

I just received the Dingwal ABZ-6, great bass! Now I got 4,5 and 6 strings Dingwalls in my collection, and this 6-strings bass is so easy to play, amazing!!

Thanks again! 


Submitted on the 4th March 2018 by Marcell in Denmark who purchased Elrick Evo Gold 5 bass

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to provide some feedback on the Elrick 5 string Buckeye Burl that I've recently bought from your fantastic store.

When buying a new bass - and especially a store select boutique bass as this one is - it's always like getting to know a new friend: quirks, mood, context, happy place and so on.

It fills all my parameters after having played bass for 30 years (actually, 30 years 2018 is my anniversary!)

The Elrick bass really grows on me. I'm not sure which part is making me the most happy - is it the balance of the bass from a weight perspective, is it the midrange, is it the pickup blend.. all I can say is that I find so many new sounds and feels every time I pick it up over my Warwick Streamer Stage 1 and my Läkland 55-94. The Elrick challenges me to bring out the best from what I can do today and what I aspire to do tomorrow and next month.

All in all - I'm truly grateful for Bass Direct to have Elrick on their roster and the truly great service I've received from you guys! I'll most likely place an order for a new Elrick through you guys in the next few months to build (another) Elrick that fits my additional wishes!

All the best wishes for the future of bass players,


Submitted on the 4th March 2018 by Timm in Germany who purchased Dingwall NG2  bass

Hi Marcus,


the bass has safely reached me yesterday. It was packed up nicely, plays like a dream – killer setup, whoever did this -  and sounds even better than the model I playtested last month. And above all, it was a pleasure dealing with you and your colleagues. Thanks. I’ll absolutely bear Bass Direct in mind for upcoming purchases.


Best regards,



Submitted on the 28th March 2018 by Bill who purchased a G&L Kiloton bass

Hi chaps,

Well what can I say! Plug it into my PJB cub at the normal settings for my passive instruments and had to crank it back. It’s mad. Definitely coming with me on my next gig. Cheers gents another good purchase from your good selves.



Submitted on the 28th March 2018 by Chris who purchased a Freestyle case

Hello, just wanted to say the case arrived on Monday as promised. I'm knocked out, I brought it specifically for a Supro Huntington bass and I can't believe what a fantastic fit it is, almost made for it. I had tried a few cases locally but none came close. Keep up the good work. All the best, Chris Lomas. 

Submitted on the 15th March 2018 by Frank in Denmark who purchased a PJB BG75 combo

Hi Again Mark

I just received the PJB BG75, and I just wanted to thank you for the fast service.

I had heard from the Danish bass community that you were worth dealing with, and I have not been disappointed, and will be sure to spread the word.

All the best.


Submitted on the 1st March 2018 by Rock in the UK who purchased a custom Maruszczyk Elwood LH bass

Hi Mark,

just to say a big thank you to you & your staff in dealing with my custom build Maruszczyk bass.

The quality of build & sound are first class.

Kind regards


Submitted on the 12th February 2018 by Michael in the UK who purchased Dingwall Combustion 5 bass

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to send an email to say thank you.

A few weeks ago I managed to convince my wife to take our 3 month old baby on a little road trip up from Woking to come see you to have a look at some Dingwall basses. I had been eyeing up a Dingwall for a couple of years now but never actually had a chance to play one - the trip was really to convince myself I didn't need one afterall or worst case scenario be putting down a deposit on a new NG3 after NAMM (mainly because it was the shiny new addition..!).

When we arrived all 3 of us received a very warm welcome from yourself and you even kept my wife and child entertained whilst I tried out a couple of the basses. (Also, WOW what incredible basses you have in stock there!)

After expecting to be wanting a bass in the NG range, I ended up falling in love with the 5 string Combustion and couldn't go home without it - and you even stayed open after hours just so I could make the purchase (and attend to the baby...).

A few weeks on, the new addition has now been put through its paces through rehearsals and gigs and it is truly incredible. An absolutely phenomenal instrument that is miles away in both sound and performance than anything I have played before!!

So really I just wanted to say thank you - for your hospitality, for staying open that little bit extra, for your patience whilst I was playing the instruments, for your expertise and advice, for stocking incredible instruments and for generally going above and beyond.

I'm sure I will be visiting at some point in the future when I decide it's time to upgrade other areas of my rig..!

Many thanks and kind regards,

Michael Quinn

Submitted on the 10th February 2018 by Hugh in the UK who purchased a Aguilar SL112 cabs and Genzler Megellan 800 amplifier

Just got home & set up the 2 Aguilar cabs & Genzler head to have a play . Very easy to quickly dial in to the sound I’m after Very impressed & thank you for your assistance with my purchase.

Kind Regards Grahame Clayton

Submitted on the 8th February 2018 by Kristian in Norway who purchased Dingwall Combustion 5 bass

The Dingwall Combustion 5 arrived today! Plays really nice and got a comfy neck. First time I’ve played fanned frets. Played it straight away out of the box, only took a minute to get used to. Really good customer service from you guys, will definitely recommend BassDirect to anyone who asks where I got the bass from. 

Thank you!

Mvh Kristian Roset

Submitted on the 31st January 2018 by Hugh in the UK who purchased a PJB D400 and Cab 47 cabs

Hi Ash


Just a quick note to say a huge thanks for your help earlier today.


I’ve unpacked and set up my PJB D-400 & 2 x CAB47s and well................... wow, outstanding sound with both basses.  I’m blown away at the quality and clarity of the sound I can get.  Great bass gear and great service.  Many thanks once again.


Kind Regards




Submitted on the 12th January 2018 by Niall in the UK who purchased a secondhand PJB combo

Just a note to say how happy I am with the PJB combo I bought from your shop recently,

It took time but I have the EQ sorted on this micro amp,

It needs to be close to a wall to get the best bass response,

Very happy with it,

Clean articulate and a very sweet tone with both active and passive basses,

A keeper at 5% of the weight of my Ampeg tube rig,

Great service with excellent communication and swift shipping outside the UK,

I will deal again,

Best regards,

Niall Power.

Submitted on the 12th January 2018 by Filip in Belgium who purchased a Sandberg Vs4  bass

Hello Marcus

I took delivery on Thursday off my new California vs4 Hardcore Aged White. I have never been this impressed with the quality of a musical instrument. The neck, the ageing, the pickups, the weight...phenomenal!

Thank you for making the awesome service and quick delivery off my new bass guitar! 


Submitted on the 12th December 2017 by Matteo in the Italy who purchased DR and LaBella strings

Hi Mark!

The strings have arrived today.

This is the best customer service I've ever found. Thanks a lot!

My best regards

Matteo Bussola

Submitted on the 5th January 2018 by Hakon in Sweden who purchased a ore-owned Dingwall ABZ 5  bass

Hi Mark,

Received the bass in perfect condition yesterday, and it was better than I ever could have dreamed of, fantastic looks, and that mind blowing sound! wow!!!

Thank you for your service, and hope to do business again with you soon!

kind regards,


Very very happy with this Spector! Buying outside EU VAT free was no problem at all. Great shopping for bassists!

Submitted on the 2nd January 2016 by Tim who purchased a purchased a Tecamp Puma 1000 amplifier

Hi Mark/Marcus


Happy new year to you all……….


Gigged the Puma 1000 using both my 4ohm Vanderkley’s and I can’t believe how huge and warm the sound is compared to any class D amp I’ve owned. I only purchased it as a practice amp and always planned to use my DB751 as the main rig but to be honest the sound I get from the Puma is so good that this little amp might well end up being the go to for all my gigs. I was worried about the 2 x 350 @ 4 ohms being short on power compared to the DB751 but it had plenty of power and didn’t even get warm at the gig, whereas the DB751 would have been red hot by the end of the night.

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