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Bass Direct customer Feedback

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Submitted on the 29th December 2015 by Dave who purchased a purchased a secondhand Warwick bass

Dear Mark,

As you know, I recently purchased from you a lovely pre-owned Warwick Streamer Stage 1 NT4 (1992) and a (new) Musicman Stingray 4 string. As I reside off-shore, it is rather cost prohibitive for me to make the trip to the mainland, stay over, and journey back again which essentially stops me “trying before buying”. It is therefore extremely important to me that any advice given by Bass Direct is the best advice. Having undertaken prior extensive product research, I contacted Mark at Bass Direct who talked me through me selections and I purchased two very different beasts. My Warwick Streamer Stage 1 bass is just a dream to play and so wonderfully versatile; then my Stingray, amongst other things, is a super and fast funkadelic hero of a bass; my fellow musicians are loving it !! Mark also suggested appropriate good quality straps; I can confirm that the “Comfort” straps received are excellent too. I received overnight delivery to my offshore carriers o n the mainland and then overnight by sea to my home delivery taking just over 48 hours in all. Excellent service from the outset.

A note on the Warwick Streamer Stage 1 bass – as this model is one of the original German factory creations (it will be 24 years old in January 2016), I contacted Warwick in Germany to obtain further information on the manufacture detail.; it was a Sunday afternoon when I emailed and within only 15 minutes, I had received a response from no other than HP Wilfer (HP) owner and originator of Warwick basses who sent me through the original manufacture details. Extremely cool !

I am now looking at new bass amplification, I have recently contacted Bass Direct to obtain their valued advice on my amplification needs and again, Mark has pointed me in the right direction. I just need to configure my new set up (in my head that is) which I shall then shall discuss with Bass Direct prior to making the purchase. No doubt, I shall be writing another testimonial once I receive my new bass amplification. (Very excited indeed).

Very best regards, Dave

Submitted on the 17th December 2015 by Zach who purchased a purchased a secondhand Warwick bass

A couple of weeks back, I bought a 1999 Warwick Thumb NT in part exchange for a 2011 Custom Shop 62' Relic Jazz. First of all, the Warwick is absolutely stunning. It was also delivered really quickly and arrived in the exact condition described. In terms of the service, the guys were always quick to respond to any question I may have and gave me a really fair price for the Jazz. Overall, Bass Direct were an absolute pleasure to do business with and I couldn't recommend them more.



Submitted on the 20th November 2015 by Keith who purchased a purchased a secondhand Mike Lull  PJ bass

I'm a disabled musician with only the use of my left fretting hand following a very serious motor cycle accident eleven years ago. So the right instrument is paramount. Having only recently taken up bass Mark's advice was very helpful indeed, and the Mike Lull bass is a beautiful instrument that's ideal for me. Thanks for the help - and the wonderful efficient service.



Submitted on the 28th October 2015 by Pete who purchased a Mark Bass LMIII amplifier

Cheers for the fast delivery of the Mark bass LM3 head.

Sounded great with my Mark bass New York 15 cab and got some really positive feedback about my bass sound from the gigs we played over the weekend. I can now hear myself over our very loud drummer and guitarist.

Highly recommend you for service.

Thanks again, Andy.

Submitted on the 28th October 2015 by Pete who purchased a Sandberg Panther 5   bass and Bergantino HD210 and NV115 cabinets

Hi mate


I’m so chuffed with the gear I had from your super duper shop today. Thanks for putting up me with me plucking away for so long. I’ve already recommended you to all my fellow bassists in staffs.


Thanks again



Submitted on the 28th October 2015 by Ged who purchased a Dingwall ABI 5  bass

I made the journey from North Wales down to Bass Direct and it was a fantastic experience. I have never seen so many bass guitars and gear all in one place. Having told them I had been a 4 string bass player since the 70's and wanted to try a 5 string, Mark was more than helpful with a real in depth of knowledge of everything to do with the transition. I have never come across any salesman who actually knows and understands every single guitar in the store with such depth of understanding and detail. On arriving, he got out 6 different basses for me to try based on my needs. It was so much better being able to try each one and have all the pro's and cons of each explained as we went along. In the end, I purchased the Dingwall AB1, a really special bass, that fitted me like a glove. I also tried out a wireless system and bought that too!
Many thanks again to you both at Bass Direct, I will be coming back for all my accessories and to pick you brains again sometime soon!

Submitted on the 24th September 2015 by Johnny who purchased an Aguilar AGP 60’s hot pickup

Pick ups fitted and sounding huge. Have them teamed up with the most excellent East P-retro preamp to give a very flexible range of solid usable tones.

Yet again fantastic service from Bass Direct.

Super quick and hassle free.

Thanks to Mark and the team for another bang up job.

Submitted on the 05th September 2015 by Steve who purchased Vanderkley MNT112 cabinets + Markbass LM800 tube

Hi Mark, 

Just a quick to say how good the Vanderkley cab is in all aspects and will be back to get the second one very soon. Also, the Mark Tube 800 is great.

Thanks, Tom

Submitted on the 8th October 2015 by Stuart who purchased a Sandberg TM4  bass

Just writing to say thanks for the incredible service! Could not be happier with my custom Sandberg. Mark was such a great help and the customer service was perfect. Thanks again!

Submitted on the 7th October 2015 by Lionel who purchased an Xotic XP4  bass

Fabulous service from Mark at Bass and my awesome new Xotic XP1T bass! :-).... A beauty... Thanks for all your help & advice Mark. I couldn't be happier with Bass Direct's service and this fantastic bass!

Submitted on the 6th October 2015 by Jerome who purchased a Dingwall Combustion  bass

I've just bought a new dingwall combustion swamp ash and rosewood fretboard. The bass is incredibly light, the fan fret is near zero effort the sound is really piano like with a lot of sustain. A lot of punch and clarity instrument, well finished and an eye catcher for sure.

Plus, I must tell Mark must be the most patient and professional person I've seen, he replied my thousands mail about every details of the bass or payment options. I recommend and would deal again.

Submitted on the 2nd October 2015 by Steve who purchased a Sandberg TM4  bass

Just took delivery of my TM4 California.

Just over the 5 months, but well worth the wait. It is all I expected and some. Having owned fender basses which I love, this gloss cream with ebony finger board Sandberg is fantastic. I just cannot put it down. Great advice and service, so remember guys when I order a new strap for it.

I will be using this baby for gigs.

I'm a member of Hang Five Band based in Plymouth.

Thanks again, kind regards, Steve.

Submitted on the 30th September by Bill who purchased a purchased a secondhand bass

Hi Mark,

The bass arrived safe and secure and I must say that the condition of the guitar is excellent.

I am very impressed with the sound and the action, it is very comfortable to play, I have just been playing it for a short time and I am really liking it.

I would also like to thank Will for all his help,having not played a Warwick bass before I wasn't sure if it would suit me?  Will described it perfectly and I am very pleased with the guitar.

Thanks again Mark,

From a very happy customer.


Submitted on the 15th September by Paul who purchased a purchased a secondhand bass

Hi Mark,


Just a quick email to say how happy I am with the Stingray 5.  It’s a wonderful  instrument and plays beautifully. Great sounding bass and perfect weight too. I’ve owned quite a few SR5’s over the years and this old boy is by far my favourite. It’s the one I’ve been looking for really.  A definite keeper.


As you saw in the video, Cicely likes it too! J


Cheers, Paul

Submitted on the 05th September 2015 by Steve who purchased Vanderkley MNT210 _ MNT112 cabinets

Ref my order for two Vanderkley cabs.

Used them on Sat night - Most excellent!!!, Thank you for advice and prompt and efficient service



Submitted on the 05th September 2015 by Steve who purchased 2 x Vanderkley MNT156 cabinet

Morning Mark,

The Vanderkley 15-6 was amazing at last night's pub gig. I didn't even need to turn up passed 3 on the Spinal Tap scale to have fantastic presence in the mix with the usual mushy guitarists! Far more impressive than the Barefaced kit.

I've ordered an additional 15-6 to supplement it, which is almost certainly overkill, but I understand they're on back order at the moment.



Submitted on the 05th September 2015 by John who purchased a Dingwall ABZ5  bass

Hiya Mark,

It's been about a month since I got my ABZ 5 and I love it! It sounds and feels incredible, is so comfortable to play and the fanned frets are a breeze to play, barely took any time at all to get used to, thanks so much :)


Submitted on the 27th August by Tom who purchased a ToneStyler circuit

Hi Marcus

Many thanks for sorting this out.

The package arrived at mine last Saturday, I wasn't expecting it until around now and only checked my post box yesterday (where I found the post office note requesting to pick it up from their office).

The tone circuit is all fitted and sounds fantastic.

The tones I'm getting out of my fully passive chopped Warwick (I already put some lovely passive mec pups in a few years ago) are as clean & strong as the fully active thumb nt I have, better in some aspects as there's no coloration !

Many thanks for your speedy service.


Submitted on the 26th August by Stephen who purchased a purchased a Kala U Bass





One word brill, fits perfectly with other folk four course instruments.



Submitted on the 31st July by Steve who purchased a Nordstrand MM4.3 pickup

Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know that I got the pickup and installed it into my bass, and it sounds awesome!

Thanks for the great service! I'll definitely be back if i need anything else bass-related.


Mickey Kim

Submitted on the 20th July by Gary who purchased a purchased a secondhand bass

Part ex changed my Shuker and chose the Warwick after trying a couple of other basses. Was left alone to try each bass for as long as I wanted. Mark was very helpful and pleasant to deal with and gave me a fair deal. The Warwick is a fantastic bass, great sound but after getting home and having a bit more of a play found the action a bit high so I contacted Mark and he told me to bring it back and he would set it up for me free of charge, so very good customer service. The shop has some amazing basses, well worth a visit, bring the mastercard but leave the wife at home.

Submitted on the 7th July 2015 by Tony who purchased a purchased a secondhand bass

I decided to treat myself to a classic Bass that I I played in the 80's so purchased the Fender Jazz, having recently bought a Vigier from Bass direct it made sense to return to the experts, and I was not disappointed!!!, great communication from Mark, speedy delivery, well packaged and more importantly great sound, so thanks again guys, no doubt I shall indulge and add to my collection soon. cheers tony

Submitted on the 7th July 2015 by Pete who purchased 2 x Vanderkley EXT 112 cabinets and a Tecamp Puma 500 amplifier

Hi Mark,

Did three gigs this weekend. Two functions ( both cabs ) & a jazz trio ( one cab )

Cabs are just superb. Clear from top to bottom & perfect weight as well. Beyond happy!!

Thanks again for your amazing service.


Submitted on the 19th June 2015 by Steve who purchased a Roscoe LG4  bass


Just wanted to sat how pleased I am with my new Roscoe Bass Guitar which arrived safely in Yorkshire the day after purchase.The build, acoustic tone and intonation of the instrument is superb. Looking forward to visiting your shop in the near future to try out some amplification :) Finally I would like to thank you for stocking a quality lefty guitar.


Steve K

Submitted on the 16th June 2015 by Darren who purchased a Sandberg VM5  bass

Hi mark,

Just a quick email to say how pleased I am with my vm5. Truly stunning bass, can't get over the quality of the instrument. Looking forward to doing many gigs with it! 

Thanks,  Dave 

Submitted on the 4th June 2015 by Stjin who purchased a Bergantino HD410 cabinet

Hi mark

The bergantino HD 410 just got in from yesterday.

Been testing it last night and this morning(my poor neighbours)

It’s what i’ve been looking for and  my expectations are fulfilled with this cab.

It’s sounds tight, clear but still also warm, deep with a little nice character.

As a review writer for Meet music magazine that is spread in Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg, i had already had a lot of cabs that i tested like aguilar, markbass, tec amp , tech 21,..

Butt when i first plugged into the bergantino i was immediately confident with the sound coming out of these speakers.

It was worth waiting for it and have to say that UPS did a great job to deliver it on time.

I think i’ve found the ideal cab for what i need as a pro/ session bass player.

Many thanks!


Stijn Deldaele/Stan Dale


Submitted on the 3rd June 2015 by Pete who purchased a Vanderkley Auroras amplifier

Hi Mark

Just to say a huge “thanks” for the Powercon cable that arrived yesterday. Very much appreciated, particularly as I always prefer to have spares of every cable just in case!

Further, having now had time to put the Vanderkley rig through ‘its paces’, I have to say how impressed I am with the overall sound. The build quality is first-rate and the sound is the same! I have worked my way through Mesa, Markbass, TC Electronic, Glockenklang etc and the Vanderkley is the first amp I have used where I really could be happy with just two controls on the front - the ‘CVD’ and the ‘Volume’!! The quality of the tone - without engaging the EQ is superb, allowing the sound from your bass to be heard without blemish! It truly is one of the only amp heads I’ve used where I don’t feel I’m wrestling with the amp’s EQ to achieve a more natural, balanced sound. Sonic nirvana in a neat black and red package…superb!

Best regards

Pete Townsend


Submitted on the 30th May 2015 by Nick who purchased a MTD KV5 bassr

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say that the MTD I bought yesterday is amazing - gigged it last night and noticed a world of difference in sound and feel - got lots of comments about it!

Regards, Nick Roberts

Submitted on the 28th May 2015 by Peter who purchased a Vanderkley Auroras amplifier

Hi Mark, hope your in good health and business booming. I can't really explain in geek speak about the the Vanderkley amp other than its performance is faultless making all four of my basses sound remarkable. Its now fully protected in its SKB case..

Kind regards Pete Haywood  (Cornwall)

Submitted on the 27th May 2015 by Bazza who purchased a Dingwall SP5  bass

Hello Mark,

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday. I ended up going to a practice last night with one band I play in and the Dingwall is absolutely stunning! I really can't believe how truly amazing it sounds, how responsive it is and how much of a dream it is to play. Your shop is always well worth a visit, I've started saving for the next time!!!!!



Submitted on the 18th May 2015 by Dimitrio who purchased a Eden D210XST cabinet

Hello! I have to inform you that the cab is very nice ,with good lows and really good clarity and detail !!!

I couldn't find the time to play more than an hour and at low volume too, but I was very pleased overall !!!

Thanks a lot again for your Top Customer Service and continue the < Best Job > you already do!!!!!!

Submitted on the 16th May 2015 by Jeremy who purchased a MTD AG6  bass

Hi friends,

I'm happy with my super bass But mostly the delivery time. Thank you for your trust confidence because France is not obvious.

I recommend your shop to my musician friends. And I will make it on other purchases.

Thank you for all, I am very satisfied

Jeremy Populo

Submitted on the 12th May 2015 by Andy who purchased a purchased an secondhand bass

Hi Mark

the Ray34 arrived yesterday, thanks for such a speedy service. Didn't get much chance to play it last night, but on initial impressions it does seem to be in the great condition you stated and seems to be well setup for my style of play, the case is great as well, so an added bonus there! And it sounds and plays fantastic!

Thanks again for your help



Submitted on the 8th May 2015 by Bruce who purchased a Godin A4  fretless bass

Fantastic bass ,pick up and play ,sounds amazing and the build quality is faultless

The shop is amazing ,really knowledgeable helpful guy, well worth the journey from Nottingham

Thanks Mark

Submitted on the 24th April 2015 by Alex Beech who purchased a One spot 9v power supply

Ordered Monday evening, arrived Wednesday morning, great service from the guys at Bass Direct and speedy delivery - handy considering my previous power supply just packed in!

One spot works wonders, no big power brick on my board taking up space and quiet as well.

Looking forward to making the trip down to try out some gear!



Submitted on the 22nd April 2015 by Andy Beech who purchased a Elrick Evo 4 fretless bass

A bit of a late testimonial but I haven't been able to put the Elrick down, it plays so well and gives so much back. Many thanks for the help and patience of Mark and his staff whilst I tried out several fretless basses, it couldn't have sounded too pretty!

If your undecided over a bass to buy this is the best place I know of for advice and selection and was well worth the drive down from Stockport.

Now then, how about a new rig............?

Submitted on the 10th April by Kev who purchased 2 x Vanderkley EXT112  cabinets

Hi Mark,

            Received the pair of Vanderkley cabs first thin this morning ..Wow ! Absolutely fantastic !

Can't wait to gig these tonight in Sunderland !

Many thanks to you and your staff for all the help, and to Mr Vanderkley for producing such a brilliant cab !!  Please pass on my thanks and best regards to all !


                          Yours Faithfully


                                                  Kev Poole ( one very happy bass player ! )

Submitted on the 5th April 2015 by Paul who purchased a pair of custom Sandberg bass guitars

Hi Guys,


Just want to say thank you very much for arranging delivery of my new Basses J


They look and sound absolutely fantastic!!


Very very happy!!


Thanks again, Paul

Submitted on the 1st April 2015 by Chris who purchased a Spector  Euro 4LX bass

Hi Mark,Thanks again for your help with the recent px and purchase, the bass sounds awesome through the Ampeg rig just as i had expected. Also the demo's featured on the web site have been a massive help, like a virtual hands on audition Thanks again to all the staff look forward to my next visit. Chris from Bedford.

Submitted on the 30th March 2015 by Gareth who purchased a set of LaBella 760C strings

They feel great, even smoother than the white nylons!  Tone-wise, I think La Bella is right that they are warmer than the white nylons.  Great on the fretless to bring out that woody tone.  Plus the copper colour under the clear nylon looks well cool!

Submitted on the 30th March 2015 by David who purchased a Tecamp Classic 112 combo

Hi Mark,

Just writing to say how impressed we all were at the gig the other night after purchasing the TecAmp combo. Crystal clear with plenty of punchy bass without swamping the others - much to their delight as much as mine! I think i’ve found the perfect match of bass and amp, so thanks again!

Catch you around again soon i’m sure. All the best,


Submitted on the 23rd March 2015 by Darren who purchased a Sandberg TM5  bass

Hi Mark and all at Bass Direct,

I took delivery of my new (aged) Sandberg TM5 last week, via my wife Helen and my father in law - all rather complicated because Helen was trying to keep it a secret for my birthday next week. I ended up blowing the secret, because I wondered aloud to her whether I should contact you to find out from Sandberg how the build was going!

I'm delighted that it came in a month ahead of time, and I've had a chance to check it out at home and I'm really impressed. Thank you for guiding me through the Sandberg range when I came in, for listening and advising as appropriate, and helping me towards getting this great bass. I'm sure as I get to use it more I'll have a lot more to say in its favour... But for now:

- It looks great: love the soft ageing, which includes the nickelware

- Its range of tones is very impressive, and it's a joy to play

- it's half a kilo lighter than my jazz V, so thanks for putting in that request with Sandberg for a light body! Just placed an order for a comfort Strapp with you, so I look forward to that arriving too.

Thanks again for a great bass-buying experience.

Submitted on the 18th March 2015 by Andy who purchased a purchased an secondhand bass

Hi Mark,


I received the Jazz bass today – thank you for the very prompt delivery. J


I have to say I’m really very pleased with it – the condition is fantastic for a pre-owned and the bass is set up well and plays superb. I’m actually quite impressed with the strings that are on it, they are very soft to the touch and seem to have a great tone…do you know what make and spec they are as I might have to try some more on my Music Man?


Anyway, I’m really pleased with the purchase and the service – I just wish you were a bit closer to me so that I could visit the store.



Andy Pointon

Submitted on the 19th March 2015 by Ian who purchased a Tecamp Puma 500 amplifier

Hi Mark/Marcus

Thanks for looking after me yesterday, really enjoyed the demo on the pleasure board it was amazing.

The Puma is great, nice and open sounding, thunderous but controlled lows and crystal clear through the mids, should sound great in the mix at the weekend.

Thanks again


Submitted on the 18th March 2015 by Ian who purchased a Tecamp Puma 500 amplifier



Just to say thanks for talking me in to buying the Tecamp Puma 900. It’s an awesome bit of kit.

I took it on my 2 date mini tour of Italy at the weekend.

It certainly made life easier than relying on whatever the promoter threw at me via the unread tech rider.

I was a little concerned when the cab at the first show was a Hartke 4x10 transporter rated at only 300W but I was gentle with it and still managed to get it to make a decent tone!

It is so more ‘controllable’ than the Shuttle was and sounds fatter.

It’s lighter than the genz and easier to fit in my hand luggage.


Possibly the best amp I’ve ever used!






Submitted on the 14th March 2015 by Kelvin who purchased a Dingwall Combustion  bass


I have finally been able to play the bass I bought from you and have to say its amazing, as was your service. Just a quick email from a very satisfied customer!


Chris Leworthy.

Submitted on the 16th March 2015 by Stephen who purchased a secondhand TC Electronic Blacksmith amplifier


Outstanding service. 

Very pleased with the amplifier, as new like you promised. 

Hope to do business with you again in the future. 

Stephen Barlow

Sent via mobile email

Submitted on the 25th February 2015 by Dave who purchased a MTD KZ5 fretless SA  bass

Morning Mark


I’d just like to thank you for Bass Direct’s great service.


I was initially a little nervous ordering a bass that I hadn’t played and from a manufacturer that I had no history with but your service put my mind at rest. My bass arrived just after 10am on Saturday and I’ve hardly stopped playing it. I was particularly grateful that you strung it with my favourite strings before sending it out. I was also impressed with the person that took my order over the phone, he was friendly and attentive. I’ll definitely be using Bass Direct again.


I gigged it for the first time last night and it sounds incredible with a bit of volume behind it. It impressed the band too.


Many thanks, I hope to visit your unit in the near future.



Submitted on the 24th February 2015 by Kelvin who purchased a Dingwall NG2  bass

After a painful experience with a rogue courier, the guys here were unbelievably helpful getting everything fixed and a scant few days later I had my new bass. I was kept in the loop from the word go and i now have a great instrument that would have been impossible from the stores up in Glasgow.

The Dingwall is a sexy bit of gear and sounds monstrous with the Vintage Microtubes I bought with it. I recommended these lads to anyone online.


Submitted on the 18th February 2015 by Richard who ordered a Brubaker Brute bass

thanks very much in my hands in 26 hrs from ordering ...really pleased ...will deffo be using store again

Submitted on the 17th February 2015 by Nick

Hi Mark and Bass Direct team,

Many thanks for your prompt and attentive service, and two huge thumbs up for selling my Stingray 5 so quickly – way faster than I would have been able to shift it via the Internet, and at a much fairer commission sale price too. You guys rule!



Submitted on the 2nd February 2015 by Mark who purchased a Roscoe SKB 3006

Mark / Markus


Gents just a note of thanks relating to my purchase on Saturday.


Here's my story..

I went unannounced to Bass direct to view and hopefully try a six string bass.


Markus couldn’t have been more helpful – getting different basses out and offering a little background on each one, plus and importantly creating an atmosphere where I could concentrate on each instrument.

Being to this point, a four string player, I was surprised at how easy a 6 is to play, given a slightly narrower string spacing and 35” scale, once acclimatised I was soon noodling my heart out on a range of basses and after a surprisingly uninterrupted hour of play and chat I pulled the trigger on a Roscoe.

Given the range of guitars in the shop I wouldn’t have been surprised to have left feeling that perhaps I should have bought one of the others, but no, after a short period of ownership of this bass, I’m astonished by the playability, build and the range of tones available from it, the strangest thing is it feels like I’ve owned it for years.

Ok I’m gushing now… LOL (that’s how a guitar should make you feel)



Submitted on the 8th January 2015 by Jim who purchased a Mayones BE4 Ash bass

I came with my Clover Apeiron H4 (a great bass purchased from you about 3 years ago) to check out the G&LTribute basses amongst others.
These were fine but not a match for the Clover I thought, but then I asked for your recommendation.
You listened to my playing style and suggested the Mayones BE4 bass.
As soon as I picked it up and played it I knew you had pointed me in the right direction. Fantastic range of tones and incredible note clarity..the Aguilar pickups are amazing. I didn't want to put it down.
I really appreciate your extremely wide range of high end basses, the facility to try them out (and amps) and not least your advice and expertise. I really don't know anywhere else I could go for such a wide choice. Handling and hearing a bass is an absolute necessity before purchase in my opinion, even though it meant a 200 mile round trip for me.
Many thanks again to both you and your colleagues Mark. Jim

Submitted on the  18th December 2014 by Tony who purchased a Vigier Passion IV 4 bass

This was my 1st time to the unit and found the guys on site brilliant, the new Bass is awesome and the advice offered on site was 2nd to none. highly recommend you pay a visit. Good honest owner who obviously has a passion for what he sells, I'll definitely be going back in future

Submitted on the  1st November 2014 by Richard who purchased a PJB CUB 4 cabinet

Hi guys

Just a short note to let you know that the 2 C4s worked beautifully last night. Nice and meaty but with lots of definition and punch.



Submitted on the  30th October 2014 by Richard who purchased a Dingwall ABZ 4 bass

Hi Mark
Thanks. I haven't had much time to play the new bass but it is amazingly light and looks gorgeous. The fan frets fall easily under the fingers and you are hardly aware of the slant on the fret.
I love the definition of the different pickup settings.
Looking forward to getting familiar with the new addition.

Thanks again


Submitted on the  28th October  2014 by Ed

Hi Mark..

I've just put my latest single up online if you get a chance to have a listen.

All the re amping and effects are recorded with some of the equipment you've supplied me with over the last year or so.

This tune used the Genz Benz rig, 3leaf wondelove & You're doom and a Dark glass vintage micro tubes.


Hope all is good.

Cheers. Ed.

Submitted on the  28th October  2014 by Chris who purchased a Dingwall ABZ 5/3 bass

Hi Mark and team

Bass arrived safe and sound this afternoon. Holy s**t! It has surpassed all of my hopes and expectations. Sounds and looks stunning and pretty much plays itself, on first impressions I couldn't be happier. Who needs active pickups? It's going to take a lot to be swayed by another bass now. Thanks for helping me get such a great bass, I'll be in touch for any future purchases.

All the best.


Submitted on the  19th October  2014 by Dave who purchased a Rob Allen Mouse bass


Thought I'd let you know that the Rob Allen Mouse I bought from you last week is that good it is outrageous and makes a modest player like me sound good. Nice one and thanks for your great service.



Submitted on the  14th October  2014 by John who purchased a pair Bartolini CB pickups

Hi Mark

Just a short note to say how great the Bartolini Mk5 CBC pickups are which I got off you in late August.

You may remember that I was looking for something to replace the stock Mk1 Barts that were in my Lakland 5501.

After trying many of your high end basses with Bartolinis and Nordstrands in them, we agreed that the Bart CBC's would be best suited. What a great choice. The Mk1's were good but my bass now has a warm rich tone with plenty of definition in the low mid area and a nice crisp high end. I'd fitted a U Retro which I got from John (East) to the Lakland and together with the Bergantino 12" cabs which started life at Bass Direct and my Markbass TA503 I now have the facility to cover any genre of music with a top quality bass tone.

Thanks as always for your advice, time and expertise.

Best regards

John Hunter

Submitted on the 12th October 2014 by Bjorn who purchased an Xotic XJ 1T 4 string  bass

Hi Mark

I just wanted to drop you a mail with regards to the xotic bass I purchased a while back. I have used it a lot more since my initial reply to you. At first I was very impressed, but I always knew that you kind of have to let it sink in for a while; really play it. Well the bass was very good to start with, but I feel it has grown even better with time. In some ways its real strengths are very subtle. You start off with a great sounding bass, but its only over time you get to really appreciate the clarity in the sound and the evenness over the finger board. Also, it's slightly bigger body means the bass is perfectly balanced and it is actually more comfortable than any bass I've ever played. You can see that every attention to detail has been paid to ensure that the bass is literally flawless. I do love it! I have to stop myself checking out their p bass equivalent! Thank you again with your help in getting this bass.

Submitted on the  7th October  2014 by Glynn who purchased an Auralex GRAMMA pad

Hi Mark,


I have had chance to test the Auralex Gramma over a number of gigs now and am very pleased with it.  A regular Sunday gig in a small acoustically poor room with a hollow stage this weekend nailed it.


A member of the public said she didn’t know what was different about the bass sound but she liked it.  I knew!!


Like everyone has said, a good product – and I would recommend the extra money to buy the gig bag.


Glynn Murray

Submitted on the 27th September  2014 by Bjorn who purchased an Dingwall NG2 bass

Thank you very much for excellent service and a fantastic bass!

Submitted on the 20th September  2014 by Peter who purchased an Creation Audio Grizzly pedal


I tried the Grizzly Bass Fuzz pedal last night, and all I can say is wow! The boost really allowed me to cut through, and the overdrive with mid cut gave an amazing rock tone, almost like a John Paul Jones Jazz Bass tone (but with a P bass!) There are still plenty of sounds I need to find from the pedal, but so far it's been the most fantastic piece of kit I've ever had.

Thanks for recommending it!

22nd October update; Hi Mark,

Just wanted to let you know that the CRB running through the Grizzly Bass and then into the Genz/Vanderkley rig keeps sounding better and better the more I play.

I’ve gotten used to the CRB neck and now it plays wonderfully, and with the Tonestyler and GB pedal I get a wide range of tones in the ‘P-area’.


Submitted on the 24th August 2014 by Peter who purchased an Roscoe LG3006 bass

Hi Mark!

Here's a testimony (should you need another one)!

I hope this finds you well. I'm just writing to tell you that I gigged the Roscoe for the first time last night! I must say that it not only delivered every single sound the songs required, but it's amazing playability allowed me to execute fills and solos in ways that I've never been able to achieve before. I always liked musical instruments to cars- there's always a compromise in that they can't do everything. However, this bass has driven my theory into the dust; this bass is THE bass! The band played everything from 'Treasure' by Bruno Mars to 'Let's Stay Together' by Al Green (neck pick up of this bass has a gorgeous, warm thump to it that practically marries the kick drum!), we even stretched out on 'Detroit' by Marcus Miller (the slap tone of this bass is so good that during the interval even the audience were complimenting the bass sound!), and we even got on the trendy side by grooving on 'Happy' by Pharell Williams! The passive mode is especially impressive; it retains the broad tonal character of the instrument whilst projecting a truly authentic jazz bass tone without compromising anything. I'm seriously looking forward to recording with this beast! Thank you so much once again for the amazing deal and your hospitality when I travelled down from Durham to collect my (now number one) bass.

Kind regards,


Submitted on the 24th August by Matthew who purchased a purchased a Set of GHS Pressure wound strings

Thanks Mark,

I bought a set from you not long ago for my fretless and I found them to exceed the high expectation I already had for them. Awesome tone and feel. Time to put a set on my Precision!



Submitted on the 18th August by Sue who purchased a purchased a Stage Clix Jack, wireless system

Many thanks,

By the way stage clix works brilliantly, light, simple and effective, perfect.



Submitted on the 18th August by Sue who purchased a purchased a one Spot 9v PSU

Thanks Marcus -


Really impressed with the service I received from you and your team...


My son told me Friday morning his original lead had broken after several years and could I get another??


I checked my old receipts, found your address, and placed the order Friday afternoon.


Was woken by the postman early Saturday morning, with parcel in hand. 


WOW!!  Excellent service all round. And cheaper than Amazon...Will definitely be using and recommending you again 


Thanks again   Sue


Submitted on the 3rd August by Alistair who purchased a purchased some strap locks

Hi Mark, just a letter of thanks for the strap locks and the delivery! Got them incredibly quickly and they’re superb. I got a second hand warwick from you last year which has also held up perfectly and was here in just 2 days! Thanks once again for the great service. All the best 

- Martin 

Submitted on the 3rd August by Alistair who purchased a purchased an secondhand Yamaha bass

Hi Mark, Sorry about the delay been having way too much fun with my new toy (TRB5F)......

So just a wee note to say thank you very much & hope to deal with you again...

Submitted on the 2nd August by Vratislav who purchased a purchased an PJB C4 + C8 cabinets

Hi Mark,

            I decided to drop you a line about my experience with Phil Jones gear, the under rated gems of the speakers.

 I had a pair of C4 speakers for about a year now and found them brilliant. They are very easy to transport

(especially up and down staircases) and apart from producing very solid and gutsy sounding bass with my

Genz Benz Streamliner 900 they work extremely well as a pair of stage monitors when not needed for the bass playing.

I recently acquired a C8 as well and linked together 2xC4+1xC8 we are into a new territory.On a Gramma

pad to tame the bass boom driven by a Shuttle Max 12.2 the sound from this equivalent of the standard 4x10 box is something else!

Much faster than any 4x10 enclosure and more depth and guts (possibly due to their ferrite magnets) than any 1x15 !  I played a gig with an extremely loud drummer and the rig worked admirably , clear full driving sound even with my ground wound strings and the amp  only on about a half volume, the bass was there

full and clear cutting through the guitars no problem.

The sound is not too far from an Ampeg SVT rig with the bass boost engaged, but unlike with an Ampeg

rig you can go to a gig in a Mini, what a gem!

 So I decided to share my experience to enlighten some more people to the wonders of modern technology.

Many thanks for your excellent service and help Vratislav.

Submitted on the 22nd July who purchased a purchased an secondhand Warwick  bass

Perfect Transaction....Bass arrived the next morning and in exactly the condition advertised ..... also many thanks for the little extras that came with it guys ;) I will Deffo be using bass direct in the future for my low end needs.


Paul. ;0)

Sheffield UK

Submitted on the 20th July by Fransisco who purchased a purchased an secondhand Fender  bass

Hi Marc,

what can I say? superb service from you guys! Bass is exactly what I saw on the page and arrive in Portugal just four days after the order very well packed and it sounds terrific with a nice setup.

Thank you so much guys I absolutely recommend you!



Submitted on the 18th July 2014 by Dan in Denmark who purchased a purchased an Spector NS Shorty  bass

Hi Mark. I got my spector bass today. It's amazing, fantastic sound. I am a happy man. I wood like to thank you very much  for your kindness, the last 3 month. I will be back, if you can help me with another stuff. I wish you I good summer. Again, thank you. All the best. Dan.

Submitted on the 12th July by Matthew who purchased a purchased an secondhand Mike Lull P5  bass

Hi Mark

The bass arrived this morning at around 9:30 and it truly is a lovely bass one of the warmest fretless basses i have ever played. Thank you very much for posting it out to me so quickly and making everything such an easy transaction.

 Kind Regards Matthew

Submitted on the 11th July by Kelvin who purchased a purchased an secondhand Dingwall ABII 5  bass

I purchased this bass second hand without even seeing It, let alone play it but not only was the condition of the bass exactly as described but it even sounds exactly as described! The fan frets feel completely natural when playing and I'm extremely impressed with the bass and the prompt delivery.

Highly recommended.

Submitted on the 4th July by David who purchased a purchased an secondhand  bass

I have purchased a few things from Bass Direct over the years, pick ups, strings and a lovely Genz Benz Amp and Cab but my recent purchase of a 5 string Elrick Evo tops the lot.

There is absolutely no substitute for trying out a range of instruments to see what works best. I visited the shop with a mind to buy a Jazz 5 string and had a few things on my list of must try. In fact I don't think I would have been disappointed with any of the instruments I tried out Roscoe, Xotic, and others but when I picked up the Elrik it was immediately obvious that it was the bass for me. Great sound, hangs perfectly on the strap and incredibly well put together and as an added bonus its as light as a feather. There is no substitute for trying an instrument and even two identical guitars often have very different feel and tonal characteristics so having such a great selection of high quality instruments in one place has helped me get the perfect Bass for me. 

On a personal note Mark and Marcus as always are a pleasure to do business with I can't imagine I will be shopping anywhere else but Bass Direct for any future purchases. Many Thanks -DD



Submitted on the 2nd July by Joe who purchased a purchased an secondhand  bass

Hi I bought the Warwick corvette standard red a few weeks ago and just played 2 gigs with it and you can really tell the difference from my old bass its really motivated me to become a better player, cheers for the service


Submitted on the 18th June 2014 by Marcin from France who purchased a Ken Smith Hadrien Feraud  bass

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to tell you that the bass arrived without any problems or delays. For those last few days I was testing it a little bit and it looks like there's nothing to complain about. It's really fast, comfortable and has a nice tone. Thanks a lot for your help and for telling me about this extra 5-string with added C ( I think I'm gonna keep this set-up ).

Kind regards,


Submitted on the 2nd June by Owen who purchased an secondhand  Mike Lull PJ5 bass

Hi Marcus and Mark,

I thought I'd drop you an email and say that the Mike Lull PJ5 I bought from you on the bank holiday is just awesome.  It's so nice to play and it sounds exactly how I want it to.  The B string is fantastic.  I can't actually believe how good the intonation on it is, it is perfect!  Thank you for staying open a bit longer on that day so I could properly check it out before I bought it.

Many thanks, and all the best.

James Morgan

Submitted on the 3rd June by Pete who purchased a Bartolini pickup and preamp

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to drop you a quickie to say thanks for the help choosing the 9CBJD L1/S1 Barts for my warwick Thumb.

Paired with the U-retro I couldn’t be happier, they’ve brought the Bass to life. Balanced tone across the fretboard now and a lot more going on in the tone.

Many thanks and all the best,

Pete Black.

Submitted on the 2nd June by Owen who purchased an secondhand  bass

Bass arrived safely this morning. Really pleased with it - it's definitely as nice as you said it was.


Submitted on the 28h May by Tibor from Hungary who purchased an Ken Smith Hadrien Feraud  bass

Hi Mark

The bass has arrived, thank you. I am very happy with it, it's perfect, can't stop playing it :). Thank you for all your help and hard work.



Submitted on the 27th May by Tim who purchased an Roscoe CS5 std+ bass

Hi Mark


Thanks so much for introducing me to Roscoe basses, as you know it wasn’t the guitar I thought I’d be coming home with but after gigging it at the weekend I couldn’t be happier. I have owned and still own some very nice guitars but this beats the lot for playability and variation of tone, it’s both punchy and aggressive but can be as smooth as silk when required…………….Awesome in every sense!   

Submitted on the 25th May by Ian who purchased an MTD KZ4 bass

Called in today. Novice player. Superbly helpful and not precious towards a beginner at all. Thank you.

12 to the bar and Trent connection big bands.

Submitted on the 2nd May by Gareth  who purchased an Xotic XJ 1T 4 bass


The bass has arrived! It is a beauty! Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to play it amplified as my baby daughter has just gone to sleep - so I'm going to have to wait (patiently) until later!

First impression of the build quality are very good though. I love the finish on the body. It seems protective without being over thick like some lacquers on some basses. The colour is very tasteful too. I was a little worried that the body might be too big as I've read it is slight bigger than a 'standard' jazz. It doesn't feel bigger and in fact it feel loads more comfortable than my Fender Jazz. The area where you rest your right forearm is super comfortable. I find on my Jazz it kind of digs in a bit and is bordering on being uncomfortable. So the ergonomics seem well thought out.

The neck feels super solid and I like the natural finish to it. Having owned a few warwicks I quite like the feel of natural wood. I think this bass has a good combination of lacquered and not lacquered areas. The neck seems a little wider and thicker than my Fender Jazz, but I like this. Sometimes the traditional Jazz neck seem a little too thin. So I think this xotic has a very good compromise. Again they have clearly spent a lot of time trying to get this perfect.

So far I'm very impressed and you can tell that it is quality. After owning a few warwick which were always good in build I bought a Fender P and J bass. Lets just say you could tell the difference! I kind of like them for what they are, but I'm under no illusions with them. So it is nice that this bass has arrived with superb craftsmanship.

With that, thanks again for your great service. It is always a pleasure to purchase from you.

Very best regards


Submitted on the 1st May by Mike  who purchased an Brubaker MJXSC 5 bass

Hello Luke,

Just to let you know the Brute has arrived as promised and I have been testing it for the last couple of days.

Wonderful service, tone and playability - really happy with this!

Best wishes,


Submitted on the 5th April by Steve who purchased a second hand bass

Many thanks to Mark and his assistant (Luke) for their help, advice and patience on the purchase of the Fender Roscoe Beck V. It truly is a superb instrument and can only help to make me appear better than I am. Anybody who is looking to buy a new bass can look no further than Bass Direct. Excellent service and a good deal can be had. Once again, Mark, many thanks

Submitted on the 4th April by Wanna  who purchased an MTD KA 5 bass


     Just wanted to let you know that I received the bass and it's phenomenal, thank you very much for the amazing service.

Submitted on the 4th April March by Brian who purchased a Sandberg VM4 bass

Hi Mark
Received the Sandberg VM4 on Tuesday as you said but didn't get a chance to play it until last night.
Wow! Huge range of tones even through my Orange terror bass. Typical Sandberg fit and finish (top notch) and the playability is excellent. This will stand the test of time, its built like a tank.
My only niggle is maybe I should have gone for 5 strings! But hey that can be my future purchase

Service from you was excellent.  Very fair part ex price on my bass. Best communication I've ever had on an internet based purchase. Delivered on time. Faultless, consider me a returning future customer.

Submitted on the 31st March by Raph from Sweden  who purchased a Mono M802B case

Hi Mark, thanks for the Mono M80 bass bag I bought a while ago - it's excellent, it feels totally comfortable to carry despite both my basses being pretty heavy, it's easy to get basses in and out of as it keeps its shape.

I've just got one problem with it - it still looks brand new, which kinda makes me look like a beginner going to his first lesson. Apart from one tiny cut in the outer fabric it's still utterly pristine, all the zips still work flawlessly smoothly, nothing has ripped, no stitching has come apart. I get the feeling it's me that's going to achieve that "knackered old pro" look long before it does. It still literally looks like it did the day I bought it. I'm working on it, I'll let you know!



Submitted on the 30th March by Vince from Sweden  who purchased a comfort strap

Hi Mark.Thanks for posting the strap to me.Used it last night very pleased it does everything you said it would. Once again thanks for your attention and advice.



Submitted on the 24th March by Lars from Sweden  who purchased an Xotic XJ 1T 4 bass


Just received one beautiful XOTIC bass, no damages or wounds from transportation.

A really good piece of work (I'll rather say art)! Nice! A Dream Bass!

Thank you for excellent service!

Best regards, Lars

Submitted on the 24th March by Arwyn who purchased a Mike Lull PJ4 bass


It was good to put a face to the name / voice when I came to Warwick a few weeks ago. The PJ4 is really a superb bass, the finish is exceptional and the range of sounds using the pan control is unbelievable. What really impresses me is how comfortable it is to play, contoured like a Stratocaster and so light. From my perspective a really good buy.

Congratulations on the new Bass Direct bass made especially for you. In the picture you were wearing a cool Bass Direct polo shirt. Do you actually sell these?

Regards for now, Arwyn

Arwyn Howells

Submitted on the 15th March by Dan who purchased a Sandberg TM5 HCA bass

HI Mark


Thanks for the Sandberg California TM5 Hardcore aged that you sent me last week.

It arrived on time. It is the best bass I have ever owned for playability and sound, even better than my Fender Jazz American Deluxe V.

Also, thanks for accepting the friend’s request for my band Ursine Princes on Facebook.




Submitted on the 20th March by Vince in the USA who purchased a Spector Coda 5 DLX bass and stageclix pack system

Hi Mark thank you for your time and attention you gave me on my latest visit to your show room.I have now used the CODA Bass at a rehearsal a real joy to play also the Stageclix Pack wireless system worked well.I would just like say the build quality of Spector Basses Is second to none.Thanks for the deal see you soon.

Regards Vince.

Submitted on the 20th March by Al in the USA who purchased a second hand bass

I'm ecstatic…I received the bass today!This bass plays effortlessly...I placed the order with Mark on a Friday via bank transfer,cleared my US bank account to DirectBass bank on Monday…the bass shipped on Tuesday…I received it on Thursday.That's faster than ordering/shipping from some places here in the US.The bass was well packaged and received as described. Thank You,Mark for making this transaction a very pleasant experience.Al

Submitted on the 20th March by Rob who purchased a Cruz Tech kit

I bought this kit because I wanted to learn how to set up my basses properly, this product has the right tools and instructions to make you feel confident and independent with setting up a bass. Has really made my basses easier to play. Definitely worth buying if you're wanting to be a bass technician or just so you can set your own basses up!

Also check out my band Aces High


Submitted on the 15th March by Dan who purchased a Sandberg TM5 LH bass

Hi Mark

I just thought I'd send you a mail after having chance to play around with my new Sandberg TT5 in Marley blue.

The sounds from the guitar are exactly as I had hoped and more, as with my VM4 the tonal capabilities of the guitar are huge and I can see my go to guitar from here on out.

The attention to detail on the ageing process is awesome. Every little nick in the pick guard and scratching of the paintwork is superb.

Thank you for helping me select the guitar and please pass on my gratitude to the guys of Sandberg for their excellent craftsmanship.

All the best,


Submitted on the 10th March by Timl who purchased a second hand bass

Thank you Mark The bass was as described a beautiful warwick bass your service was by far the best service I've had in my 10 years of bass playing, I've put on the la Bella tapewound string and it,s sounding super sweet,

Thank you

Submitted on the 5th March by Paul who purchased a second hand bass

Hi Mark, I received the Mayones yesterday and I have to say the bass is a credit to the previous owner and yourselves. The Bass is exactly as described and is in absolutely new condition, many thanks for the fast shipping and with your help with the sale. Everyone knows that buying a guitar from pictures and without seeing the actual bass can be very daunting, but any fears I had were very soon dismissed as soon as I saw the bass. It was exactly as you stated and the set up and action is perfect.

I will have no problems dealing with you and Bass Direct again and I hope to get a chance to pop over and visit the shop sometime in the future.

Again, many thanks,

Paul Roche


Submitted on the 24th February by Mrs Potter who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 900 amplifier and 2 x Vanderkley MNT112  cabinets

Mrs Potter  - The Lady Plays the Bass – Kent

Date got Feb 2014


Having searched for a new amp and cabs for many months, sitting in many basements annoying salesmen with 'no don’t like it' comments and with the arrival of two new bands making this change somewhat urgent, plus the fact that realising that no hubby was around on practice night, it took me fifteen minutes to drag my combo amp to my car then another 10 to get it into the car, with consequential pulled back muscles insisting that I rapidly review the current arrangement,  I decided to try a new strategy. Rang bass direct spoke to Luke who impressed me with his passion and understanding of my predicament. I suggested Luke ring me back with four options which he promptly did then I spoke to Mark who explained more...I then gave the songs we are covering and in true girly style described the sound I was looking for, warm rich golden full, oh and just to make it more difficult, it has to look pretty in my front room! Oh and my husband won’t always be there to carry it for me.

Out of the suggestions I went for the streamliner 900 and the vanderkley cabs.

delivery was fantastic, early morning and next day.

Set up easy  - did ring to check I had got it right - again great service and no sighs or intonations of 'stupid woman'.

Sound - phenomenal - just what I was looking for. Great for both bands which range from raw blues to funk to slap….

Got our lead guitarist to come over just to check I was not hearing things and he too was impressed.

he was even more chuffed when turning up to practice, I was fully independent and needed no help to lug the stuff out or in - YEAHYY!

I could go into all sorts of technical stuff but I won’t because what I hear I LIKE and that to me was the most important factor in my purchase.


This was a big ask and some would say foolish to buy without a try but the backing of the send it back if you don’t like it from Luke and Mark gave me complete peace of mind especially from any scathing husband comments ( I pointed out that this was a very viable sensible purchase and he was lucky I was not into shoes). All in all very happy bunny.

OOH OOH did I mention it glows blue too which compliments my room colour scheme and is so so soothing.


Thanks guys.

Submitted on the 15th February by Daniel who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 600 amplifier

first impressions of this amp are very deceiving, it may be small but you can dial in pretty much any style of tone with out compromising the natural tone of your bass.I have now used this bass head now three times with my mark 4 x10 and 2x 10 and the warmth and clarity this amp offers is great, I am almost tempted to buy the 900 watt version! thanks all at bass direct!

Submitted on the 15th February by Daniel who purchased a Spector Legend Custom 5 bass

When i got Bass Direct Warwick i didn't know what to expect,as soon as i walked in was greeted with great service. i tried out many different 5 string basses in in my price range and ended up with the Spector legend custom 5, wow what a bass for the money. The range of tones from that instrument was great for what i needed (for a busy function band http://www.interseptors.com/) you can dial up a classic tone to a knarly warwick type tone amazing! needless to say its perfect for the work i do thanks mark and crew!

Submitted on the 15th February 2014 by Ian who purchased a Roscoe CS6 fretless bass

Hi Mark,

Having had the Roscoe for a couple of months now, I'd just like to say how wonderful it is. Sounds fantastic in a live setting and beautiful in the studio and plays so well. Find myself never wanting to put it down. And thank you so much for selling my other basses for me. Help way above and beyond the call of duty. Wouldn't have been able to get this beautiful bass without your help. 6 string fretted


All the very best to you.

Submitted on the 9th February by David who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 600 amplifier and 2 x Focus 112T cabinets

It was great to finally make it to Warwick. What an amazing place you've made, entirely different from any music shop I've bought from before, great knowledge base, understanding of what would work well for a client and amazing gear.

My Genz Benz shuttle 600 and 2 Focus 112 cabs had their first gig last night in a big room full of people as part of a loud rock band. They were fantastic! They cut through the mix in a way I'd never managed with my 4x10, 1x15 rig, and just sounded great. Loads of bottom end for my low B, flexible middle and really sharp tops. Punchy, clear and complete. At half time there was a cluster of bassists and guitarists from the crowd around my rig! Several assumed i was also going through the PA, which I wasn't. The blokes in the band were also very impressed.

Thanks to you both for your advice, I'm watching out now for that tobacco burst rosewood MTD so hope to be back in March.

Cheers, Steve Gill.

Submitted on the 2nd February 2014 by Ivor who purchased a Roscoe CS4 + bass

Hi Mark

Did the gig at the Genny B in Melton Mowbray on Saturday and the new Roscoe was unbelievable, I've never played a better bass in 50 years. It is so well balanced and the neck is a dream.....and the sound........well what can I say......just the best ever.....why did I wait so long to buy a Roscoe....the rest of the band also said it was the best sound they'd heard coming out of the Bergantinos.  Thank you Mark, I'm a happy man.

Ivor Jones

Submitted on the 28th January 2014 by Phil who purchased a Genz Benz Contour 115 combo

Hi Mark

Combo arrived as described, really pleased.

You've been absolutely first class to deal with  - thanks.

Submitted on the 18th January 2014 by Sylvian in France who purchased a Genz Benz Contour 115 combo


I am not the kind of guy who leaves comments, even when I ain't satisfied.

but I must say, the amp is GREAT, it's my best 15'' combo amp ever, way better than my TCelectronics or my AMPEG.

I am very happy I could get it for that price. Unbeatable  value for money.

Delivery was super fast.

Thanks for everything,


Submitted on the 15th January 2014 by Oli who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 900 amplifier and  1 x MNT212  cabinets

    1. Wow Mark! A-fricking-mazing!

    2. Had my first rehearsal with my rock covers band tonight, and the amp and cab sounded incredible! So tight, punchy and defined, yet uncoloured. It's the sound I've had in my head for a while! It will be good when I can boost lows a bit more though. Nice to have enough headroom that I'm unlikely to push the amp or cab to their limits too.

    3. Not that I'm much of a slapper but the "pops" sound amazing, it's almost studio monitor sort of clarity and accuracy. The amp really benefits from boosting the low mid frequencies a bit in my opinion. I find I have to have the input gain at about 1 o'clock and the volume at about 2 o'clock to get the fullness and punch I want, but I guess it'll tell me if it's overloading.

    4. All in all, I'm a very happy bunny! I've got a rehearsal with Hereford Soul Choir and then my funk and soul covers band tomorrow night; I can't wait!

    5. Thanks again Mark!

  1. Submitted on the 11th January 2014 by Des who purchased a Yamaha BB1025X bass

Just back from my first gig using the Yamaha BB1025X I got from you last Saturday. Absolutely blown away. It didn't just cut through in the mix, it pulled on big boots and slapped every bugger round the chops. Couldn't be happier, thanks so much.

Submitted on the 9th January 2014 by Mick who purchased a Spector Legend Custom 4 bass

Hi Mark

Just wanted to say many thanks for the excellent service I received at Bass Direct today (9/1/14) I wasn't pushed or pressurised into buying what I didn't want and was shown a range of guitars in my price bracket. The Spector Legend Custom 4 is exactly what I was looking for and now I have it home I am really happy with the sound and all at a good price to.

Many thanks


Submitted on the 3rd January 2014 by David who purchased a EBS Drome combo

Just a quick thank you for the excellent no fuss sale and delivery of my new EBS Classic Drome.

I don't really like to buy blind so was placing quite a bit of trust in a Company I'd not done any business with previously. I needn't have worried though as your description of this great little Combo was spot on. Many thanks, will definitely deal again.