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The BRIEFCASE is not your usual combo-practice amp. The most striking difference between this combo and others is that it features an extremely clean and powerful amplifier and full range compact speaker that can run on AC or DC power. It can accept voltages from 100 to 240 volts by using the voltage selector switch, can run on an internal lead acid gel battery (not supplied) or even an external 12V DC source such as a automotive starting battery.

Though it is a dedicated bass amplifier, this unit will work ideally for other instruments, particularly acoustic variety due to its natural sound character. This unit is also an ideal upright bass amplifier.

The two 5 inch proprietary PJB drivers have been acoustically optimally loaded by precise computer analysis to provide a full-range, dynamic sound that can play down to an open E string with ease.

The BRIEFCASE can handle an open B string if not too much bass boost is used.

Ideal match for upright basses


SPEAKERS:  2 high-power, full-range dedicated bass instrument loudspeakers in a computer-optimised, vented enclosure

POWER:  100W

WEIGHT:  28 lb

DIMENSIONS: inch  6.5 x 14.5 x 15.75

INPUT:  Active / Passive

FEATURES:  Compressor/limiter, 5-Band EQ, Headphone out, Balanced-line out, Pre-amp out, Extension-speaker out

AC VOLTAGE:  110-220 Volt

DC VOLTAGE:  12 Volt (Internal rechargeable battery - optional)


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