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O2 Oxygen preamp - £199.00

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The O2 Oxygen Bass Preamp breathes life into your bass, emphasising both the characteristics of your instrument and your technique. With its efficient and sensitive controls it allows you to deliver YOUR tone – whether on stage or in the studio.

The O2 Oxygen Bass Preamp is effective with digital, solid state or valve amplification and with both electric bass and electro-acoustic double bass instruments. Plugged into a P.A. system, the preamp offers an alternative to the usual bass amplification while the balanced D.I. output allows optimum interfacing on stage or in the studio.

The foot-switch “MODE” allows instant selection of one of two distinct tones: deep warm and smooth, or hard, fast and responsive. Both modes are delivered dynamically and with great definition.

The O2 Oxygen Bass Preamp is a creative tool that presents multiple tones with consistent musicality to the bass player at work.

The Nemphasis household would have not been complete without the most classic and beautiful modulation pedal for electric bass.
Steam Bass : the analog chorus built without compromise so as to be able to satisfy even the most demanding of bass players!
The sound is extremely focused, controlled and dynamically not to miss even the smallest detail of execution, but at the same time fascinating and “dreamlike” thanks to the analog circuitry and the use of a Bucket Brigade device.
Find your sound is easy with the the efficients controls on the Steam Bass.
In addition to the classic Speed and Depth controls, the Steam Bass has an FX Level knob allowing for a fine adjustment of the amount of the effected. This permits you to range from a hint of chorus, to a loaded and vibrant sound, well appreciated by experimental and ambient music lovers. Yet we were not entirely satisfied as we wanted your bass to retain precision at extremely low frequencies. This was achieved by means of the “HPF” – High-Pass Filter – switch through which you can select the frequency point of the high-pass filter with a slope of 6db/oct connected on the effected line path: L for less bass frequency attenuation, H for more bass frequency attenuation.

Steam Bass? Demanded by your pedalboard.

Finally a high quality optical compressor specifically designed for bass.
From fingers to pick, the COMP VT Bass enhances any bass performance, providing incomparable and absolutely top quality presence, sustain and dynamic control.

The compressor that every bass player should have.

Very sensitive to the touch, the Smoking Bass maintains the natural tone of the instrument either used to deliver a lightly saturated harmonic sound of delightful valve taste or for a more extreme distortion. The Smoking Bass will always be dynamic, musical, transparent and a definition on low frequencies which are out of the ordinary.

It’s the pedal to turn on and never switch off…

Impedance adapter, buffer, for professional use. The Z-PRO, connected between instrument and amplifier or effects chain is able to keep unaltered the tone colour of the instrument thanks to a perfect impedance matching. Particularly useful when the connection between instrument and amplifier/mixer is considerably long (over 4 m) or the effects chain is composed of true bypass pedals.
The Z-PRO Buffer does not need to be activated, as it does not introduce gain but only adjusts the impedance. Therefore it is recommended to keep it permanently switched on.

Thanks to its small size (38 X 92 mm) it can be included into any pedalboard.

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About Nemphasis

Who? A team of passionate people who care about music. Nemphasis was the brain child of a highly skilled electrical technician with a vision.

What? Intricately designed guitar and bass pedals, power supplies and audio electronic devices for those who care about the quality of sound.

Where? Based in Italy, but able to reach a global audience.

When? The idea began in 2011. Nemphasis has been around since 2011 but is expanding on a daily basis, gaining recognition, respect and appreciation from industry professionals.

How? From an acorn comes a mighty oak… From the idea of a small boy at School to the ever expanding company that it is today.

Why? Nemphasis is always striving for perfection, pushing boundaries, inventing new concepts. To us, this is personal. We care. We care about the musician, the product, your point of view. We are true to ourselves and we believe in our product. We want you to believe it too.


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