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NS Design Omnibass NXT 5 Black bass (list £1699)


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  1. A secondhand instrument in great condition with a couple of small dings in the finish, plus gig bag.

  1. The NXT Series Omni Bass, with the familiar 34 inch bass guitar scale, is designed for the bass guitarist interested in adding the character and expressiveness of an acoustic upright bass, or the NS electric upright, to his performance palette. Available in four & five-string configurations, with either Satin Black or Sunburst finish, these well-priced instruments are produced in the Czech Republic with the same meticulous care as NS Design's renowned CR Series Omni Bass.

Omnibass shown with Boomerang strap - click on images to enlarge;

The NXT Series Omni Bass, with the familiar 34" bass guitar scale, is designed for the bass guitarist interested in adding the character and expressiveness of an acoustic double bass to his performance palette. Combining the tonal purity of an upright bass with the awesome power of a full-blown electric, the NXT Omni Bass is the perfect cross-over instrument for players with a more conservative budget.

Available in 4 & 5 string configurations, with a choice of Sunburst or Black Satin finishes, the NXT Omni Bass is produced in the Czech Republic with the same meticulous care as NS Design's renowned CR Series and features the same, self-powered NS Polar™ Pickup System, which captures the essence of plucked or bowed playing with stunning richness, control and clarity. The NXT Omni Bass responds to the bow with a natural and expressive voice, combining powerful bass resonance with brilliant harmonics. Its strings are easily driven, making it possible for bassists with little bowing experience to add this beautiful dimension to their music. The passive on-board electronics eliminate the need for batteries and incorporate NS Design's innovative JackPot™ potentiometer in the volume and tone controls, ensuring that the NXT Omni Bass delivers a robust output and full-spectrum tone for the ultimate sound with any system, in any musical style.

34" Scale

The 34" scale length of the NXT Omni Bass 4 is the same as standard electric bass. Tuned in fourths (E - A - D - G), the fingering positions and spacing are identical to the bass guitar, and therefore immediately familiar to any bass player. The Omni Bass can also be tuned in fifths, for fingerings that are more natural for the cellist seeking enhanced bass range.

Solid Maple Construction

The solid maple body and neck, together with the graduated ebony fingerboard, deliver a rich, full tone that rings true for every note. The adjustable bridge and truss rod allow for low, fast action, or for higher string settings that encourage the traditional acoustic player to 'dig in' with gusto.

TransRadius™ Fingerboard

All NXT Omni Bass models feature the NS TransRadius™ fingerboard, which employs a unique compound curve to provide the comfort and ease of a nearly-flat profile as the fingerboard approaches the nut, while transitioning to a curvature optimized for either plucked or bowed performance at the bridge. 

For a left-hand feel which is familiar to an experienced bass guitarist, the radius at the nut is 10" whilst,  at the end of the fingerboard near the bridge, the radius is just 2.5 inches - large enough to maintain good string-to-string articulation with the bow, yet still comfortable for pizzicato (plucked/picked) style. The asymmetrical fingerboard relief facilitates an even 'growl' from the higher strings and a clear, powerful lower register.

The transition from nut to bridge features a carefully calibrated asymmetric convex curvature, providing optimal fingerboard relief at each position. For even greater control, players can adjust the truss rod to tailor the neck relief to their particular needs.

The result is a remarkably comfortable, even feel for every style of performance. Bass guitarists will find the Omni Bass even more inviting than ever as a "cross-over" instrument whilst traditional upright players will find the TransRadius design familiar since many upright basses are designed with some degree of compound fingerboard curvature.

Cascading Position Markers

Dots for each semi-tone cascade across the fingerboard, a unique configuration that provides a clear visual fingering reference. The logical dot pattern is of critical value to the novice player, and an invaluable reference guide for the seasoned pro.

Polar™ Pickup System

The multiple sensor NS Polar bridge pickup system has two modes of operation: "arco" and "pizzicato". This allows the player to optimize bowed response, and to control attack and decay characteristics for plucking. The deep bass and brilliant highs possible with piezo crystal technology give the instrument a beautiful, dynamic, and versatile sound. (Note: For bowing, it is best to use the bridge pickup only in arco mode).

Passive JackPot™ Potentiometer

Conventional passive volume and tone controls work by siphoning a portion of the output signal to ground, and continue to hold back a portion of the pickup's signal even when turned up all the way. The JackPot incorporates a rotary switch that disengages the ground when turned fully clockwise, delivering 100% of the instrument's signal.


The NXT Series Omni Bass comes complete with an NXT padded gig bag.

NS Design NXT Series NXT4 4-String Omni Bass

  1.  Construction: Solid, straight grain maple body & neck

  2.  Finish: Black Satin with maple face or Sunburst with flame maple face

  3.  Fingerboard:  Hand graduated, TransRadius™ Ebony fingerboard; Intonation referenced with cascading dot markers & side dots

  4.  Bridge Pickup: NS Polar™ directional piezo pick-up system

  5.  Electronics: Passive circuit with high impedance output, no batteries required

  6.  Controls: Switch for Polar Pickup Balance (between pizzicato/arco modes) / Volume control / Tone control (treble roll off)

  7.  Truss Rod:  Single Action, accessible at nut.

  8.  Tuning Machines: 12:1 ratio, fully encased worm gear tuners, black finish

  9.  Length: 111.8cm (44.5")

  10.  Width: 15cm (5.7")

  11.  Thickness: 10cm (4")

  12.  Weight: 3.2kg (7.0lbs)

  13.  Scale Length:  34" (86.4cm)

  14.  Strings: NS Design/D'Addario Flatwound, Medium tension, Stranded Steel Core (NS710 + Low B, or High C)

  15.  Strap: NS Boomerang™ Strap System

  16.  Gig Bag: Padded NXT gig bag

The NS Design Passive JackPot™ Potentiometer

All NXT Series instruments now boast an exciting new performance feature by Ned Steinberger, the NS JackPot potentiometer...

Whether you know it or not, your volume and tone pots are robbing tone from your instrument even when they are turned up full. The JackPot is a combination potentiometer and rotary switch which is able to completely bypass the instruments' volume and tone circuitry, producing a stronger signal level, greater warmth, and more overall intensity.

How it works...

Conventional controls reduce the volume level by bleeding a portion of the output signal to ground. Rotating the knob counterclockwise increases the portion that is connected to ground, thus reducing the output level until it is fully grounded and the volume is zero. However, when the knob is rotated fully clockwise for maximum volume, there is still a portion of the signal that bleeds to ground, and as a result the output level never reaches the full level the pickup would achieve if it were wired directly to the output jack.

The JackPot’s rotary switch clicks open when the knob reaches the end of its full on (clockwise) rotation. The open switch lifts the ground to the pot, eliminating the load on the pickups and allowing the full signal to reach the output jack. When the knob is rotated counterclockwise, the ground to the pot is reconnected so the pot returns to standard operation. In this mode the sound and function are exactly the same as an ordinary control.

With the JackPot, players can run full on, with the pickups wired directly to the output jack, yet still have a trusty volume knob to back off instantly to a lower level when needed.

The WAV Series Omni Bass, with the familiar 34" bass guitar scale, is the perfect choice for the bass guitarist interested in adding the character and expressiveness and tonal purity of an acoustic double bass to his performance palette or for the intrepid cello player seeking a radically modern means of musical expression.

The new WAV Omni Bass range comprises a choice of four and five string configurations, with a variety of high gloss, flame maple Amberburst, Transparent Black and Transparent Red finishes. All made from solid maple bodies and necks and manufactured in Korea.

All CR Series Omni Bass models are hand made in the Czech Republic - 4 and 5 string, fretless and fretted - feature the familiar 34" bass guitar scale and use identical fingering to that of the conventional bass guitar, making them uniquely attractive to electric bass players seeking an authentic sounding "crossover" instrument that bridges the gap between electric and upright bass. The Omni Bass also calls to upright bassists and intrepid cellists who require a more portable, electric alternative and who seek to expand their expressive range and discover dynamic new plucked and bowed sounds.

From punchy, percussive attack to smooth, singing sustain, the NS Polar™ piezo pickup is the only system that allows the bassist to control the attack and decay of the plucked string. EMG magnetic pickups add classic electric sounds. The on-board pre-amp, EQ, and mixer allow the player full control of this wide tonal palette right from the instrument.

The Omni Bass responds to the bow with a natural and expressive voice, combining powerful bass resonance with brilliant harmonics. The strings are easily driven on both fretted and fretless models, making it possible for bassists with little bowing experience to add this beautiful dimension to their music.

Deep, resonant bass response is the essence of this remarkable new instrument. Whether plucked or bowed, the Omni Bass delivers pure, exciting acoustic and electric bass sounds that can be tailored to compliment virtually any musical style or gig.

Interchangeable Support Systems

The Boomerang Strap System is standard with the NXT Omni Bass. Two articulated arms and a pivoting hub allow full mobility on stage or in studio. The comfortable Boomerang strap fits over the shoulder just like a guitar, but the adjustable arms allow the instrument to be placed in virtually any position in relation to the hands and body. The Boomerang Strap System allows full mobility for either bowing or plucking.

An alternative Frame Strap System is also available... A light frame structure is supported by a single guitar style strap extending over the left shoulder. This holds the bass in the correct positions for both pizzicato and arco styles and offers full mobility and amazing comfort.

The optional, self-standing NS Tripod Stand provides stable fixed support for the instrument. Virtually any angle can be set whether you prefer standing or sitting. A matching black finish provides a sleek compliment to the instrument.

The optional NS End Pin Stand provides a more traditional upright bass feel. It too is easily adjustable so that the instrument remains evenly balanced without support and, with the addition of the NS End Pin Conversion Kit, it can be "parked" on the NS Tripod Stand, to hold the instrument upright for on-stand performance or secured when not in use.

An optional Flight Case is also available, constructed from aluminum edged plywood and measuring 145cm x 25cm x 25cm (57" x 10" x 10") with loaded weight of approximately 18kg (40lb) including stand.


Steel, aluminum, tungsten, and bronze are combined to make strings that are unusually responsive, with singing highs and a deep low register. These polished low-tension flatwound strings are effortless to play and minimize unwanted finger noise. The bright pizzicato growl provides an authentic acoustic tone, yet these strings deliver plenty of sustain and drive when you need it. Developed in collaboration with D'Addario, these strings are also ideal for bowing. They respond much quicker to the bow than traditional bass strings, so expressive bow technique is easier to develop and maintain. The Omni Bass is designed to accommodate any standard bass guitar string, adding unlimited set up options for musicians who want to explore & create their own unique sound.


The fully adjustable mono-pod design allows the player to set the instrument in a position like that of an acoustic double bass. The point where the end pin touches the floor can be easily adjusted so that the weight of the instrument is centred over the tip. This balances the instrument, leaving both hands free for expressive play.

Boomerang STRAP

The Boomerang Strap System gives the player full mobility, and the freedom to play in virtually any position without stress and fatigue. The simple design incorporates two support arms and a pivoting friction hub that holds the instrument firmly in place, yet allows the instrument to be moved into virtually any position in relation to the hands and body as it is played.

The secret of the Boomerang Strap is that the instrument can be rotated into place without moving the strap itself. With the strap over the shoulder like a guitar, the arms adjust to a comfortable position against waist and hips. The player can now move the instrument into the ideal playing position without changing the position of the strap; vertical, horizontal, or anywhere in between, with the fingerboard and strings tilting in toward the body or away, the strap system still remains in place, firm and comfortable against the body. The result is freedom of expression with unprecedented comfort for bow and pizzicato styles of play.

The Boomerang system fits all models of the Omni Bass, NS Double Bass, and NS Cello. The strap system screws into the same mounting insert that is used to for the & Stands so that all three support systems are easily interchanged.

Frame Strap

Lightweight frame design has triangulated body contact points to provide a high degree of stability and comfort.

Convenient height and angle adjustments allow players to accommodate personal styles of play. In addition to the vertical position, the neck can be angled horizontally like a guitar for picking and strumming.

A single wing nut secures the instrument in place for fast set-up and breakdown. The strap system fits both cello and double bass.

Virtually all traditional playing techniques are possible, including thumb position. The instrument neck is tilted back and close to the shoulder, but the body angles out, away from the body for excellent bow access across the full arc of play. This angle also helps traditional cello and bass pizzicato technique to sound and feel natural.


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