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End pin kit package £139.00

Frame Strap package  £163.00

NXT NS Electric Traditional Bass strings - Special Offer £110

NXT NS Electric Contemporary Bass strings - Special Offer £105

NXT NS Electric Traditional Bass strings + B  Special Offer £154

NXT NS Electric Contemporary Bass strings + B Special Offer £154

GHS Crossover NXT 4 strings £59

GHS Crossover NXT 5 strings £79

Add clip on tuner, ideal for NXT £16.99

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NS Design... For The Perfect Performance

The NS CR Series Double Bass, with its exceptional versatility and tonal quality, has long been an indispensable tool for the serious bassist and is one of the most popular electric uprights amongst professional players.

Available in 4 and 5 string models, the lean, solid body CR Series Double Bass is made from select maple and ebony. The full scale fingerboard is graduated for consistent response from note to note, with adjustable relief and bridge height to suit all playing styles. The NS Polar™ bridge pickup system combines great sound with directional sensitivity, for a rich and expressive response to pizzicato and arco technique.

"Boasts impeccable craftsmanship from a country with a reputation for quality upright bass building. Its clean aesthetics, excellent playability, and great sound put it ahead of the pack" Bass Player Magazine

The NS CR4M and CR5M models additionally feature EMG™ magnetic pickups which further expand the performance possibilities to include classic, modern electric bass sounds, as well as an astonishing pure, acoustic tone. 

The CRT 4 and 5 string models are designed for players with more "traditional" tastes, preserving the standard 106cm upright scale length and ensuing that fingering and string tension are consistent with those of acoustic upright double basses. 

Several interchangeable support systems are available for the bass: the self supporting tripod stand (supplied), a more conventional end pin stand and a choice of NS Design shoulder strap systems for full mobility.

Maple Body & Neck

The body and neck of the CR Series Double Bass are crafted from solid European hard maple, with a flame maple face. The neck has a traditional upright shape, but with extended access to the upper register of the fingerboard. The solid-body design enhances sustain and clarity and is resistant to the adverse effects of temperature change and humidity

Ebony Fingerboard

The seasoned ebony fingerboard is hand graduated to ensure that each note is even and buzz free.  An adjustable truss rod allows for precise relief adjustment for different strings and playing style. Small dots across the neck provide accurate position markers.

NS Polar Bridge Pickup System

The Polar™ pickup system can sense either lateral or vertical string vibration - or both! Set in the lateral mode, the pickup has unparalleled sensitivity in the direction of the bow. In the vertical mode, plucked notes are remarkably even and sustained.

EMG Magnetic Pickups (on CR4M & CR5M Models)

The low-impedance EMG pickups incorporate individually adjustable coils and neodymium magnets. Each coil is buffered separately for a full sound quality with very low noise

Active EQ & Mixer

Controls include volume, a toggle switch to select the mode of the Polar pickup and individual bass & treble controls. On the CR4M & CR5M and additional blend control allows the ouput of the magnetic and piezo pickups to be mixed to your taste. The 18 volt power supply insures plenty of reserve overhead for full dynamics.

Adjustable Bridge

Two screws in the back of the body are used to adjust the bridge up and down. This allows the instrument to be set up to meet the requirements of many different playing styles.


  1. Adjustable CR Tripod Stand - Heavy duty steel construction; Full height and tilt adjustments allow the player to select the ideal position, seated or standing.

  2. Padded Gig Gag - Padded tube with handle and shoulder strap, 137 cm (54") long; 18cm (7") in diameter. Loaded weight is 8.2kg (18lbs), including stand. Fits in the overhead luggage compartment of most commercial aircraft.


This "traditional" version of the NS CR Series Double Bass is set up to satisfy the needs of the experienced upright bassist. Acoustic Helicore Hybrid™ strings by D'Addario, specially designed for NS Double Basses, are standard on both the 4 and 5 string CRT models. These deliver a classic upright tone... warm and percussive, with a great response to the bow. The bridge is raised to lift the strings above the fingerboard for an action typical of an acoustic upright. Higher string tension and action make it possible to "dig in" as one would on an acoustic, with reserves of rich sound that can be eased back for a traditional tone, or brought forward for exciting new sounds.

A standard 106 cm acoustic upright scale length is employed to ensure that fingering and string tension will be very close to conventional instruments. The neck shape is traditional, except that the small body allows unrestricted access to the upper register of the fingerboard. A small brass button on the back of the neck provides a tactile reference for the traditional "D neck" position. Dot markers provide a subtle but effective intonation reference.

The exclusive Polar™ pickup has 2 modes of operation, "arco" and "pizzicato", that may be blended together. When blended equally (with the balance control centered) the response is similar to an acoustic upright. The arco mode enhances sensitivity to the bow, whilst the plucked response is extraordinarily percussive. In the pizzicato mode, the percussive attack is reduced for a smooth sustained response. Bass and Treble EQ controls, in combination with the Polar pickup options, provide tremendous tonal range.

An End Pin Stand is standard equipment with the CRT Series. The fully adjustable mono-pod design allows the player to set the instrument in a position like that of an acoustic double bass. The point where the end pin touches the floor can be easily adjusted so that the weight of the instrument is centered over the tip. This balances the instrument leaving both hands free for expressive play. In conjunction with the NS End Pin Stand Conversion Kit, the End Pin Stand can be "parked" on the NS Tripod Stand to hold the instrument upright for on-stand performance or when not in use. In addition, the NS Frame Strap and Boomerang Systems are available, offering full on-stage mobility.

The EU model, the Flagship of NS Design's European Fleet

the EU Series Double Bass is made in the Czech Republic to the exact same specifications as the original US Series instruments. Its revolutionary design is molded with concentric laminations of graphite and rock maple that run the entire length of the instrument for maximum sonic & structural integrity. The back of the neck is curved inward to follow the arch of the graphite fingerboard, resulting in a slim, easy to play neck with full access to the upper register.

The Polar™ Pickup System, with its ability to respond to lateral and vertical vibration separately, or both at once, is uniquely suited to an instrument that is both bowed and plucked. A fabulous bowed response and drum-like pizzicato attack are characteristic of the lateral mode, while the sustained pizzicato response of the vertical mode creates a new dimension for the upright bass. Magnetic pickups by EMG add the ability to add a more contemporary "electric" option to the tonal pallet and with an active 2-band EQ and full control of pickup selection and blend, the sonic options are virtually unlimited.

The EU Series Double Bass - available in 5 and 6 string versions - is truly in a class of its own, offering the upright bassist unparalleled performance and tonal quality.

Maple/Graphite Laminate

The body and neck of the NS EU Series instruments employ a unique laminating process combining 27 alternate thin layers of maple (for the feel and warmth of wood), and graphite fibres (for brilliance, consistent sustain and stability) adhered in an epoxy matrix. The entire back of the instrument is curved forward to follow the curve of the front surface, forming a single continuous structure... The result: remarkable strength & tonal brilliance.

Concentric Neck, Body & Peghead

The back of the neck is curved inward to follow the arch of the fingerboard; this concave shape creates a broad recess for the thumb and keeps neck thickness under 25mm (1") allowing a fast feel for its entire length and ensuring structural integrity from neck to body.


The EU Series Double Bass features the unique, NS Designed, bridge-mounted Polar™ directional piezo pickup system, which can respond, selectively, to either lateral vibration (for dynamic bowing, and a percussive plucked sound), vertical vibration (for sustained plucked sound), or a combination of both. Set in the lateral mode, the pickup has unparalleled sensitivity in the direction of the bow; In the vertical mode, plucked notes are remarkably even and sustained. The bridge pickup can be selectively blended with the low-impedance EMG™ magnetic pickups, which incorporate individually adjustable coils and neodymium magnets.

Active EQ & Mixer

Controls include volume & blend controls for the magnetic and piezo pickups, as well as individual bass & treble EQ controls. The response of the Polar™ Pickup can also be blended between pizzicato (vertical vibration) and arco (lateral vibration) modes.



The fully adjustable mono-pod design allows the player to set the instrument in a position like that of an acoustic double bass. The point where the end pin touches the floor can be easily adjusted so that the weight of the instrument is centred over the tip. This balances the instrument, leaving both hands free for expressive play.

Boomerang STRAP

The Boomerang Strap System gives the player full mobility, and the freedom to play in virtually any position without stress and fatigue. The simple design incorporates two support arms and a pivoting friction hub that holds the instrument firmly in place, yet allows the instrument to be moved into virtually any position in relation to the hands and body as it is played.

The secret of the Boomerang Strap is that the instrument can be rotated into place without moving the strap itself. With the strap over the shoulder like a guitar, the arms adjust to a comfortable position against waist and hips. The player can now move the instrument into the ideal playing position without changing the position of the strap; vertical, horizontal, or anywhere in between, with the fingerboard and strings tilting in toward the body or away, the strap system still remains in place, firm and comfortable against the body. The result is freedom of expression with unprecedented comfort for bow and pizzicato styles of play.

The Boomerang system fits all models of the Omni Bass, NS Double Bass, and NS Cello. The strap system screws into the same mounting insert that is used to for the & Stands so that all three support systems are easily interchanged.

Frame Strap

Lightweight frame design has triangulated body contact points to provide a high degree of stability and comfort.

Convenient height and angle adjustments allow players to accommodate personal styles of play. In addition to the vertical position, the neck can be angled horizontally like a guitar for picking and strumming.

A single wing nut secures the instrument in place for fast set-up and breakdown. The strap system fits both cello and double bass.

Virtually all traditional playing techniques are possible, including thumb position. The instrument neck is tilted back and close to the shoulder, but the body angles out, away from the body for excellent bow access across the full arc of play. This angle also helps traditional cello and bass pizzicato technique to sound and feel natural.

Customer reviews:

Submitted on the 26th November 2012 by Chris who purchased a NS NXT bass

Hi Mark,

 Sorry for the delay! Hope you are well. Just e-mailing you to thank-you for getting the NS NXT bass out to me! It is probably the best Instrument I have ever brought for less than £1000. When it comes out of the box its a little disappointing for someone looklng to nail the upright bass tone. However, after changing the strings for the traditional set and raising the bridge the difference is huge. The other unforeseen benefit is it looks so great my partner does not mind seeing it around the house, she thinks it looks like an expensive ornament. So I am not always being told to put the bass away!

Many Thanks


Submitted on the 11th November 2011 by John who purchased an NXT 5 bass and an EBS combo

Hi Mark

Just a quick note of thanks for your help in choosing the NXT5 upright and EBS amp on Monday. I'm very pleased I went for the five string. It all sounds great including/especially when through a PA.

I will at some point soon I will want to choose a footswitch/pedal to be able to select either the NXT or my BG (active with piezo pick up). The signals are of course very different. Can you suggest any budget options?



Submitted on the 24th April 2010 by Paul who purchased the NS Design, NXT 5 string EUB


Just wanted to say thanks for the great service in getting me the NXT 5 string.  The bass arrived as promised on Thursday in A1 condition.  Having had a chance to play it over the last week, it really is a great instrument.  Very well finished and a great natural tone.  The amplified bowed and pizzicato sounds are excellent.  I'm still getting familiar with the instrument and having been playing double bass for over 25 years its amazing how reliant you are on the physical features of the double bass for intonation and navigation around the fingerboard.  With no heel of the neck or body to guide you it does mean a lot more concentration.  Thumb position is a lot easier though without the body and with the added benefit of the intonation markers - some might think this is cheating!

Anyway, thanks once again and I'll have no hesitation in recommending your business to other bass playing colleagues.

Paul Vaughan


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Amplification for double bass.

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  2. PHIL JONES BASS CUB 100w combo or PHIL JONES BASS Double 4 75w

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