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Music Man BFR StingRay 5 Fretless, Fuego

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This is an icon. Instilled with total playing freedom. The Music Man BFR StingRay Fretless Bass represents the pinnacle of fluid playability, powerful sound, and stunning style. Its fretless design provides a unique playing experience that's smoother, slicker, and faster than any standard fretted bass. So gliding from note to note in your bass lines is easier than ever.

A single Music Man humbucker provides total sonic purity by eliminating noise. But the real genius of the StingRay's sound comes from its excellent active 3-band EQ. Giving you complete control over your tone, you can tweak your bass' voice using dials for treble, mid, and bass. And the 18V preamp provides an extra kick of power, ensuring your basslines stand out in a mix. This legend is the ultimate instrument for pro performers looking for a bass to last a lifetime.

  1. Weight: 3.5kg/8lb 6oz

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The iconic StingRay punch

There aren't many basses out there with a sound as recognisable and powerful as the Music Man StingRay. Since its introduction over 40 years ago in 1976, the StingRay bass has found its way into the hands of some of the most legendary bassists of all time. From Flea's funky slap bass tones with Red Hot Chili Peppers to Bernard Edwards of Chic's driving disco sound, this is an instrument with real musical heritage.

That heritage owes a lot to the unique punch the StingRay's active 3-band EQ provides. The first bass to ever feature on-board active EQ, the StingRay is the master of giving you complete control over your tone, while adding an extra kick of sensational power to your sound. This model has an 18V active preamp, giving you tone-tweaking options for bass, treble, and mid, and boosting your sound to deliver an overall voice that's capable of cutting through any mix.

Play without limits

The Music Man BFR StingRay features the unique sound and feel you can only get from a fretless bass. With no fret wires acting as barriers to your movement around the fingerboard, you can perform smooth slides and glissandos up and down the scale. The roasted maple used for the neck and fingerboard is supremely sleek - a stunning playing surface that your fingertips will fall in love with. And, as is a bonus with all fretless basses, if your tuning drops out mid-song, you can compensate by adjusting your playing positions. In other words, you aren't held back by frets. Experience true freedom in your playing.

Perfectly clear bass tone

Never fear. You needn't worry about your bass tone getting muddied or enjoying anything less than perfect clarity ever again. The Music Man BFR StingRay is loaded with a top-quality Music Man humbucker. Designed to cut out any noise interference your signal may suffer, you're left with a flawlessly pure tone that sounds fantastic. So your audience will only be hearing your basslines exactly as you intend them to be heard.

Unmistakably stylish

Even if you don't want to admit it, musicians are shallow. And that means you are too. So pretty near the top of the list of questions you need to ask when you're buying a new instrument is: "does it look good?" The answer, in the case of this Music Man StingRay, is a definite yes. Finished in a classy-yet-striking sunburst, with the natural pattern of the ash body visible beneath the colour, this attractive bass is the kind of guitar you'll be proud to be seen playing.

Peak protection

A bass that sounds this good, plays this good, and looks this good deserves to be protected. Music Man have included an ultra-durable hard shell case at no extra cost, which means keeping your bass safe when you're on the road is made easy. The tough exterior of the case will keep your StingRay in pristine condition, and you'll be safe in the knowledge that your instrument is secure while you're on your travels.



  1. Model Name: Music Man BFR StingRay 5 Fretless Bass, Fuego

  2. Body Material: Ash

  3. Body Finish: High-Gloss Polyester

  4. Colour: Fuego

Neck and Fingerboard

  1. Neck Material: Selected Figured Roasted Maple

  2. Neck Finish: High-Gloss

  3. Fingerboard Material:

  4. Scale Length: 34''

  5. Neck Radius: 11''

Hardware and Electronics

  1. Bridge: Music Man Chrome-Plated Hardened Steel Bridge

  2. Tuning Machines: Custom Music Man

  3. Pickup: Standard Music Man Humbucker

  4. Controls: 3-Band 18V Active Preamp w/Volume, Treble, Mid, and Bass


  1. Strings: Ernie Ball Super Slinky Bass

  2. Case: Hard Shell (Included)

Tel: 01926 886433

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