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Modulation, Flanger, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Filter, Envelope filter

  1. BOSS BF3  Flanger pedal  £60

  2. Eden Californiwha pedal Special offer £60, boxed, NEW!

  3. Merris Enzo - Envelope filter/synth, VGC, home use only - £200

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Californiwha - List £119

The Californiwah is a professional Bass Filter pedal that provides both the expression and excitement you need to standout. Designed just for bass players, the Californiwah pedal provides the flexibility to adjust filter frequency levels and delicately tailor the sensitivity of the effect, so you can choose exactly how much expression you get and when! So if you are looking to add some excitement to your percussive sound or simply liven up your Bass runs, the Californiwah provides the tool you need to achieve the right results.

Pedal Type:  Bass Filter

Input Jack:  1/4"

Output Jack:  1/4" and XLR

Power Requirements:  15v supply included

  1. Boss BF3 Flanger


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