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Mod Devices

DWARF - £429

The MOD Devices Dwarf Audio Processing Unit opens a new world of digital multi-effects and instruments for the modern studio and live musician. Condensing down the best sounds of the last few decades, the MOD Devices Dwarf gives you immediate access to the sounds of your favourite albums at a fraction of the cost. Hosting complex plugins and algorithms, the Dwarf gives you the ability to load over 400 sounds to craft and curate your signature pedalboard and amplifier setup, as well as over 30 virtual instruments and more. Based around an open-source ethos, MOD Devices Dwarf allows you to download and share presets with users all over the world and lets you be your own engineer and create your own plugin to create the effect you can hear in your head.

Explore a multitude of different effects, amp simulations, cabinet simulations, synthesizers and MIDI utilities with a forever expanding number of options becoming available thanks to the constant updates from MOD Devices. Patch and craft your sound in complete freedom with the ability to split, join and feedback signals together in a completely modular fashion, letting you break free from convention signal chains and explore something fresh and unique. All the creations can be saved, uploaded to the cloud, and used anytime without the necessity of a computer. Supported by a strong open-source community, the gallery is always growing.

Using only the finest components and parts, the Dwarf runs your audio in immaculate fidelity, with incredible AD/DA conversion, making it the ultimate studio tool for recording engineers with thanks to the USB connectivity to use the unit as an audio interface. Constructed from extremely durable metal, the Dwarf is ready for the rigors of the touring musician, and thanks to the extremely compact footprint, is ready to be taken with you everywhere in a simple backpack.


  1. Quad Core ARM A35 CPU at 1.3GHz, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage

  2. 3 endless knobs, 3 footswitches (with LEDs), 3 pushbuttons and a menu button

  3. 2.9″ LCD display

  4. Dimensions: 105*202*54mm (L*W*H)

  5. Weight: 800 grams


  1. Dual 6.35mm TRS independent audio inputs, with gain configurable from -12dB to +35dB, 1M Ohm input impedance, unbalanced

  2. Dual 6.35mm TRS independent audio outputs, with gain configurable from 0dB to -127dB, balanced or unbalanced

  3. 3.5mm TRS Headphone output, with gain configurable from -33dB to +12dB

  4. 3.5mm TRS MIDI type-A input and output

  5. USB Type-B Device port for connecting to a computer

  6. USB Type-A Host port for MIDI controllers, Bluetooth and Flashdrives

  7. Control Chain port for MOD peripherals

  8. Power input on a 5.5*2.1*10mm barrel connector

Protective case:

  1. Dimensions: 240*250*72mm (L*W*H)

  2. Weight: 280 grams


Tel: 01926 886433