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Markbass Gloxy GV4 Surf Green  £499

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GV SERIES is our range of bass guitars that demonstrate our ability to produce a high quality instrument at an incredible price. This achievement is a direct result of our tireless work to compare the quality and price of parts and materials from a wide range of suppliers. We chose only the best components for our Gloxy series, maintaining the focus on excellent value for money.

Tel: 01926 886433

Nine months interest free credit on up to £5000 on Instrument purchases! For UK residents aged between 16 and 25.


The bass neck has the same characteristics as our JP series of instruments - inherent playability, and comfort. The balance of each
string is accurate and defined, without any 'boomy' resonant frequencies even across the fifth string's range. Each instrument is inspected for quality against our strict requirements at our headquarters in Italy. Gloxy series bass guitars receive the same standard of
care and attention as our higher end instruments.

The Gloxy series is equipped with the same MB Instrument Pre that is featured on our premium range of instruments. This onboard preamp is designed from the ground up by Markbass to faithfully reproduce the sound of your instrument. Changes in the volume level when switching from Active to Passive and back again are almost imperceptible - a unique feature of the exceptional circuitry inside.

Simple & ergonomic controls allow you to richly boost or cut your EQ without clipping or distorting the signal - even at the maximum settings - allowing the MB Instrument Pre to work with you in any environment.

In addition to the great value already offered by our Gloxy basses, all instruments in this series come with the fantastic MB BASS BAG DELUXE to keep your new purchase safe. Like all Markbass products, this case is made to our precise quality standards, without compromise and also in this case we want to offer you so much more, without compromises.

HEADSTOCK: Mark Double Shape Matching
NECK: Hard Maple | Comfort C Profile
FINGERBOARD: Maple | Block Inlays | Binding | 20-Fret | 34" scale | Nut 36mm  
BODY: P Style | Basswood | Bolt On
PICKUP / ELECTRONIC: Markbass JJ style MB Instrument PRE | 9V Active -Passive
COLOUR: Surf Green 
GIG BAG MB Bass Bag De Luxe (included)

After many requests from players worldwide, Markbass is now proud to offer its amazing onboard preamp for your bass. It will allow you to cover any of your EQ and tone shaping needs and  tailor your sound to perfection.


The MB INSTRUMENT PRE has been created after several tests and built with the best components on the market.  
We concentrated all our know-how into this ultra-compact circuit and chose the right frequencies for the best sound reproduction.
Its tone control circuits were designed not only to enhance these frequencies but to give an amazing unique and rich response when you boost as well as you cut them whilst always offering a very clean and focused bass tone with extreme settings without losing tone details in the whole frequency range. Furthermore, the circuits were developed to offer fairly subtle differences of volume when you switch from passive to active and vice-versa: a very well appreciated feature by all musicians.
It offers a wide range of wiring/application options and it works either at 9V or 18V, with a very low power consumption for an exceptionally long battery life.

> key points

> ultra-compact size
The MB INSTRUMENT PRE has a very compact size, allowing to easily fit into most instrument control cavities.

> best sound reproduction
This preamp provides always an amazing sound reproduction also with extreme settings, without losing your instrument tone details in the whole frequency range.

> wide range of wiring/application 
It can be used in many configurations, for example:
VOL/VOL/3 band EQ
VOL/ BLEND/TONE (active/passive)/3 band EQ  
and many others.

> 9V or 18V, low power consumption
The MB INSTRUMENT PREAMP works either at 9V or 18V (one or two 9V battery) and it has a very low consumption (about 700 uA with 9V supply) offering an exceptionally long battery life.

Input: Impedance 1.1 Mohm
EQ Controls: LOW / MID / HIGH
Power Supply: 9V or 18V (2x9V)
Power Consumption: about 700 uA (with 9V supply)
Dimensions (w/d/h): 1.85" x 1.26" x 0.39" | 47mm x 32mm x 10mm 
Weight: 35 g / 0,08 lbs