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Mark Bass Pedals

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Super Synth 2  £259

Raw Octaver  £109

Vintage Preamp  £389

Vintage Pre


> Tube Preamp
The MARK VINTAGE PRE features a 12AX7 (ECC83) preamp tube, offering rich and warm tone, full of harmonics.

> A wide range of tonal possibilities
Don't be fooled by its name and its exquisitely vintage look, this preamp pedal gives a very wide range of tonal possibilities, from modern sounds to vintage ones.

> 4-band EQ / 3-WAY Switch
Like the Little Mark Vintage head, MARK VINTAGE PRE 4 Bands EQ section has a new setting on frequencies center, all tuned to offer a pretty balanced tone that easily cuts in the mix, plus a 3-WAY switch with three useful EQ preset options to get very quickly a real FLAT setting, a CUT one with scooped Mids and enhanced Low and High and an OLD one with scooped High to get an old vintage style tone.

> Two Types of Distortion / Blend Control
The MARK VINTAGE PRE offers two types of distortion (that you can select via footswitch). The amount of drive tone, ranging from crunchy overdrive to aggressive distortion, is controlled by the DRIVE pot. The BLEND control allows to mix the DRIVE tone with the CLEAN signal of the tube preamp. Adding a bit of distortion during a studio recording gives a 'gorgeous' bass sound perfectly cutting in the mix; this is one of the tricks often used by professionals during studio recording.

> Boost
The BOOST switch allows you to boost your signal level to +6 dB, to instantly get more headroom whenever you need it, for example it helps you stand out while taking a solo.

> Real DI box
The BALANCED DI OUT is a real DI box with transformer, it is optimized to give purefull, rich sound on all frequencies, handling extreme transients without introducing any distortion or coloration.

> Digital Outs
Developed from an idea suggested by our top artist MARCUS MILLER who was looking for a smallprofessional unit for studio recordings, we featured the digital outputs RCA (with transformer) and TOSLINK with sampling rate switch 44.1/48/96KHz, making it the perfect studio tool for recording bass players. With the MARK VINTAGE PRE you can get a quality pro sound everywhere, from studio work to stage concerts.

> Aux IN / Headphone OUT / FX LOOP
The MARK VINTAGE PRE includes a headphones output and an aux input for connecting an iPod or MP3 player to mix it with your bass sound, allowing you to play and practice discreetly anywhere, anytime. Plus, a send/return FX loop to interface your favorite stomp boxes and multieffect units.

> True Bypass
This pedal features “true bypass”circuit: that means when the MARK VINTAGE PRE is 'off', there will be no audio signal quality loss.

TUBE: 12AX7 (ECC 83)

INPUT:  Impedance 1MΩ, max. voltage 6 Vpp

BALANCED DI OUT with transformer (GND switch)
DIGITAL OUTPUTS: RCA (with transformer) and TOSLINK
with sampling rate switch 44.1/48/96KHz

-46 ÷ +23 dB

LOW: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 70Hz)
MID LOW: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 400 Hz)
MID HIGH : Level ±16 dB (Freq. 2.5 KHz)
HIGH: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 10 KHz)
3-WAY switch (FLAT / CUT / OLD)




POWER REQUIREMENT: 12VDC | 300mA (power supply included)

DIMENSIONS (W/D/H): 7.6” x 5” x 2.32” | 19.3cm x 12.7cm x 5.9cm

WEIGHT: 1.9 lbs | 840gr

Markbass Super Synth 2

Turn your bass into a synthesiser with the Markbass Super Synth. Experiment with great sounds and no tracking delay! Furthermore, you can use it as a digital octaver, with both octave up and octave down layers.

Use the Markbass Pedal Controller software to modify the parameters of the pedal’s presets. You just install the software, connect the pedal to your computer with a USB cable, and modify the presets to your liking, Then finally you load them back onto the pedal.

The Markbass Super Synth also boasts true bypass.



  1. Input: 1x ¼” mono jack

  2. Input Impedance: 200 Kohm

  3. Outputs: 2x ¼” jack mono (mono L , stereo L+R)


  1. Presets: 12 (user modifiable)

  2. Gain: -10 ÷ +16dB

  3. Cut Freq (Synth Mode): 70 ÷ 14000 Hz

  4. Tone Presets: Seven factory presets (1-7) / one user presets (8)

  5. Power requirements - DC Input: +12 VDC / 550 mA minimum

Physical Specs

  1. Dimensions: 6.7" x 5.7" x 2.4" / 170 x 145 x 60 mm

  2. Weight: 1.61 lb / 730 g


Tel: 01926 886433

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Following the amazing success of MB Octaver, we decided to offer a smaller version, part of our Raw pedals series.

As for its predecessor, the MB OCTAVER RAW SERIES delivers a super fast-tracking, even in the low range. It adds beefy bottom-end and extra funkiness to your sound, still keeping a clear and perfectly tuned sound, way better than you’d expect from an analog octaver.

This pedal features separate Dry and Octave level controls for more thickness by mixing your dry notes with the octave pitched ones.

> key points

> Low notes clear and in tune
The low notes are clear and perfectly in tune, more so than you would expect from an analog octaver.

> Super-fast tracking
The MB Octaver raw series tracking is impressively fast, even in the low ranges.

> Ultra-compact size
Its very small size makes this pedal allows to find room in any pedalboard, no matter how packed it is.

> Top-quality components
The MB Octaver raw series features high-quality components for the best quality sound.