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  1. On Offer £599 inc free UK mainland shipping

  2. Mark Bass Gig Bag for LMIII - £55 when ordered with amp

  3. Add Gator amp bag for £26 when ordered with amp

Richard Bona

Richard Bona is a popular jazz bassist who first became prominent on the music scene in the late 1990s, attaining a Grammy nomination in 2005. He’s worked in collaboration projects with plenty of artists, and his versatility and skill on the bass guitar has earned him critical acclaim all over the world. Now he has collaborated with Markbass to produce an amplifier head that represents his sound. Every note will be heard with honest, clear tone.

Honest, Clear Tone

Markbass amps are renowned for their honest, clear tone. This distinct tone is due to the Mark Propriety Technology (MPT). This is a specifically designed power amp technology that amplifies what your bass produces, and is suited to the variety of note pitches that bass guitars produce. This means you get a bass guitar and amp that work with each other, not around each other. The Little Mark Ninja uses this to full effect, producing a solid tone from easy controls, and complimenting your bass guitar.


  1. Weight: 2.9KG

  2. Width: 27cm

  3. Depth: 25cm

  4. Height: 8.3cm

  5. Output Power: 1000W RMS

  6. Equalisation: Low, Low Mid, High Mid, High, VPF, VLE

  7. Inputs: 1

  8. Outputs:

    1. Line Out

    2. Effect Send

    3. Tuner Out

    4. Speaker Out

  9. Controls:

    1. Gain

    2. Master Volume

    3. Ground Lift

    4. Pre/Post EQ

    5. Line Out Level


Tel: 01926 886433