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Mark Bass Little Marcus 1000 -  Pre-owned

£599 + £10 UK shipping

  1. Please contact the shop to pay by Bank Transfer or finance

  2. Pre-owned amplifier, with gig bag and footwswitch

  1. Marcus Miller Signature Offers Definition, Punch & Dynamics

  2. Delivers Incredibly Versatile Tones Suitable for all Playing Styles

  3. Powerful EQ1 Section Provides Amazing Tone Shaping

  4. EQ2 Section Delivers Old School & Millerizer Filters

  5. 1000W Output Ideal for Large Stages & Loud Bands

Signature Bass Tones

This Signature Markbass Amp Head not only delivers Marcus’s specific needs and taste, but covers all the different tones you need for the ultimate performance. Its amazing clear definition, punch, and dynamics suits a wide selection of playing style, while respecting the priority of tone for the perfect playing feel. The addition of an FX loop lets players connect their favourite stompboxes to expand its tonal possibilities, while the footswitch input provides external control over the amp’s functions. The Little Marcus also features a Speakon/1/4’’ Jack combo speaker output, allowing you to connect the amp head to a wide range of speaker cabinets, while its XLR line out offers direct recording into your chosen device.

Powerful EQ Sections

The Little Marcus Amp Head is equipped with two powerful EQ sections, offering incredible tone shaping capabilities to accommodate any kind of musical genre and playing style. EQ1 features a 5-band EQ section, allowing players to adjust everything from the ultralow frequencies all the way to the high frequencies. The EQ2 section features two controls for the Old School and Millerizer filters, allowing players to tailor their tone with either a vintage or an amazing slap tonality. Experiment with the Old School control to bypass the low-frequencies and create a bright, Motown-like sound, or play with the Millerizer control to add a nice mid-range focus ideal for solos to cut through dense mixes.

About Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller is a renowned bassist, known for his ground-breaking playing style and trademark sound, winning many Grammy Awards and a Best Contemporary Jazz Album for his 7th solo instrumental album, M2. Marcus’ career has span over countless projects and sessions, featuring in over 500 recordings with artists such as Luther Vandross, Grover Washington Jr. Roberta Flack, Bryan Ferry, Billy Idol, and more. He won the "Most Valuable Player" award given by NARAS to recognize studio musicians. Marcus has gone on to have a diverse career, including writing music for Miles Davis, hosting a jazz history show, writing numerous film scores, and much more.



  1. Output Power: 800W RMS @ 4 ohms, 500W RMS @ 8 ohms


  1. Main: Gain, Master Volume, Line Out Level, Mute, Ground Lift, Pre/Post EQ

  2. EQ 1:

    1. Ultralow: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 65Hz)

    2. Low: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 180Hz)

    3. Mid: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 500 Hz)

    4. High Mid: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 1.4 KHz)

    5. High: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 3.8 KHz)

  3. EQ 2:

    1. Old School: Variable Low Pass From 20KHz to 200Hz

    2. Millerizer: 5-12 KHz Band Pass Filter (Level 0 /+10 dB)

  4. Connectivity

  5. Input: Impedance 500 Kohm, Max. Voltage 9 Vpp

  6. Line Out: Balanced XLR, Max. Voltage 20 Vpp

  7. Speaker Out: Speakon/1/4’’ Combo

  8. Effects Return: Impedance 33 Kohm, Max. Voltage 10 Vpp

  9. Effects Send: Unbalanced, Max. Voltage 20 Vpp (Pre-EQ)

  10. Tuner Out: Unbalanced, Max. Voltage 2 Vpp


  1. Width: 10.87’’ (27.6 cm)

  2. Depth: 9.84’’ (25 cm)

  3. Height: 3.27’’ (8.3 cm)

  4. Weight: 3kg (6.61lbs)


Tel: 01926 886433