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MTD ZX 5 Cherryburst, Ebanol fretless f/b

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  2. The MTD ZX is a very special instrument made for serious players. Available only as a 5-string, the ZX features a carved, lightweight Mahogany body with a maple burl top and finished in a stunning cherryburst. The ZX comes loaded with custom Bartolini pickups and preamp, hand-installed in the US. This bass has an extremely wide range of tones and will fit perfectly in any genre of music.

Actual instrument shown, click on pictures to enlarge;

Michael Tobias began his career by doing repairs in The Guitar Shop in Washington D.C in 1974. The early experiences that he gained by fixing a wide variety of instruments, most of them being acoustic, helped him later go one to design and build some of the most impressive electric basses in the world. "The most important thing I learned is that, no matter what the instrument is, it is first and foremost acoustic. If an instrument sounds weak acoustically, adding pick-ups will just amplify its shortcomings," says Michael. "Throughout my career I have tried to apply this principal to everything I build."

Michael's prestigious American MTD basses are incredible instruments that have drawn praise all over the world. Known for their exotic woods, fantastic tone and incredible playability, MTD basses bring out the best in those who play them.

Driven by a desire to offer superb electric basses at a price that everyone can afford, Michael created the MTD Kingston series of basses, which are carefully manufactured to his exact specifications by a high-end, Far East instrument builder. MTD Kingston basses share many of the same design elements and qualities as his handmade American basses, but at a much lower price.

Michael Tobias is a legend in the bass community who's talent and commitment to quality have advanced the art of bass building to a great degree.

Adds Michael, "Thank you for your interest in MTD Kingston. I hope that these basses will bring you satisfaction and enjoyment." 


  1. Available in 5-string

  2. 35" scale

  3. 24 medium jumbo frets

  4. Zero fret 1-3/4" wide, 5-string

  5. One-piece asymmetric neck with satin polyester finish

  6. Carved Mahogany body with Maple Burl top

  7. Custom Cherryburst finish

  8. 24 medium jumbo frets

  9. Zero fret, 1-3/4" wide

  10. Bartolini Active 3-Way EQ

  11. Controls are:

    1. Volume with push/pull preamp bypass

    2. Blend

    3. Treble

    4. Mid with push/pull mid shift: 250Hz - 800Hz

    5. Bass

  12. Custom Bartolini pickups

  13. Shielded electronics compartment

  14. MTD quick release bridge, 3/4" (19mm) spacing

  15. Double acting truss rod

  16. Buzz Feiten tuning system

  17. Smoked Chrome Hardware

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  1. *Michael Tobias comments on the custom Bartolini electronics: "They are proprietary parts made especially for us….not commercially available. The pickups are a version of the xxP2c (4 string is the BC shell; 6 string is the P4 shell) and the preamp is a modified 5.2. push pull active/passive on the volume and p/p mid shift at 250/800."

The Buzz Feiten Tuning System solves tuning and intonation problems with 2 simple steps:

1. Shelf Nut

Our exclusive Buzz Feiten Tuning System¨ (BFTS) Shelf Nut moves the strings closer to the first fret according to our Patented Formula. This eliminates sharp notes at the first three frets.

Buzz Feiten Tuning System Shelf Nut

Top View : Each Shelf Nut is precision machined from high quality bone for superb tonal response.

Side View : The strings are moved closer to the first fret a precise distance based on the scale length, fret width and string gauge of your guitar. The slight overhang of our nut (the 'Shelf') does this without altering your guitar in any way. So it's even fine for vintage guitars.

2. Intonation
Your guitar's bridge is adjusted according to our Patented Pitch Offsets, creating balanced intonation over the entire fingerboard - every fret - every string.

Your Bridge Is Adjusted to BFTS Pitch Offsets

MTD Bass Gigbags £75
Everything Michael Tobias creates is simply the best it can be. Case in point - his
new MTD Gig Bags. Michael spent over a year testing and upgrading a staggering number of prototypes until he felt absolutely satisfied with the final product.

Protect your investment with a name you can trust: MTD.

Available in 1 and 2 bass versions

Zipper does not go around the bottom

Two heavy-duty zippered pouches

Ballistic style, 600 denier nylon exterior

Plush lining with leather appointments

Thick, bilaminate foam padding

Closed cell foam outer layer

Open cell foam inner layer

Genuine leather handle

Dual backpack-style straps


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