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T4 Pickup, Bridge - £225 + £5 out of stock

T4 Pickup, Neck - £225 + £5 out of stock

T4 Pickup, Pair - £450 + £5 out of stock

T4 Chrome surrounds - £19 each

T4 Plastic risers - £5.00 each

T5 pickups - £230 each

T5 Chrome surrounds - £29 each

T5 Plastic risers - £5.00 each

For orders outside the UK ADD + £5 EU shipping

Available in Chrome, Gold, or Nickel Cover

Nickel Cover on Special Order Basis

These pickups are wound to the same specs as the original 60's era pickups. They are made using the same type of components as the originals. We meticulously reverse engineered a set of original "64" pickups and are duplicating the magnets, bobbin and wire to re-create the magical tone of an era. These will retrofit in your own bass without a problem. Turn your bass into a tone monster with a set of Mike Lull T-Bass Pickups.

All pickups are custom wound for Lull. Spacers and risers will need to be used on older instruments that have deeper pickup pockets.