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Line 6 Variax 700, Black


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  3. A preowned instrument in immaculate condition with no dings of missing finish. The bass has been fully cleaned and set up and come s with Gator Progo case ad includes footswitch and connecting lead.

Actual bass shown, please click on images to enlarge:

Line 6 Variax 700 Bass

The Bass Variax combines digital modelling technology with a traditional solid-body bass guitar to accurately reproduce the sounds of a variety of basses and bass-related instruments.

The sounds of the Variax Bass have a presence, substance, and depth that makes them usable, viable bass sounds. They have reality. They don't seem at all processed or artificial. This is a resonant, high-output instrument, and in some cases its sound is more effective than that of the original bass it models.

It certainly can offer sound-shaping beyond the capability of the modelled instrument. For instance, the Variax Bass models several single-pickup basses that have limited tonal range, but since the blend control on the Variax has nothing to blend, it functions instead to move the pickup position. It's the original's sound but the Variax Bass can do more with it.

Models Modelled:

  1. Vintage Jazz Bass - Round Wound.

  2. Modern Jazz Bass - Round Wound.

  3. P-J Bass - Round Wound.

  4. Music Man Stingray.

  5. Rickenbacker 4001.

  6. Gibson Thunderbird.

  7. MTD 435.

  8. Hagstrom 8 String.

  9. Acoustic Bass Guitar.

  10. Upright Bass.

  11. Vintage Jazz Bass - Flat Wound.

  12. Jac Fretless Jazz Bass.

  13. P-J Bass - Flat Wound.

  14. Modulus Flea Bass Active.

  15. Hofner Beatle Bass - Flatwound.

  16. Gibson EB-2D - Flat Wound.

  17. Warwick.

  18. Hamer 12 String.

  19. Guitarron.

  20. Mini Moog Bass.

Line 6 Variax 700 Bass Specification:

  1. 20 Vintage and modern bass instruments.

  2. Professional craftmanship.

  3. Simple controls combining the best of passive and active systems.

  4. Controls are soft and vary appropriately for the selected model.

  5. Instant recall capabilities.

  6. Tone settings for each model can be saved for instant call-up.

  7. Included XPS-DI direct box/power supply has standard output on 1/4" and XLR to amp plus XLR balanced output.

  8. Under-saddle L. R. Baggs piezo pickups.

  9. Heavy-duty, fully adjustable bridge.

  10. High-quality sealed tuners.

  11. Volume, blend, and 2-band tone controls.

  12. Body Resonance Modelling.

  13. Fretless Performance Mode. In the Jaco Fretless models and upright bass models, a simulation of fretless performance is needed.

  14. Round Wound and Flat Wound string modelling.

  15. 21 jumbo frets.

  16. 34" scale.

  17. 12" fingerboard radius.

  18. Standard guitar cable output jack.

  19. Includes custom-fitted heavy-duty gig bag.


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