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Lakland 55-60 Skyline  2013, 3 tone sunburst, 35” scale

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  1. Second hand 2013 bass in excellent 9.5/10 condition, cleaned and set up. The bass has been upgraded with Aguilar pickups. (£1399 new):

  2. Weight : 4.5kg/10lb

The Skyline Custom Vintage J5

The Lakland Skyline 55-60 Vintage J Custom 5-string bass injects your playing with that coveted forward-sounding bass tone that’s associated with a legendary electric bass guitar design from the early 1960s — with the added range of a tight, responsive low-B string. Although the versatile Skyline 55-60 Custom Vintage J5 sounds great in just about any context, it really shines on musical styles that rely on that classic scooped, growling bass sound. That being said, you can achieve a myriad of tones by blending the volume of both of the Skyline 55-60’s Vintage J single-coil pickups. And just wait until you wrap your hand around this instrument‘s ultra-playable maple neck!

Classic tonewood combo

Beneath its remarkable duo of Vintage J pickups, the Lakland Skyline 55-60 Custom Vintage J5 features a classic tonewood combination that delivers a growling, hard-hitting sound like no other. What’s more, its smoothly contoured, offset-waist ash body makes the Skyline 55-60 Custom Vintage J5 one of the most comfortable 5-string basses you’ll ever pick up, and its maple neck adds extra punch and sustain to every note you play. The Lakland dual-access bridge lets you choose whether you want to top load the strings or pass them through the body. No matter how you like your bass strung up, the Skyline 55-60 Custom Vintage J5 has you covered.

Vintage J pickups deliver legendary tone

The Skyline 55-60 Custom Vintage J5 features a pair of Lakland Vintage J pickups, which provide you with a bright and forward-sounding tone due to the pickups being at different points on the strings’ lengths. The bridge pickup kicks out more treble, while the neck pickup gives you a warmer, rounder sound. The real magic, however, lies in the Skyline 55-60 Custom Vintage J5’s dual volume controls, which allow you to blend the volume of both pickups for a massive array of great-sounding bass tones. Cranking both pickups to full volume yields a classic scooped, growling tone that will leave you speechless!

Skyline Series: excellent quality at an affordable price

The Lakland Skyline 55-60 Custom Vintage J5 electric bass gives you amazing quality for a great low price. That’s because the Skyline 55-60 Custom Vintage J5, like all Skyline Series basses, is made overseas and finished in Lakland’s stateside shop. So regardless of where it was originally made, each Skyline 55-60 Custom Vintage J5 passes through the hands of Lakland’s US luthiers long before it finds its way to you. And when you add to that the fact that your Skyline 55-60 Custom Vintage J5 comes equipped with the same pickups and hardware as its US-made cousin, you know you’re getting an amazing deal.

Lakland: a name serious bass players trust

Lakland instruments such as the Skyline 55-60 Custom Vintage J5 have earned the respect of discerning players and professional bassists worldwide. Blending vintage comfort with contemporary features, Lakland basses are known for their impressive playability. Since the introduction of the company’s flagship models in the mid-1990s, Lakland basses have become famous for exceptional tone, playability, and build quality.

Lakland Skyline 55-60 Vintage J Custom 5-string Electric Bass Features:

  1. 1Ash body, maple neck, 35" scale length

  2. 2Rosewood fingerboard, 10"–13" compound radius, 22 frets, dot inlays

  3. 3Lakland dual-access bridge, 0.75" string spacing

  4. 42 Lakland Vintage J single-coil pickups

  5. 5Per-pickup volume control; master tone control

  6. 61.81" Delrin nut; Hipshot Ultralite tuners

  7. 7Quality crafted overseas; finished in Lakland’s US facility


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