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Neck : Maple 1P 20F (Avalon)

Body : Ash 3 Piece

Tuners : GOTOH GB-528

Bridge : Vintage-type

Pickups : ATELIER Z JBZ-4/70' Premium(70'SET)


Control : F vol, R vol/switch A/P, Treble, Bass

Colour : Vintage Natural gloss

Gig Bag: Padded deluxe

Weight: 8lb 0oz/3.6kg

Jerry stormed the live music circuit this year as the bass player with Chic on their extensive World Tour. Filling the formidable shoes of Bernard Edwards, Jerry has made the gig his own and his virtuosity and style has been the talk of the live music scene in 2017. We are proud to be now offering his exclusive bass through Bass Direct, pre-order yours now for some of that killer tone that has driven Chic over the past two years.

Customer feedback

Submitted on the 8th March 2019 by Max in the UK who purchased an  Atelier Z Jerry Barnes bass

Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting the bass up to me so quickly...!

I absolutely love this bass...! I've been after the right 70's-style Jazz for ages now and I've been through quite a lot of hi-end basses... but this Jerry Barnes model absolutely nails that 70's vibe!

Looks-wise, it's 70's through and through, and tone-wise, it sounds exactly as a 70's J should when in passive mode, but then switch into active and you have the modern/70's/J-on-steroids thing on tap. It easily does the 'Miller' thing if that's what you want but it's capable of so much more. Initially I was a bit worried about the lack of a passive tone control, but it's not a problem here as the treble cut is actually very useful - it's implemented in a really nice way in that I don't feel that I'm missing a passive tone control. I'm really impressed with the rest of the preamp as well... whilst it's not as powerful as an East pre, I still think it's very versatile - the EQ points have been chosen well and it has a lovely character to it. The 70's pickups are also great, I don't think I'll be changing these out!

Build-wise, it's second-to-none, absolutely impeccable... I can't see how it can get any better. As I say, I've been through a lot of £2k+ basses and this Atelier is the best I've seen, everything about it is done amazingly well - the fretwork is perfection, the neck pocket and fitting of the scratchplate is extremely precise and the gloss finish is amazing... I'm very picky and I can't find a fault on it!

I've yet to gig with the bass but I've already done a fair bit of recording... I find that if it records well, then it'll be great live. This is the kind of bass that you can DI and you're good to go, it has an almost 'produced' kind of sound which engineers are going to really appreciate, I'm really impressed with it. Highly recommended!





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Atelier Z “Jerry Barnes” Model

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Here is the new lightweight, hand built Jerry Barnes signature bass, hand built in Japan to very high standard and has that classic 70s Jazz bass feel and sound with a new twist with custom pickups and preamp.

Weight: 8lb 11oz/3.9kg

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