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Ibanez AFR 5 Fretless - 2018 model


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  2. Secondhand bass in superb 9.8/10 condition, fully cleaned and set up and comes with fitted case - professional de-fretted with maple lines and strung with flatwounds.

  3. Weight 7lb 14oz/3.6kg

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Stylish Design

Feel your bass lines with a classic, natural tone, thanks to the Affirma’s Flamed maple body. Based on original concepts by Rolf Spuler, this bass guitar is elegantly designed and feels well balanced during play. Its construction provides a sensitive but wide dynamic range is suited for whatever style you throw at it. Not only does the lightweight body add to the tonal qualities, it is also very lightweight so is the perfect touring instrument. Due to the AFR5FMP’s streamlined construction, it’s incredibly easy to play and is designed with long gigs and jam sessions in mind.

Performance based fatigue is soon to be a thing of the past.

The Affirma features an AeroSilk bridge. The AeroSilk MR5 bridge is built with unique saddles which help the quality of the sound by locking down maximum vibration transfer without interfering the movement of the strings. It’s an innovation that will really put you ahead of the bass playing game.

Unique Neck Construction

The neck of the AFR5FMP is built from a three-piece maple construction. This adds durability to the neck as well as improved sustains. A half neck-through construction provides the bass with further durability and when coupled with the in-built graphite reinforcement rods, it’s one of the toughest on the market. In addition to the increase toughness, the graphite rods are integral for balancing the bass across its lightweight build. They are a unique addition to your bass that is bound to pique the interest of your guitar or bass playing friends. Covered with an ebony fretboard, the Affirma’s neck allows you to play with speed and accuracy giving you a technical edge during performances or recording sessions.

High End Electronics

The AFR5 bass comes fitted with Bartolini X55JX pick ups. These are high end guitar pick ups which will help you sound as good as possible. Your playing will cut through the mix and your sound come across loud and clear. The Bartolini X55JX pick ups have a coil design which deliver a deep and punchy bass tone. The piezo and magnetic pick ups help you find your best tone and perfect your sound when coupled with the band EQ which gives you yet more options for tone perfection.

Ibanez Bass Pedigree

The Ibanez story is an intriguing one. The first historical mentions of Ibanez guitars come from the 1930s, when the instrument sales division of a Japanese bookstore chain began manufacturing Spanish acoustic guitars. Their strange start to life was a sign of things to come: Ibanez regularly got into legal trouble in the mid-20th century for copying the designs of Western guitar manufacturers.

After a particularly costly lawsuit in the 1970s, Ibanez abandoned their strategy of using other established models as the basis for their own instruments. Instead, they began crafting their own, unique guitars in the hope of establishing themselves in the guitar-making world. This was a move that paid off massively - the individual style and sound of Ibanez's instruments set them apart from everything else available on the market, and the company quickly became a gigantic success story.

In the intervening years, a wide selection of some of the music industry's biggest and best artists have used Ibanez instruments in their music. Their bass guitars have gained particularly legendary status for their unique, wide-reaching sound. They've been used in the music of many well-known artists from a plethora of genres, ranging from U2 to Slipknot, Earth, Wind, & Fire to Carrie Underwood, and Al Green to Snoop Dogg. That's why you can be certain that the AFR5FMP is an instrument good enough for the very best.


  1. Series: AFR ‘Affirma’

  2. Model: AFR5FMP-NTF

Body & Bridge

  1. Body: Flamed Maple

  2. Bridge: AeroSilk MR5 Bridge (19mm String Spacing)

  3. Construction: Half Neck-through

  4. Colour: Natural

Neck & Fingerboard

  1. Neck: 3pc Maple with Graphite Reinforcement Rods

  2. Fingerboard:Ebony, 2 octave, maple lines

  3. Radius: 15''

  4. Inlays: Off-set dot inlay on 12th fret

  5. Nut Width: 48mm

Electronics & Hardware

  1. Pickup: Bartolini X55JX Middle Pickup

  2. Controls:

    1. Piezo Active Tone

    2. Magnetic Pickup Treble Boost/Cut

    3. Magnetic Pickup Bass Boost/Cut

    4. Piezo Volume

    5. Magnetic Volume

  3. Hardware: Black Matte


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