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Hofner 500/1 1961 Cavern Violin bass (list £2350)


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  4. B stock, slight finish imperfections

  5. The Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass was designed by Walter Hofner and launched at the Frankfurt Music Messe in 1956. It has since gone on to become one of the most recognisable electric bass guitars in the music world in terms of both looks and sound.The Hofner 500/1 Vintage 61 Violin Bass takes it's name from the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England. Opened in 1957 this Club was one of the most important small clubs in Europe for bands trying to make it big in the Beatboom era. In 1960 the first beat night session was held featuring Rory Storm and the Hurricanes with Ringo Starr on drums and by mid 1961 the Merseybeat scene was in full flow with the Beatles and the Cavern Club centre stage. Inspired by the original 1961 model which was purchased by Paul McCartney in Hamburg.

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Handmade in Germany

The Hofner 500/1 violin bass was designed by Walter Höfner and launched at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in 1956. It has since gone on to become one of the most recognisable electric bass guitars in the music world in terms of both looks and sound.

Founded in 1887, Höfner's comprehensive range of guitars draws on the firms long-standing success making precision string instruments for musicians. The Beatles' Sir Paul McCartney has played a Hofner Violin Bass since 1961 and continues to do so today. The company's superb attention to detail and stylish design has inspired musicians in rock, jazz and all genres for decades. Despite changes over more than 130 years the company is still very much a family firm with strong values for customers and for high quality musical instruments.

  1. Including a Hofner Vintage strap and Tweed style Hofner fitted hard case

  2. Fully hollow body

  3. Original '61 Neck profile

  4. Finish: Sunburst

  5. Body Wood Top: Spruce

  6. Wood Back: Flame Maple

  7. Wood Sides: Flame Maple

  8. Centreblock: None

  9. Neck Wood: Flame Maple/Beech/Flame Maple

  10. Fingerboard Wood: Rosewood

  11. Scale: 30,/76cm

  12. Nut Width: 42mm

  13. Number Of Frets: 22

  14. Hardware Pickup Neck: Hofner Diamond Nickel

  15. Pickup Bridge: Hofner Diamond Nickel

  16. Weight: 5.3lb/2.8kg