Hazlabs Preamps Exclusively at Bass Direct -  2 and 3 band EQ, active/passive switching for bass guitar, Bass, Treble, Mid, Passive tone, Volume, Pan controls., for sale, Uk, Eu, US, Birmingham, London, Manchester


Hazlabs On-Board Bass Guitar Pre-Amps

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Haz9V 2 band (4 knob)    £345

Haz18V 2 band (3 knob)  £250

For orders outside the UK we will deduct the UK and confirm your shipping cost.

The original fit for Spector USA basses. New updated versions for 2020.

HAZ9V (4 knob)

Spector "HAZ" 9 Volt Active 2 band tone circuit, volume, pan, bass, treble, - Updated Circuit with dip-switches

----- Bass -----effect


off         off    highest frequency

on         off    higher frequency

off         on    higher frequency

on         on    original NS2 setting

---- Treble ----effect

SW3    SW4

off     offhighest frequency

on     offhigher frequency

off     onhigher frequency

on     onoriginal NS2 setting

HAZ18V (3 knob)

Spector "HAZ" 18 Volt Active Tone Circuit, volume, pan, stacked bass/treble and output jack - does not include jack or knobs


HAZ9V CLASSIC (4 knob)

Spector NS-2  9 Volt Active 2 band tone circuit, volume, pan, bass, treble, includes connectors and output jack - Classic Circuit Layout


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