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Hartke HA3500, pre-owned

Hartke HA3500  - SOLD

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Hartke HA3500 + Alesis units - SOLD

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  2. Pre-owned amplifier in superb condition with case

350 watts bass amp with hybrid preamp, 10-band EQ and compressor

With its characteristic sound and sophisticated features, the Hartke HA3500 is probably one of the most popular bass amps around and enjoys a high reputation among professionals and hobby musicians alike.

Elaborate Preamp Design

The HA3500's elaborately designed preamp is divided into separate solid-state and tube circuits, which can be continuously mixed with each other via separate controls. Accordingly, a versatile sound spectrum is available, whose poles are characterized by the broadband transistor sound with maximum headroom and the creamy overdrive of the tube.

To shape the bass sound, the Hartke HA3500 offers two separate, freely mixable preamps with tube and solid state circuitry, a 10-band graphic equalizer, a contour section with high pass and low pass, and an integrated compressor.

Compressor and tone control

In addition to the Contour control, which uses High Pass and Low Pass filters to determine the basic tone of the bass amp, the Hartke HA3500 features a 10-band graphic equalizer for precise tonal adjustment. Also on board is a handy One Knob Compressor that extends sustain and tames unwanted level peaks for a smooth playing feel. A parallel FX loop with balance control also allows you to connect additional bass effects.

Hartke's HA3500 Head features a parallel effects path with balance control, balanced DI output with pre/post and ground lift switches, and two jack-style speaker connections.

350 watts of power and direct out

The analog solid state power amplifier of the Hartke HA3500 delivers up to 350 watts of power, with which the powerful bass head delivers expressivel bass sounds with sufficient volume reserves for stage and rehearsal room. For direct signal pickup, the bass amp also provides a balanced XLR Direct Out, which can be switched before or after the EQ thanks to the Pre/Post switch.

The Hartke HA3500:

  1. Bass Amplifier

  2. Analog circuit with solid state power amp and hybrid preamp

  3. 350 watts power @ 4 ohms (250 watts @ 8 ohms)

  4. Separate inputs for active and passive electric basses

  5. Mixable tube and transistor preamps

  6. Integrated One Knob Compressor

  7. 10-band graphic equalizer with bypass switch

  8. Contour control with high pass and low pass filters

  9. Master volume control

  10. Parallel FX loop with balance control

  11. Balanced direct out with pre/post switch and ground lift

  12. Two jack sockets for connecting speaker cabinets

  13. Fan cooling

  14. Sturdy metal housing

  15. Including rack bracket for mounting in 19" racks


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