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Kapsule Black - £299 - out of stock

Kapsule DUO Black - £425 OUT OF STOCK

Sliver Classic Black - £149 OUT OF STOCK

Sliver Stealth Black - £149 OUT OF STOCK

Edge Black - £109

Club Venue Bag Black “Ruck Sack” - £139

Elite Stealth Black “Ruck Sack” - £149 OUT OF STOCK

Elite Pewter Black “Ruck Sack” - £149 OUT OF STOCK

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Bento Black Full Tall - £25.99

Bento Black Half Slim - £16.99

Bento Black Full Slim - £25.99

Bento Black Half Tall - £16.99

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GigBlade Edge

The new Travelling Standard!

The Kapsule from Gruv Gear aims to revolutionise the way that you transport your instrument. Melding the best characteristics from hard and soft bags into one, this premium case is lightweight, durable and seriously rugged. Packed full of additional smart features, once you’ve used a Kapsule, you really won’t want to go back to using any other alternative.


Best of Both Worlds

Hard cases are annoying and heavy to move around, and are in no way comfortable. Soft gig bags do not offer much protection whatsoever. The Kapsule solves both of these issues, and a whole lot more. A seriously strong polycarbonate shell forms the backbone of the case – keeping your bass guitar safe from harm, while remaining effortless to transport. This smart material consists of a large layer of expanded polystyrene that is known for its insulation and impressive shock absorption properties.

An Iso Chamber has also been incorporated to reduce the chance of headstock damage. It works by isolating and suspending your headstock, significantly minimising the risk to it during possible impacts and falls. Additional carrying options are present in the form of padded shoulder straps, a reinforced handle and a set of clip-on wheels. A combination of style, comfort and efficiency like this just isn’t that common!

Additional Benefits

More than 17 litres of cargo space leave enough room for you to bring your clothes along with you. No longer will you need multiple bags when heading out on the road. Your belongings and instrument will remain secure too thanks to a TSA lock which can be configured with your own personal 3-digit code. Peace of mind during transit is imperative here.

A collaboration with Boveda has even led to two-way humidity control being implemented inside the case. It operates by maintaining a steady temperature, working to find the precise level of humidity to suit your particular instrument. Smart, sophisticated and sleek; this isn’t just any old case.


  1. 1TSA lock: A unique 3-digit code keeps your instrument safe and secure.

  2. 2Two-way humidity control: Ensures your instruments maintain their recommended level of humidity.

  3. 3Snap on wheels: Makes transport even easier. Attaches without the need for tools.

  4. 4Iso chamber: Isolates and suspends your headstock, reducing the chance of damage during knocks and falls.

  5. 5Anonymous tag number: Used instead of a standard luggage tag, this aims to protect your identity during travel.

  6. 6Seriously robust materials make up both the exterior and interior, granting your instrument extreme levels of protection.

  7. 7Tuck-in padded straps and a sturdy carry handle provide a variety of different carrying options.

  8. 817+ Litres of space: Extra compartments on the front create space for your clothes or essential accessories, meaning you don’t even need to take separate bags with you!

  9. 9Optional extras include the micro headphone amp for practice on the move, wireless power banks to charge your devices, and a voice-controlled Bluetooth tracker to hunt down your Kapsule if it gets misplaced.  


  1. 1Outer Dimensions (L x H x W): 16.5" x 49" x 8.5"

  2. 2Inner Dimensions (L x H x W): 14" x 47" x 2"

  3. 3Weight: 6 kg

  4. 4Materials: Polycarbonate & ABS Shell, EPS Foam Lining, High Denier Fabrics

GigBlade Edge

Slim. Sleek. Shoulder Savvy.

Our legendary side-carry GigBlade completes its series in 2018 with the new Edge. Continuing with the aggressive styling of the GigBlade and Sliver, the economical Edge model boasts high-end features such as our patented "yin-yang” auto-locking neck brace, tough 600-denier construction, and unparalleled low-center-of-gravity ergonomics when carrying your guitar or bass. Stash away your tuner, spare strings and other small accessories in the drop pocket, or slip music sheets and most 15” laptops into the bottom compartment. Optional 2nd strap allows the side-carry Edge to be converted into a backpack-style gig bag.

Gruv Gear GigBlade Edge for Electric Bass Features:

  1. 1Ergonomically designed, 600-denier polyester gig bag for bass

  2. 2Exclusive yin-yang auto-locking neck brace provides stellar support

  3. 3Low-center-of-gravity design lets your bass sit balanced and comfortable as you travel

  4. 4Great shoulder strap for the extra-long treks

GigBlade Sliver

Meet the new standard in slim and lightweight gig bags. Continuing with the side-carry convenience of the GigBlade, the Sliver introduces a patent-pending “yin-yang” invisible neck brace that secures your instrument automatically when closing the bag. Smart, quick, and über cool. Stay nimble and gig-ready across town and around the world with the new GigBlade Sliver.

Key benefits:

  1. 1Half the thickness of the original GigBlade.

  2. 2"Yin-yang" invisible neck brace keeps the guitar neck from moving.

  3. 3Unique side-carry approach is quick, comfy and convenient.

  4. 4Offers the most carry options including sling, cross-sling, traditional handle and backpack (with optional 2nd strap).

  5. 5Low center of gravity makes your gear feel like half the weight.

  6. 6Slim pockets for tuners, in-ear monitors, picks, cables and more.

  7. 7StrapFlat™ long pocket saves space and helps extend the life of your guitar strap.

  8. 840mm split adjustable bottom padding.

  9. 9Rugged water-repellent 1680D nylon, yet lightweight.

  10. 10Available in: Classic, Black with orange or Stealth, all black


Sliver for Electric Guitar

  1. Inner length: 43" / 105cm

  2. Inner width (bottom): 15.5" / 39.3cm

  3. Weight: 5.5 lbs / 2.5 Kgs

  4. Outer material: Waterproof 1680D nylon

  5. Inner material: Faux fur,
    durable 600D polyester scratch panels

Sliver for Electric Bass

  1. Inner length: 49" / 124.4cm

  2. Inner width (bottom): 15" / 38cm

  3. Weight: 6.0 lbs / 2.7 Kgs

  4. Outer material: Waterproof 1680D nylon

  5. Inner material: Faux fur,
    durable 600D polyester scratch panels

Club Bag

The Flight-Smart Tech Backpack.

A jetsetter's ultimate carry-on, the Club Bag takes airport checkpoint convenience to a new level. From Milan to Mazatlan to Manhattan, experience first-class storage for all your tech and travel essentials.

Its patent-pending ScanFly™ laptop system allows the ingenious laptop sleeve (sold separately) to be flipped out and ready for x-ray scanning, while keeping your laptop safely tethered and protected. The spacious "glove box" compartment and dual locker doors ensure quick access to all your essentials, further organized by removable soft shelves exclusive in the Venue Series. The Club Bag is compatible to attach to our Krane AMG carts and most luggage handles to make travel even easier!

Key features & benefits:

  1. 1Exclusive ScanFly™ tethered laptop system compatible with optional Sliiv Tech Sleeves in 11", 13", or 15".

  2. 2Spacious "glove box" fold-down compartment fits smaller gadgets like iPad, headphones, sunglasses and hard drives.

  3. 3Overhead clip for eyewear or headphones.

  4. 4Side cargo pockets perfect for power cables and chargers.

  5. 5Insert for trolley or pullout luggage handles, works on our Solo Series carts.

  6. 6Comfortable and breathable air mesh backpack straps.

Elite Bag

Available now in “all black”, new “Pewter” finish below available in November

The Gruv Bag Backpack features a patent-pending ScanFly laptop system that works with the innovative Sliiv Tech laptop sleeve (sold separately) so you can quickly slide it out ready for airport checks, whilst keeping your laptop protected and safely tethered. The ScanFly system is compatible with the 11”,13” and 15” sleeves. Also included in this bag are removable soft shelves exclusive in the Venue Series and dual locker doors for even more storage. The Elite Flight-Smart Club Bag features a spacious “glove box” style compartment that folds down so you can easily store smaller essentials such as headphones, Ipads and sunglasses. Modern day travelling revolves around gadgets and technology that constantly need a power supply. With the Gruv Bag, you can utilise its side cargo pockets that are perfect for chargers and other power cables. Its Air mesh backpack straps provide you with top quality comfort, for those long days of travelling and it also attaches to most luggage handles. An overhead clip is provided for items such as headphones or sunglasses so you can be sure that they won’t get lost or damaged. There are many things to worry about when travelling and storage shouldn’t be one of them. Choose the Gruv Bag Elite Flight-Smart Tech Club Bag and transform your travelling experience.

About Gruv Gear

Gruv Gear exists to bring innovative and well-thought out products to creative professionals and beyond, including career musicians, DJs, photographers, filmmakers, mobile producers and more. They are on-track not only to become a premium lifestyle accessories brand in the Music/DJ and Photo Industries, which is a small fraction of their potential market, but also expand to a broader range of industries that will increase their global footprint exponentially. To date, Gruv Gear products are sold in 5 continents and shipped directly to adoring fans worldwide.

Key Features and Benefits

Colour/Style:Elite Leather Trim

Organised Bag for Long Travelling

Stylish Material

Durable and Reliable

Exclusive ScanFly™ Technology Compatible with Sliiv Tech Sleeves in 11", 13", or 15"

Spacious "Glove Box" Fold-Down Compartment for Smaller Gadgets

Overhead Clip for Eyewear or Headphones

Side Cargo Pockets for Chargers and Power Cables

Insert for Trolley and Pullout Luggage Handles

Comfortable and Breathable Air Mesh Backpack Straps

Stadium Bag

Maximum cargo versatility. Now fits your rack gear.

Our largest multi-use cargo bag, the new Stadium Bag impresses with its voluminous top compartment, exclusive "locker door" side access, removable soft shelves, and modular add-ons to organize all your gear and gadgets. Rack-sized 19" gear fits vertically when shelves are removed, separated by optional padded dividers to protect your equipment. 

New Slim model has reduced depth of 2" - Ships early October! 

The front pocket area is now compatible with our exclusive ScanFly™ tethered laptop sleeves (sold separately) to breeze through airport checkpoints. The back has been completely redesigned for simplicity and flexibility, mounts onto our carts as a handle cargo bag, while boasting all-new tougher materials and hardware.

Key features & benefits:

  1. 1Added our exclusive ScanFly™ tethered laptop system compatible with optional Sliiv Tech Sleeves in 11", 13", or 15".

  2. 2Most flexible cargo area for all types of gear.

  3. 3Attachment points for our Tripod Pouch accessory (except on Slim model)

  4. 4Removable shelves to create larger compartments.

  5. 5Mounts on our carts without taking up valuable space.

  6. 6Comfortable and breathable air mesh backpack straps.

Bento Bags - Fit in Elite and Stadium Bags

Introducing Bento - Convenient stackable mini cases to organise all your stuff to make life even easier. Headphone cords keep getting tangled? Need a spot for fresh batteries? Hard drive keeps banging against other stuff? Organise and protect them in Bentos! Comes in 4 sizes that slide perfectly into your Club Bag (or any bag) and quickly pull out as needed. It's a lifesaver for jet setters too, keeping carry-on toiletries organised and nicely separated from your sensitive gadgets.

L - R in classic Black/Orange

Full Tall - list £28.99

Half Slim - list £18.99

Full Slim - list £28.99

Half Tall - list £18.99