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A5 Ultra 5 fretless £1499

A5 Ultra 5 fretless 2021 OUT OF STOCK

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  1. Built in Canada this range of instruments from luthiers Godin is a new type of hybrid acoustic/electric bass for those wanting total control of their sound but not sacrificing playability or tone. Easy to use a fast to play, the A5 bass is a great compliment to your electric bass and very rewarding to play.

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New 2021 Model

Basswood body, LR Baggs pickups, Richlite f/b

Previous model

With your Godin A5 Ultra semi-acoustic bass guitar in hand, you've got a lot more than just rich, organic bass tones under your fingers. In addition to Godin's custom saddle transducers for vibrant acoustic bass tones, the A5 Ultra packs a Lace Sensor electric pickup for traditional electric bass sounds. Factor in Godin's Synth Access 13-pin output, which lets you connect directly to Roland GR Series guitar and bass synth products, and you'll see there's very little you can't do with the Godin A4 Ultra semi-acoustic bass guitar.

Godin A5 Ultra Semi-acoustic Bass Guitar at a Glance:

  1. 1Wide-ranging bass tones served up by a chambered maple body and solid spruce top

  2. 2Two different pickups for two very different sounds

  3. 3Synth Access output gives you control over MIDI instruments

Wide-ranging bass tones served up by a chambered maple body and solid spruce top

You'll be conjuring a wide range of tones from the Godin A5 Ultra, thanks to its smart construction and tonewood combination. The two-chamber Silver Leaf maple body has a rich low-to-midrange presence, with articulation and presence enhanced by the solid spruce top. Even played acoustically, this bass sounds great. And with powerful electronics on board, you can cover an amazing amount of tonal territory when you plug into your amplifier.

Two different pickups for two very different sounds

The A4 Ultra sports Godin's custom undersaddle transducers for clear, vibrant acoustic bass tones. But you also have a Lace Sensor low-profile electric pickup onboard, with its own volume and treble/mid/bass tone controls. Plug into your favorite tube amplifier, and you'll be able to groove along with rock, blues, jazz, or practically any other style.

Synth Access output gives you control over MIDI instruments

Godin put their 13-pin Synth Access output on the A5 Ultra so you can connect directly to Roland GR Series guitar and bass synthesizers without requiring extra hardware. Use a 13-pin to 5-pin converter, and you'll be able to connect to any MIDI instrument you'd like to play via your bass. You can use this to add extra timbres on top of your bass tone, or simply to play your synthesizers without having to put down your bass and reach for the keys.

Godin A4 Ultra Semi-acoustic Bass Guitar Features:

  1. 1Tone-packed semi-acoustic bass with three different output options

  2. 2Rosewood fretboard with 16" radius plays fast and smooth

  3. 3Custom undersaddle transducers and preamp provide rich, organic acoustic tones

  4. 4Lace Sensor low-profile electric pickup gives you classic solidbody electric bass tones

  5. 513-pin Synth Access output gives you control over Roland GR Series synthesizers


  1. 1.Rock Maple neck

  2. 2.Fingerboard Ebony

  3. 3.16" fingerboard radius

  4. 4.34 " Scale

  5. 5.1 13/16" nut width (5-String)

  6. 6.Two-Chamber Silver Leaf Maple body

  7. 7.Solid Spruce Top

  8. 8.Lace Sensor low profile electric pickup

  9. 9.Side mounted volume & tone controls for electric pickup

  10. 10.Custom Godin Saddle Transducers and custom preamp

  11. 11.Volume, Mid, Treble and Bass controls

  12. 12.Natural Semi-Gloss


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