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Bassdirect Special - NX2 212T OUT OF STOCK

Bassdirect Special - NX2 212T OUT OF STOCK

Add fitted cover for NX2 212T £50 when ordered with cabinet

Add .5M speakon lead £17 when ordered with cabinet

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Genz Benz Rig Offers (while stock last);

1 x NX2 212T cabinet + STM 600 amplifier - £798 Save £670!

1 x NX2 212T cabinet + STM 900 amplifier - £898 Save £620!

1 x NX2 212T cabinets + STL6.2 amplifier - £798  Save £670!

1 x NX2 212T cabinet + STL9.2 amplifier - £898 Save £641!

1 x NX2 212T cabinet + STL9.2 Max amplifier - £1150 Save £779!

2 x NX2 212T cabinets + STL12.2 Max amplifier - £1399 Save £1300

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"NEOX NX2 Series" - lightweight Neodymium speakers

The popular NEOX series has been upgraded for 2012 and is the cutting edge of high-powered, yet lightweight cabinet designs. This series is based on our proprietary high wattage loudspeakers with Neodymium magnet structures, providing an excellent weight-to-output ratio.

The cabinet construction utilises strong, lightweight, multi-layer plywood that further enhances the portability of this series. The unique ”X” pattern porting system places a small self-port in each corner of the cabinet thus radiating across the baffle surface, reinforcing dynamic, low frequency fundamentals. The response from the Neodymium loudspeakers also delivers quick transients for articulate mid definition and expressive finger attack.

Dual Edge Porting

Integrated into the cabinet design is a unique "Dual Edge" porting system which places a shelf port in each corner of the baffle face, forming an "X" across the radiating surface of the enclosure for increased low frequency support and projection.

  1. Parallel Inputs - Two 1/4" full range inputs are provided. Either one may be used for input from the bass amp. Use these two inputs when 'daisy-chaining' 2 cabinets together.

  1. Full Range Speakon® Input - We recommend using this input with the appropriate cable when connecting to a high powered bass amp - 400 watts or more.

Tweeter Level Control - This controls the amount of signal to the tweeter. We recommend starting with the control at 50%. Then balance the tweeter output to the cabinet's speaker output in combination with your instrument's pick-up tone and amplifier clarity.

These popular cabinets also feature a unique “nubby” vinyl covering along with a new metal speaker grille. This creates a more contemporary look and more importantly, it adds increased durability.

All models feature a compact compression tweeter with Ferro-fluid cooling for enhanced highs and a high power capacity crossover with a 100 watt tweeter level control. The jack plate offers Speakon® or 1/4" input connections.

NX NX2 MRRP £839
  1. 600 watt, 4Ω

  2. 2 x 12" + tweeter

  3. 42hz - 18khz

  4. sensitivity 101db 1w/m

  5. 47lb/23kg

  6. 1" x 21 1/4 " x 16 1/2"/ 78.8cm x 54cm x 42cm

A compact, dual 12" design that drives with the heart of a 4 x 10" enclosure. The coupling of the 2 Neodymium loudspeakers along with the X porting of the cabinet combine to project round, solid, explosive performance on any stage.

The lightweight design, "Edge-Lift" handles and tilt-back casters make
travelling with this NEO a breeze.

The new NEOX bass enclosure designed around the new ultra lightweight cast-frame 10” and/ 12" Neodymium loudspeaker. This new driver delivers exceptional power-to-weight performance, enhanced tone and frequency response. The lightweight design, "Edge-Lift" handles and tilt-back casters make travelling with this NEO a breeze. These speakers also feature high quality ferro cooled compression tweeters with level control and speakers protection circuit as featured in all Genz Benz bass cabinets.

GNX 10250 Neodymium Loudspeaker

This newly designed 10" Neodymium cast frame loudspeaker is rated at 250 watts RMS and utilises a 2 1/2" voice coil. The motor structure is designed around a 7 oz Neodymium magnet with exceptional heat management characteristics. Through Finite Element Analysis (F.E.A.) the weight of the driver has been significantly reduced and the newly optimised magnetic circuit delivers a more efficient high output response. The paper cone, spider and dust cap have been calibrated to deliver the low frequency support and mid range articulation that today's bassist demands.

GNX 12300 Neodymium Loudspeaker

Our custom designed 12" Neodymium cast frame Loudspeaker is rated at 300 watts RMS and utilises a 2 1/2" aluminium edge-wound high temperature voice coil. The 7 oz Neodymium magnet assembly is encased in a large heat sink structure for exceptional cooling. The paper cone, spider and dust cap have been calibrated to deliver the low frequency support and mid range articulation that today’s bassist demand.

2 x 212T Neox cabs with Genz Benz STL12 amplifier

Customer feedback

Submitted on the 2nd July 2013 by Niels who purchased a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amplifier and a pair of  Genz Benz Focus NX2 112T cabinets, with a Sandberg VM4 bass

Hi Mark

Just a quick line to let you know the new Genz Benz rig and Sandberg bass got their first outing on Saturday night and sounded amazing.  Also managed to load & unload without assistance for the first time ever!

Thanks for all your help


Submitted on the 31st December 2012 by Glenn who purchased an Orange Tiny Terror 500 amplifier and  Genz Benz NX2 212 cabinet

Hey Mark, hope you had a good xmas.
just a quick post to thank you for your time last week and let you know that the Orange BT500 and Genz NX2 combination sounds amazing - just the sound I was after. Valve overtones with plenty of punch, definition and headroom. The birthday bash had two drummers and two guitarists at times but still no problem for the newby and the Gramma pad worked a treat on the wooden floor.

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GENZ BENZ will repair or replace, at its option, any defective materials provided the product:

•Has not been misused, abused, tampered, altered or damaged either by accident or during shipment.

•Has not been subjected to excessive or insufficient power, i.e. burned or discoloured voice coils.

•Has been returned to GENZ BENZ or its authorised service centre, freight pre-paid, together with a copy of the original sales receipt, from an authorised GENZ BENZ dealer.

•Has been registered with GENZ BENZ within 10 days of the purchase date.

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NX2 112T MRRP £587
  1. 300 watt, 8Ω

  2. 1 x 12" + tweeter

  3. 45hz - 18khz

  4. sensitivity 98db 1w/m

  5. 31lb/15kg

  6. 18" x 21 1/4 " x 16 1/2"/ 45.7cm x 54cm x 42cm

This compact dynamo is a powerful full-bodied single 12" bass enclosure designed to produce the full spectrum of the bass instrument. The portability and output of this model is exceptional.

This design easily handles the fundamentals of a 5 string bass and the meaty tone and bottom mounted tilt back handle makes this ideal for large output on tight stages.


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