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Shuttle Max 9.2 (STL Max 9.2) - SRP £1078  in stock now.


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500W @ 8 ohm, 900W @ 4 ohm, 2 channels, 5.75lbs (2.6kg) - Footswitch included

Accessories: Rack Kit £44.40, Gig Bag £51.60, Cab Mounting Kit - £110

This new SHUTTLE®MAX design is a natural extension of this series and has been a highly requested addition to our product offerings from many pro players.

The SHUTTLE® MAX 9.2 features dual FET and TUBE channels, a 4 band EQ with dual parametric mids and our fully adjustable Global Signal Shaping filters, along with our robust 900 watt Class D amplifier platform. This combination offers maximum versatility and tone shaping with a power section that produces 500 watts at 8 ohms and 900 watts at 4 ohms. This model is an excellent choice to power any of our UBER cabinets, or a combination of 2 of our GB115T-UB or new "UBER QUAD" GB1288T-UQ bass cabinets.

The SHUTTLE® MAX 9.2 is also the introduction of the 2nd generation of the SHUTTLE® MAX design which incorporates our new proprietary 3DPM™. This 3 Dimensional Power Management technology insures more solid output with increased heft and girth of the individual notes, while maintaining the articulation and dynamics of the note. The result is a 900 watt bass amp that weights only 7 lbs yet achieves the 3 dimensional tone and feel, like an all tube power amp design.

The powerhouse behind the Shuttle® MAX 9.2 is our Class D amplifier and SMPS module, enhanced with our Patent Pending P.H.A.T. (Proprietary Heat Abatement Technology) topology. This delivers robust and reliable, high output performance in a tremendously compact and convenient package.

• Dual Channels -- FET and Tube Preamps

• Switchable or Blendable Preamps

• Input Mute Circuit

• High and Low Gain Switch per Channel

• Active 4 Band EQ with Dual Parametric Mids

• High Current Class D Amplifier Design

• Adjustable 3 Band Signal Shape Circuits

• 3 DPM™ Power Management

• LED Status Indicators

• Speakon® Speaker Outputs

• Internal Fan Cooling

• Full XLR Direct Output Interface

• Aux. Input

• Headphone Jack

• Three Effects Loops  (FET Ch; Tube Ch; Master)

• 115/230 Volt Switchable

• 5 Position Footswitch Included

Power Output - 500 W/900 W  8 ohm / 4 ohm

Cabinet Response - N/A

Speaker Configuration - N/A

Preamp Type - FET/TUBE

Weight Lbs. - 5.75

Dimensions HxWxD - 3 1/2" x 13 1/2" x 13" 

Submitted on the 6th November 2013 by Richard who purchased a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.Max amplifier

Hi Mark

I just wanted to email and say thanks! By the way, this STLMax 9.2 amp is phenomenal - the mix of both channels is killer (overdriven mud + clear FETtyness), the blue LEDs look great (and can be seen from approximately 23.7 miles away, including the footswitch LEDs), the amp is mighty light (no more do-it-yourself hernia kits like my old amp and rack), and it is deafeningly loud. I can't believe how loud it is. I can barely touch the strings without the house shaking - my neighbours are going to rejoice at my new purchase!

Once again, it is phenomenal! It's amazing!

Now to practice and galvanise my brother into playing his drums more....



Submitted on the 20th October 2013 by Tony who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 900 amplifier  and Genz Benz STL Max 9.2 amplifier

Hi Mark,

Just a line to say thanks and how very impressed I am with both amps. (Indecision is an expensive ailment!!)

I have used/tried practically every top brand over the years and the sound, tonal palate and value for money of these GB amps is unsurpassable.

Coupled up with my Vanderkleys 112MNTs both GB amps are absolutely stunning. On balance and after a couple of hours twiddling (as you quite rightly said) I think the flexibility of the Shuttle Max is giving it the edge for my personal taste. The mix of the FET & Tube channels is just phenomenal. 

Thinking of adding a 210MNT to the arsenal, when I have off loaded a bit more gear.

Thanks again for your help and forbearance.

Best Regards

Graham Smith

Submitted on the 8th September 2012 by Steve who purchased a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2MAx amplifier and  Bergantino HD112 and HD210  cabinets with Auarlex gramma pad.

Hi Mark,
Sorry its taken me all this time to write to you but I've been so busy and also wanted to get to know the equipment more.

First of all thank you for all the help, your advise was first class.

The rig is out of this world, so compact and its looks amazing and very classy, the shuttlemax is a dream come true and now that I have made a few minor tweaks I just let the natural sound of the instruments shine through (and they do) also I don't think I've have the volume above number 3 yet (so much power).

The bergantino are awesome, extremely compact and well constructed with such a sweet sound and plenty of umph, they aren't the lightest cabs but they are built to last.

As for the Auralex Gramma, its now a constant in my equipment list. I cant believe how much it helps, not only does it help with the awful boominess we cant get from stages but it lifts the cabs up (much better than a beer crate).

I cant tell you how over the moon I am with my purchase and although it was expensive its worth every single penny

Kindest regards


Submitted on the 30th July 2012 by Tiernan who purchased a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2Max amplifier and Vanderkley MNT210 and MNT112 cabinets

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for your time and excellent advise when I came to the shop on Saturday 21st July. The Shuttle max 9.2 is a fantastically transparent amp and the options for shaping the sound make it a perfect workhorse for me.

The Vanderkley cabs are absolutely superb and deliver a crystal clear punchy sound. They both allow a real precision to each note and make it easy for the sound of the instrument and player to come through. I've only had the chance to really push the volume on 4 occasions so far but the combination of the 112MNT and 210MNT has coped with each situation comfortably with plenty of headroom should I need anything short a real 'ear-opener'! I'm looking forward to getting to know them both over the next few weeks and months.

Anyway, thanks again. It's good to know a shop with your approach to sourcing and selling bass gear exists and is accessible. I'm looking forward to the next visit already.

Kind regards,



The amp is awesome!!  I can't say it any better than that!  Thanks again for your help and advice, greatly appreciated! 



Submitted on the  5/2/12 by Nick who purchased a Genz Benz STL 9.2 Max

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