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GR Dual 800 White  - £899

GR Dual 800 Black  - £899

GR Dual Footswitch White  - £75

GR Dual Footswitch Black  - £75

Gr Bass is proud to present the new Gr Dual

The Gr Dual is a head created for the modern and demanding bass player with a flexibility never seen before on a bass amplifier.

The Dual features two separate channels, one of which is completed by a professional overdrive for slight saturations or massive distortions.

Each channel is provided with a 4 band eq with 6 selectable frequencies on the mids, deep and bright filters.

The Gr Dual offers the possibility to connect two instruments (two bass or one bass and one keyboard) but also one instrument with the possibility of using the two equalisations alternatively or simultaneously.

The system is completed by two D.I. on the back to send two separate signals even when using only one instrument that mixes the two equalisations (for example, you can mix a clean and a distorted sound in your cabinet and send the two signals separately to the sound engineer).

The Gr Dual is completed by a dedicated pedalboard that allows you to comfortably manage all the functions as an alternative to the controls on the head.



800W RMS 4 ohm


Dimensions: 31 x 26 x 9 cm

Weight: 2,95 Kg


black, white, custom colour


- Tuner / Vu-Meter
- Input 1
- Input 2
- Aux In
- Gain (Ch1, Ch2)
- Deep filter (Ch1, Ch2)
- Low (Ch1, Ch2)
- mid Low (Ch1, Ch2)
- mid High (Ch1, Ch2)
- High (Ch1, Ch2)
- Bright filter (Ch1, Ch2)
- 3 freq for mid Low (Ch1, Ch2)
- 3 freq for mid High (Ch1, Ch2)
- Pure Sound
- Line Out 1
- Line Out 2
- Headphone master
- Headphone output
- Mute
- Fan (Studio/Live mode)
- Master (Ch1, Ch2)

- Low filter
- Drive
- Blend
- Drive mod


- Input 230-115v (auto selectable)
- 9 Volt 300mA
- USB charger 300mA
- Pedal Board
- Send/Return
- Pre/Post DI
- GND lift
- Line Output Dual/Mix
- 2 Speakon

Optional Footswitch