G&L L2000 Natural USA 2018, Candy Apple Red

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G&L L2000 Natural USA 2018, Natural, CLF


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  3. A secondhand hand made USA 2018 model in immaculate 9.5/10 set up and cleaned. Many consider this to be Leo Fenders finest creation and this is a stunning example of these sought after instruments! This is the latest version with new shaped headstock.

  4. Weight: 4.3kg/9lb 9oz

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"G & L are the best instruments I ever made"  - Leo Fender

"My partner and I made the Worlds most famous guitars, then we made them even better"  - George Fullerton

Holding a special place in G&L history, the G&L L-2000 was one of the first basses designed for the brand by Leo Fender in 1980. Many consider the L-2000 to be a continuance of the models he was designing for both Music Man and Fender, giving this bass quite a reputation. Its dual-humbucker and three-way toggle switch configuration, along with the many wood choices and neck profiles G&L offered for this model, give the L-2000 an impressive versatility.

After selling the Fender company to CBS in 1965, and co-founding Music Man in the ’70s, Leo Fender’s next business venture was the creation of G&L in 1980. Originally named for the partnership between Leo and his longtime collaborator George Fullerton, after Fullerton left the company the G&L moniker was described as meaning “Guitars by Leo.” Leo’s desire to constantly improve his designs manifested itself at G&L, where he worked diligently nearly every day until he died in 1991. After Leo’s death, the company was purchased by the McLaren family (best known for its association with BBE Sound), which continues to build quality instruments in the way Leo would have wanted.

At Music Man Leo came up with a number of variations on his original Fender designs, the most noteworthy being the StingRay bass. Many of these improvements made their way into the G&L bass and guitar lines, along with some new elements. First and foremost, Leo came up with an all-new pickup that he dubbed “Magnetic Field Design.” This was quite different from his previous pickups and used a ceramic magnet instead of alnico, and had adjustable polepieces. The MFD is extremely full range and quite a bit brighter than many pickups, but I’ve always found it a lot easier to mellow out a bright sound than to add top end when it’s not there in the first place!


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