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The culmination of 50 years experience of building the world's most famous bass guitars, Leo Fender's G&L instruments are the best instruments he made and the USA models are still hand built today to the highest standards in Leo Fender's Fullerton custom shop in California.

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"G & L are the best instruments I ever made" - Leo Fender

"My partner and I made the Worlds most famous guitars, then we made them even better" - George Fullerton

Some of G&L's patent protected unique features that enhance the playing experience


The G&L Dual-Fulcrum® vibrato uses two pivoting points rather than the six wood screws attaching the a vintage type tremolo. Leo Fender† created this design to yield a much smoother, "silky" feel and allows the player to bend notes up as well as down. Unlike similar looking copies, the DF vibrato uses a hardened steel bridge plate, pivoting on knife-edge bolts set into massive brass inserts anchored into the body. The bolts themselves are machined from billets of cold rolled steel, then heat treated for hardness and finally plated.  The handling of the vibrato is improved with the addition of a machined aluminium machined tremolo arm that uses a single locking Allen screw, pressing a nylon insert to allow quick installation and removal, smooth feel, and also allow the player adjust the amount of resistance on the arm. Further, Leo designed the string saddles to improve intonation and reduce string breakage.


The Magnetic Field Design® pickups use a ceramic bar magnet installed underneath each coil, with soft iron adjustable pole pieces to transfer the magnetic field to the surface of the pickup. By contrast, traditional Alnico type pickups, such as used in the Legacy and George Fullerton models, use nonadjustable Alnico pole pieces leaving the only adjustment being pickup height. The Magnetic Field Design has this adjustment, but further offers individual adjustment of each pole piece, letting the player effectively adjust the output of each string on each pickup. Magnetic Field Design yield about twice the output per wind, making the pickup quieter while allowing a greater overall output. The sound of Magnetic Field pickups is slightly warmer with a broader frequency response. One major Nashville session guitarist remarked that the G&L S-500 with Magnetic Field single coil pickups sounded as balanced and "sweet" as his favourite old vintage Alnico equipped axe. The difference is that the S-500 sounds that good right into his amp without all the EQ tweaking of his mixing console that made his other guitar sound so good. When he ran his S-500 though his studio rig, he was truly amazed at the rich and warm, yet clear and sparkly sound.


The G&L Saddle-Lock® bridge, is used on all many ASAT® models, as well as the full range of G&L basses. This design was revolutionary for a number of reasons. The most significant feature is a small Allen screw on the side of the bridge, which presses all the saddles together so they resonate as though they were one single mass. This eliminates the loss of string vibration energy caused by side-to-side saddle movement inherent in other designs. Further, the strings no longer needed to be routed though the rear of the body for optimum sustain as well as allowing the strings to enter directly through the rear of the bridge. For G&L 5-string basses, the Saddle-Lock bridge employs a string-through-body configuration. Testing revealed that the increased break angle on the low B string yielded a more focused sound when routed through the rear of the body. The bottom side of the bridge has a large protrusion which fits into a route in the body. The protrusion fits snugly against the end grain of the body wood, allowing the highly resonant bridge to transfer much more of the string vibration energy directly to the core of the body, yielding much greater sustain than his earlier fixed bridge design. Again, Leo's innovative saddle design was used to minimise string breakage. 



Our contemporary, non-compression design incorporates a secondary, flat-sided rod which bows away from primary rod. Unlike a vintage truss rod, this design does not compress the neck longitudinally in order to function; compression is undesirable because it tends to distort the curvature of the fingerboard. Operation is both fluid and accurate with the articulation of the neck, the "relief", being very consistent across the length of the neck.

Customer feedback;

Submitted on the 3rd October 2013 by Marco who purchased a G&L SB2 bass

Hi, thanks for the bass and timely excellent service. The instrument arrived yesterday, I only had time to open the case and pick it up. I was instantly knocked  out by comfortable weight and feeling of rigidity. The playability of the neck was effortless.

Having spent time playing it today, I can say that the sound and versatility of the bass has exceeded my expectations. I am absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you very much.

All the best Trevor Bowman.

All USA made basses are Plecked;

What is a Plek?

The Plek is a computer controlled fret leveling machine. It can level frets to within .001 mm accuracy. This kind of precision can not be matched by doing the job by hand.

How to get the best playing guitar?

Most players dream of having comfortable, smooth action on a guitar. With the PLEK, the most optimal string action possible for any instrument can be realized. This gives the individual musician an instrument that plays exactly the way he has dreamed of. Optimal playability on a guitar makes it sounds better with notes that ring true and clean. There is no fret buzz under normal playing conditions and the intonation problems that occur because of high string action, are eliminated. You can hear and feel the difference.

Plek scans neck with strings up to pitch?

When we take a look at a guitar neck, it is important that the guitar is under string tension and in playing condition when measured. The Plek measures the instruments neck and fret height with the instrument strung up to pitch. The computer ascertained a 3-D like graph of the fret board surface, including the position and height of the strings. Thanks to the PLEK SCAN the relief of the neck made by the string tension is taken into account while calculating the process-parameters. The operator then has the ability to manipulate the parameters to give the player an optimal playing instrument.

Can any guitar or bass be Plek'd?

Almost all acoustic and electric instruments, from any manufacturer can be put on the machine.


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