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Epifani UL112 cabinet - series 2

£299 + £12 UK shipping

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  2. Pre-owned 350w, 8Ω cabinet in great condition.

Actual cabinet show - click on images to enlarge;

Full-bodied sound in a lightweight, portable package.

The UL-112 from Epifani is designed as a lightweight portable speaker cab that can deliver full range sound at reasonable listening levels yet still showcase the player's character and nuance without added coloration. Used by professional musicians such as Matthew Garrison, Lincoln Goines, and Ruben Rodriguez, this cabinet also inspired Anthony Jackson to co-design a custom version of the UL-112 for his personal use.


  1. 112" cast aluminum frame speaker

  2. 2100W RMS tweeter

  3. 3Italian poplar cab

  4. 4Precise tuning

  5. 51/4" phono/Neutrik SpeakOn connectors

  6. 6High-grade electronic components

  7. 7Heavy-duty fabric covering

  8. 8Corner protectors

  9. 9Top handle

  10. 10Killer in pairs

A perfect cab for gigs in small clubs—easy to move and it gets a huge sound. Order the UL-112 today.


  1. 1Sensitivity: 100dB SPL @ 1w 1m

  2. 2Frequency Response: 43Hz - 16kHz

  3. 3Power Rating: 350W RMS (1200W Peak)

  4. 48 ohms

  5. 5Suggested Wattage: 200W - 600W


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